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15-Minute Low Impact Cardio Barre Workout

This quick and effective Cardio Barre Workout is low impact but high intensity! Get all the benefits of a heart-pumping, cardio barre class without jumping or running. Press ‘play’ and follow along with this bodyweight workout video — I’ll coach you through every pulsing plié!

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I’m officially back from maternity leave and ready to jump into 2020 full force! Starting with our NEW 30 Day Workout Calendar made up of ALL FULL LENGTH WORKOUT VIDEOS!

So I had to give you one more new, full-length workout video to add to the calendar.

Enter this 15-Minute Low Impact Cardio Barre Workout Video.

This is the last of the pre-recorded workout videos we filmed when I was pregnant with Bella. Moving forward I won’t have a baby bump, but pregnancy and postpartum recovery always gives me a greater appreciation for low impact workouts.

BUT let’s be clear, low impact doesn’t mean low intensity. If you’re familiar with my cardio barre workouts you know that I like to ‘kick’ things up a notch with cardio exercises.

This bodyweight, cardio barre workout combines traditional pulsing plíes with fast-paced side kicks to raise your heart rate.

Low Impact Cardio lunges

Whether you’re using this 15-Minute Low Impact Cardio Barre Workout as a warm up, traveling bodyweight workout, or burnout finisher, you’ll be sure to break a sweat without jumping or running.

If you’re following the new 30-Day Home Workout Plan you’ll find this 15-Minute Cardio Barre Workout paired with my 15-Minute Power Yoga Workout Video on week two of the workout plan.

Who is this Cardio Barre workout for?

Barre workouts are designed to be challenging, yet accessible to all fitness levels. Barre is known for its ability to tone muscle, strengthen the core, and increase flexibility, while remaining relatively low-impact and safe for joints (Fitness Magazine).

I love that barre workouts are scalable to various fitness levels. Barre exercises specifically target the smaller stabilizing muscles in your legs, arms, and core. Thus, barre workouts are great for everyone — whether you’re looking for beginner workouts, pregnancy workouts, postpartum workouts, or alternative strength training workouts for runners.

When I’m pregnant and postpartum, I typically do 2-3 barre workouts or cardio barre workouts a week. Barre is one of my favorite low-impact ways to stay active throughout pregnancy, like this second + third trimester barre workout.

Now that I’m easing back into a more standard fitness routine post-baby I am doing 1-2 barre workouts a week amongst my strength training and HIIT workouts.

beginner cardio workout

If you’re new to barre or hesitant about trying it as a cross-training method, trust me pulsing pliés and static arm holds are challenging in a completely different way than traditional strength training.

This is a bodyweight barre workout, but you can always add a light set of hand weights to increase the intensity of this workout.

The Workout: 15-Minute Low Impact Cardio Barre

low impact workout

These barre-inspired, bodyweight exercises will get your heart rate up while targeting your arms, thighs, glutes and core! This cardio barre workout is great for beginners and more advanced women alike — I’ll talk you through various options to scale this workout to fit your fitness level.

Equipment: No equipment needed for this bodyweight workout. But there is always the option to add a set of light dumbbells to increase the intensity of this workout (I’d suggest no more than 5 lb hand weights).

Instructions: Follow along with the video at the top of this post as I sweat with you through a low impact, 15-Minute Cardio Barre Workout! We’ll move from tiny pulsing plíes to large dynamic movements that are sure to raise your heart rate.

We’ll perform each exercise for 30 seconds; moving directly from one exercise to the next (and alternating right and left sides as needed). Once we’ve completed all ten exercises we’ll take a 60 second rest, and then repeat all 10 exercises for a full body, 15-minute bodyweight workout.

Alternatively, you can work off the ten barre exercises outlined below (check the video if you need a demonstration of these exercises).

  1. Plíe Squat + 1 Heel Pop + Pulse
  2. Plíe Squat + Side Leg Lift
  3. Chair Squat + Heel Pop Punch + Row
  4. Superman Rear Kicks + Flying Arms
  5. Lunge Pulse + Front Heel Pop
  6. 3 Knee Drives + 3 Lunge Pulses
  7. Balance Bent Knee Oblique Crunch
  8. Balance Oblique Crunch + Side Kick
  9. Plíe Squat + Pulse + Punch
  10. 2 Plíe Punches + Tap Up

barre plíe squat

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  1. Hi…this is great for me. Am in my second trimester and been struggling with exercise. This is just what I need. Thanks a lot😃

    • Hi Mary! Congrats on your pregnancy! It’s hard to keep moving with all the changes that happen throughout pregnancy, but I hope you’re proud of yourself for completing this workout! Way to go! Keep up the good work mama! -Lindsey