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14 Day Workout Challenge + Full Body Workout Plan #1

A FREE 14 day workout challenge to keep you motivated to workout at home! This full body workout plan includes daily guided workout videos, ranging from strength training and high intensity interval training (HIIT), to cardio and barre workouts. All you need is a set of dumbbells and 30 minutes a day.

Download this 14 Day Workout Challenge today; it’s accessible to all fitness levels!

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14 Day Workout Challenge

WORKOUT CHALLENGES. One of the best ways to stay motivated to workout at home.

We have a library of free 30-day challenges on the blog, but are mixing things up with a new, 14 day workout challenge.

You only have to commit to two weeks. You can do anything for two weeks.

By joining our 14 day workout challenge you’re committing to: 

  • 30 minute home workouts — daily real time, follow along workout videos led by certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Lindsey Bomgren.
  • 5-6 days a week, for two weeks.
  • That’s 10-12 workouts over 14 days.

Note, you can always adapt the workout challenge to better fit your fitness level (ex. committing to 3 workouts per week versus 5-6).

Are you in?

Download The 14-Day Workout Challenge

Click on the 14-Day Workout Challenge Calendar below, or click here to download this Free Full Body Workout Plan consisting of daily, full-length, guided workout videos.

Exercise equipment needed: 

  • A set of dumbbells. Most of the daily workouts require a set of dumbbells, but they can also be done with bodyweight alone. Each workout will have a recommended dumbbell weight, usually between 8-15 pounds for the strength training workouts and 2-5 pounds for the barre workouts.
  • An optional mini loop resistance bandA great added challenge for the lower body if you’re an advanced fitness enthusiast.

14 Day Workout Challenge Calendar

*NOTE: If you’re having trouble clicking the workout links within the calendar, try viewing the calendar in Google Chrome. That’s the preferred browser for accessing all workouts and workout videos on this calendar.

How to Follow the 14-Day Challenge:

    1. Download the 14 Day Workout Challenge PDF by clicking here, or bookmark this webpage for reference as weekly workouts are outlined below. 
    2. Hover over and then click on the bold text each day to access the full-length, real time workout video on nourishmovelove.com.
    3. You can also access all of the home workout videos on this workout challenge calendar on YouTube via this YouTube Playlist: 14 Day Workout Challenge.
    4. Share your daily workouts with me by tagging @nourishmovelove on social and ‘Pin’ the daily workouts on Pinterest so you can do them again.

Get all of our workout challenge and workout plan FAQ’s and trainer tips here.

14-Day Workout Challenge | WEEK 1:

14 Day Workout Challenge | Week 1

Day 1: 20-Minute Full Body Strength + HIIT Workout + 10-Minute Butt + Abs Workout
Workout Time: 30 Minutes | Equipment: Dumbbells

Day 2: 30-Minute Upper Body HIIT Workout
Workout Time: 30 Minutes | Equipment: Dumbbells

Day 3: 30-Minute Power Barre Workout
Workout Time: 30 Minutes | Equipment: Optional Light Dumbbells

Day 4: Rest Day OR 15-Minute Power Yoga
Workout Time: 15 Minutes | Equipment: No Equipment, Bodyweight

Day 5: 30-Minute Strength Training Circuit Workout
Workout Time: 30 Minutes | Equipment: Dumbbells

Day 6: 30-Minute Bodyweight HIIT Workout
Workout Time: 30 Minutes | Equipment: No Equipment, Bodyweight

Day 7: Rest Day, Active Recovery and Optional Foam Rolling or Stretching for Muscle Recovery

14-Day Workout Challenge | WEEK 2: 

14 Day Workout Challenge Week Two

Day 8: 35-Minute Best Strength + HIIT Home Workout
Workout Time: 35 Minutes | Equipment: Dumbbells

Day 9: 30-Minute Arm Workout with Dumbbells
Workout Time: 30 Minutes | Equipment: Dumbbells

Day 10: 20-Minute Booty Band Workout: Legs, Cardio, Core
Workout Time: 20 Minutes | Equipment: Optional Mini Loop Resistance Band

Day 11: Rest Day OR 15-Minute Low Impact Cardio Barre
Workout Time: 15 Minutes | Equipment: No Equipment, Bodyweight

Day 12: 30-Minute Full Body HIIT Pyramid Workout
Workout Time: 30 Minutes | Equipment: Dumbbells

Day 13: 20-Minute Full Body HIIT Workout and Optional 10 Minute Abs
Workout Time: 20-30 Minutes | Equipment: Dumbbells

Day 14: Rest Day, Active Recovery and Optional Foam Rolling or Stretching for Muscle Recovery

Lateral Lunges Full Body Workout

Who is this 14-Day Workout Challenge for?

This 14 Day Workout Program is great for ALL FITNESS LEVELS. Whether you’re looking to:

  • establish a fitness routine
  • build strength
  • or lose weight at home

This workout challenge consists of a variety of workout formats — from weight training and strength training, to HIIT cardio, barre and yoga sculpt.

That means you might come across workout formats that are new to you, or not the kind of workouts you typically do. I encourage you to give every workout format at try! Adding variety to your fitness routine is an important way to continue challenging your body and avoid fitness plateaus.

This 14 day challenge was created to accommodate most fitness levels. Some of the workouts might be more advanced, but modifications are offered for all fitness levels.

Full Body Workout Plan At Home using Dumbbells

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Pin this Full Body Workout Plan

14 Day Full Body Workout Plan

Note: before beginning any new exercise program you should consult with your physician or midwife. The information provided with this workout calendar is intended for general information and use; it does not include specific, individualized recommendations and is not intended as medical advice. Before you begin any new exercise program Nourish Move Love, LLC recommends that you consult with your physician. Nourish Move Love, LLC primarily educates clients to assume more personal responsibility for their health by adopting a healthy and active lifestyle.

This post does include affiliate links and I earn a small commission on products purchased using these links. All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting Nourish Move Love.

  1. Lindsey,
    I have been struggling with trying to find a workout that challenges me, but isn’t too difficult, and that isn’t too long (I have a 20 month old so trying to fit in an effective workout in a short period of time)
    I can’t thank you enough for all of the workouts, full length videos, and even the calendars! It’s also rare to find these resources for free!! It’s difficult for me to know which workout to do, so having you put all of this together is AMAZING! I sweat a LOT, my heart rate gets high, all in 30 minutes! So please keep them coming!!! Looking forward to continuing to workout with you and lose these extra pounds! Oh!!! I plan to have another baby and the pregnancy workouts are SUPER helpful! It’s stressful when you’re pregnant and working out, trying to keep baby safe! You are amazing!!

    • Hi Samantha!

      I’m SO HAPPY to hear you’re loving the workouts! I hear you mama, I’m all about quick + effective home workouts! And having a plan to follow for accountability. Thanks so much for giving this workout plan a try! Keep up the good work mama! -Lindsey

  2. I stumbled upon your site through Pinterest at the beginning of this pandemic, and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without it. I’ve been motivated to get up every single morning and do a workout ranging from 15 minutes to 60 (if I string a few together) and it totally sets the tone for my day. Thank you so much for providing quality workouts and videos that are safe and effective and include explanation for why we do each move. THANK YOU!

    • Hi Amy!
      I’m so glad you stumbled over here from Pinterest! I’m so happy to hear that you’re finding the workout motivation you need to keep moving while working out at home! Thank you for giving this 14 Day Workout Challenge a try! And we have another 14 Day Workout Challenge launching soon, stay tuned! Keep up the great work! -Lindsey