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Discount Codes & Special Offers

I have a variety of discounts codes and special offers for the items I use daily. In this post, you can find my favorite offers for home gym equipment, activewear, supplements, food subscriptions, kitchen and home essentials, and my go-to items for motherhood.

Discount codes and special offers we have on our favorite stores.

Looking for my honest product reviews? Check out my reviews of lululemon, LMNT Electrolytes, Garmin Fitness Tracker, NOW supplements, and my favorite protein snacks.

Home Gym Equipment

shop yoga mat

Gorilla Mats

I love my extra large yoga mat. It provides plenty of space to move on and helps protect your joints (and wood floors). I have the extra large mat (8′ x 4′ x 1/4″).

⭐️ Gorilla Mats Discount Code: NourishMoveLove
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woman performing a straight leg pull in a home ab workout

shop resistance bands

Hope Fitness

Resistance bands are a great piece of home gym equipment to work muscles in a different way. They’re great for travel and adding assistance to pull ups at home.

⭐️ Hope Fitness Discount Code: NML
Shop & Save
woman performing a banded runner in a leg workout at home

shop gym equipment

Torque Fitness

Torque Fitness offers the best in home gym equipment – including dumbbells, kettlebells, plyometric boxes, squat racks and more.

⭐️ Torque Fitness Discount Code: NMLTF5
shop equipment
Woman performing a rear foot elevated split squat (bulgarian split squat) as part of quad workout

shop fitness tracker

Garmin Watch

Do more, track more, and know more about your overall health with Garmin wearables and fitness trackers!

Note, I don’t have a discount code for Gamin; but I wear and love both the Venu 2 Plus and Venu 3.

Shop Garmin
Woman wearing a Garmin Venu 2 Plus showing the Garmin coach along side the Garmin Connect app on phone | discount codes

Supplements & Protein Powders

shop electrolytes


LMNT is a tasty electrolyte drink mix that’s simple to add into your water for extra hydration. This drink mix is full of clean ingredients — no sugar, coloring, artificial ingredients, gluten or fillers.

⭐️ Click the link below to get a FREE LMNT sample pack with purchase.
Free LMNT Sample Pack
woman pouring LMNT electrolyte drink mix into a water bottle | discount codes

shop my supplements

NOW Supplements

I love NOW because they offer high quality, well-researched supplements to support my active lifestyle.

⭐️ NOW Discount Code: NML
Shop & Save
woman filling pill organizer with best supplements for women | discount codes

shop protein powder

NOW Protein

My go-to protein powder is the Creamy Vanilla Egg White Protein from NOW. It’s made with clean ingredients and has been comprehensively tested to ensure it’s safe for athletes.

⭐️ NOW Discount Code: NML
Shop & Save
Image of egg white protein powder on countertop as part of best supplements for women review post | muscle recovery supplments

Shop Athletic Greens


AG1 is a greens powder supplement that features 75 vitamins, minerals, plant compounds, and probiotics designed to fill in the nutritional gaps and support improved energy and digestion.

⭐️ Click the link below to get 5 Free Travel Packs + Welcome Kit with purchase.
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Water bottle full of Athletic Greens on a wood table.

Shop Everest Essentials

Everest Essentials

Everest Essential children’s protein powder ensure that you child receives an adequate amount of protein. This drink mix is meant to mimic fruity drinks BUT without any added sugar & non-GMO.

⭐️ No discount code needed. Click the link below to get 35% off!
Shop & Save
Everest essential protein water for kids. Flavors including watermelon and blueberry.

Kitchen Essentials

shop non-toxic cookware


Caraway offers non-toxic and non-stick cookware and food storage containers. I use the large sheet pan and sauté pan daily!

⭐️ No discount code needed. Click the link below to get 10% off!
Shop & Save
Kitchen Essentials. Caraway cookware set all set up in a white kitchen next to stove.

shop kitchen and bath towels

Geometry Towels

Geometry towels are truly the only towel you will ever need. The quick-drying, super-absorbent design ensures I never have to worry about smelly towels left in the kitchen.

⭐️ Geometry Discount Code: NOURISHMOVELOVE
Shop & Save
Set of three geometry dish towels | discount codes

shop non-toxic cleaners

Branch Basics

When it comes to nontoxic cleaning products, I love Branch Basics. From the refillable glass bottles, to the nontoxic ingredients – I’ve been using these products for countertops, laundry detergent, and bathroom soaps!

⭐️ Branch Basics Discount Code: NOURISHMOVELOVE
Shop & Save
Branch Basics cleaning product and a towel sitting on a kitchen countertop as part of kitchen essentials

Food & Beverage

shop protein bars

G2G Bars

G2G bars are my favorite high-protein bars to eat before or after a workout. I love the clean ingredients and they taste great!

⭐️ G2G Discount Code: NML
Shop & Save
Peanut butter chocolate chip protein bars; box of protein bars, packaged protein bar and open bar.

shop protein bars

Rawr Bars

Rawr Bars are my favorite plant based protein with high quality, organic ingredients without all the excess sugar.

⭐️ Rawr Bar Discount Code: NML
Shop & Save
Rawr Bars protein bar including flavors of double dark chocolate and mint, cookie dough, lemon poppy, peanut butter, dark chocolate and strawberry, and dark chocolate and peanut butter.

shop breakfast cereal

Seven Sundays

Seven Sundays is my kids favorite high protein cereal made with real ingredients — no artificial or “natural” flavors, or preservatives!

⭐️ Seven Sundays Discount Code: NOURISHMOVELOVE
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Seven sundays protein cereal, flavors including real cocoa, maple sea salt, real berry and real cinnamon.

shop meat subscription


High-quality, humanely-raised meat – delivered directly to your doorstep.

⭐️ No discount code needed. Click the link below for the current NML FREE offer!
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Chicken, beef and salmon. ButcherBox is a delivery service that delivers high-quality, hormone-free and humanely raised meat directly to your door.

shop clean ingredients

Primal Kitchen

I love Primal Kitchen’s clean ingredients. I regularly use their oils, sauces, dressings and marinades to simplify meals!

⭐️ Primal Kitchen Discount Code:
Shop & Save
Primal Kitchen | Collagen | Cesar Dressing | Discount codes

Clothes & Beauty

shop athletic wear


My go-to apparel for strength training, running, yoga and everyday athletic wear. lululemon also offers running shoes, cross-training shoes and strength training shoes for women.

Note, I don’t have a discount code for lululemon; but it’s truly our teams favorite apparel.
Shop Lululemon
Women wearing lululemon biker shorts and white tank top, holding a pair of lululemon shoes | discount code

shop athletic wear

Maven Thread

Maven Thread offers functional workout clothing at reasonable prices. And they offer maternity and postpartum athletic wear too! My favorite pajamas and loungewear are from Maven Thread.

⭐️ Maven Thread Discount Code:
Shop & Save
Upper Body Stretches | Women wearing a workout set | Maven Thread | Discount Code

shop shoes

Minnemals Shoes

Minnemals Barefoot Shoes are designed to be Wide, Thin and Flexible: as close to barefoot as possible. They promote your foot’s natural strength and movement.

⭐️Minnemals Discount Code: NML
Shop & Save
Pink Minnemals Barefoot Shoes leaning up against wall.

shop natural deoderant

HUME Supernatural

My favorite natural, plant-based deodorant and body oil that actually works. Hume aluminum-free formula eliminates body odor because it works with your body, not against it.

⭐️ HUME Discount Code: NOURISH10
Shop & Save
Natural Deodorant, Hume Supernatural Deodorant in scent desert bloom.

shop natural deoderant

Primally Pure

Best long-lasting natural deodorant for sensitive skin. Held up for me on a full day of filming workouts, but it does not go on clear and easily gets on clothing.

Shop & Save
Natural Deodorant, Primally Pure Deodorant in scent blue tansy.

shop Denim and Clothing

CJLA Denim + Clothing

CJLA is the perfect capsule clothing and lifestyle brand to help me simplify my closet.

Note, I don’t have a discount code for CJLA; but all my my favorite jeans are CJLA.
Shop Denim
Women model wearing light wash jeans, sandals and a white tank top | discount codes

shop barre socks

Pointe Studio

Pointe Studio, grip socks helps enhance stability and safety during activities such as yoga, pilates, barre, or dance classes.

⭐️ Pointe Discount Code: LINDSEYBOMGREN
Shop Socks
woman performing a second position plie squat and w-arms in a barre sculpt workout

Motherhood & Kids

shop stage-based playkits


Lovevery is a play kit subscription
designed by child development experts and created to be exactly what a child needs at each stage.

Note, I don’t have a discount code for Lovevery, but these truly are my kids favorite toys.
Shop Play Kits
The adventurer kid play set | Lovevery | Discount Code

shop sleepsacks

Dreamland Baby

The Dreamland Baby weighted sleep swaddle was a sleep essential for all three of my little ones.

⭐️ Dreamland Discount Code:
Shop & Save
Green weighted baby sleep sack for better sleep | Dreamland baby | Discount code

shop products for motherhood

Mother Love

From bump to birth, breastfeeding, and baby, I used Mother Love’s clean products through it all.

⭐️ Mother Love Discount Code:
Shop & Save
Clean ingredient clean products for pregnancy, birth, nursing and the baby | discount code

Amazon Finds

shop my amazon storefront

Amazon Storefront

Shop my Amazon Storefront where I have curated lists to help you shop, including motherhood must haves, at home gym equipment and favorite beauty products.
Shop Storefront
Women dressed in black blazer and jeans | discount codes

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