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Free Pregnancy Workout Plan For Every Trimester

The BEST pregnancy workout plans for each trimester of pregnancy. These prenatal workouts are designed for expecting moms who were active pre-pregnancy and are looking for a structured prenatal workout plan to maintain strength and muscle tone during pregnancy. Includes easy to follow calendars for moms in their first trimester, second trimester or third trimester of pregnancy.

These pregnancy workouts and pregnancy workout plans were created by Lindsey Bomgren, Certified Personal Trainer and PROnatal Fitness Certified for Prenatal Training and Postnatal Training.

Our pregnancy workouts are some of the most popular on the blog (and the internet).

There is so much information about exercise during pregnancy, and it can be confusing to navigate on your own.

That’s why we designed dedicated programs for each trimester of pregnancy. Complete with easy-to-follow PDF calendars and daily guided videos – all for free.

To be honest, I created all of my pregnancy workouts and plans out of my own discontentment with existing pregnancy workouts online. As someone who was strength training 5-6 days a week prior to pregnancy, I had trouble finding pregnancy workout videos that actually challenged me.

Enter these free pregnancy workout plans: designed to fit the unique needs of each trimester of pregnancy.

How To Download and Use These Pregnancy Workout Plans

  1. Each trimester workout plan is linked below. Download the PDF calendar, or bookmark this webpage for reference to find your daily guided workout videos.
  2. Follow along with the daily guided workout videos. Most workouts are between 20 and 30 minutes, and modifications are provided for all fitness levels.
  3. Repeat each 30-Day Workout Plan 2-3 times until you reach the next trimester.
  4. Share your daily workouts with me. Tag @nourishmovelove on social and ‘Pin’ the daily workouts on Pinterest so you can do them again.
pregnant woman holding her baby bump as part of workout to induce labor

These Pregnancy Workout Plans Are For Anyone Who:

  • Has been cleared for exercise during pregnancy. Many pregnant women can continue exercising during pregnancy if they were active pre-pregnancy as well, but I always recommend checking with your doctor or midwife about the activity level that is appropriate for you and your pregnancy.
  • Is looking to maintain strength and cardiovascular health during pregnancy. 
  • Is looking to prevent or lessen the severity of pregnancy-related aches and pains through an exercise routine. Common pregnancy aches and pains include: round ligament pain, lower back pain, SI joint pain, sciatica nerve pain and more.
  • Is looking to prevent or lessen the severity of diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal walls) and increase transverse abdominis and pelvic floor strength. 

First Trimester Pregnancy Workout Plan

Welcome to the First Trimester Pregnancy Workout Plan: designed for Week 1 – Week 12 of pregnancy.

First Trimester Workout Plan for early pregnancy calendar graphic

Many of the first trimester workouts look similar to workouts you may have been doing pre-pregnancy, with some modifications to decrease core pressure during ab exercises.

I know that first trimester in particular can be really tough to keep moving. Between the pregnancy fatigue, nausea and aches and pains, it can be hard to stay active.

Having a plan to follow is one of the best ways I found to stay moving. You do your best and forget the rest.

This first trimester pregnancy workout plan focuses on:

  • Options for high-impact or low impact cardio exercises
  • Strength training exercises
  • Pregnancy-safe core and pelvic floor exercises


Download Your FREE First Trimester Plan Here

Download the PDF calendar for this 1st trimester pregnancy workout plan so you can easily access your daily workouts.
Download Plan

Second Trimester Pregnancy Workout Plan

Welcome to the Second Trimester Pregnancy Workout Plan: designed for Week 13 through Week 26 of pregnancy.

Second Trimester workouts calendar graphic

Hopefully some of the morning sickness and early pregnancy fatigue has begun to pass.

The second trimester is the point in pregnancy where many women find modifications necessary to accommodate a growing baby and shifting center of gravity.

This second trimester prenatal workout plan focuses on:

  • Low impact cardio exercises
  • Strength training exercises
  • Unilateral exercises to safely strengthen the abdominal muscles
  • Accommodations for lower back pain and other common pregnancy aches
Pregnant woman in her second trimester of pregnancy curling dumbbells


Download Your FREE Second Trimester Plan Here

Download the PDF calendar for this 2nd trimester pregnancy workout plan so you can easily access your daily workouts.
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Third Trimester Pregnancy Workout Plan

Welcome to the Third Trimester Pregnancy Workout Plan: designed for Week 27 through the end of your pregnancy.

third trimester exercise plan calendar graphic

This third trimester pregnancy workout plan includes more modifications as your pregnancy progresses. This includes accommodations for pregnancy symptoms like symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), pelvic girdle pain (PGP), and sciatica nerve pain.

Additionally, this third trimester pregnancy workout plan includes stretching and yoga workouts designed to prepare your body for labor and delivery.

This third trimester pregnancy workout plan focuses on:

  • Bilateral movements (to reduce SPD, sciatica and pelvic pain)
  • Full body strength training workouts
  • Yoga and stretching workouts to release tight and sore muscles
  • Exercises that relax the pelvic floor muscles
  • Specific workouts for the end of the third trimester, to prep the body for giving birth
third trimester exercise pregnant woman curling dumbbells


Download Your FREE Third Trimester Plan Here

Download the PDF calendar for this 3rd trimester pregnancy workout plan so you can easily access your daily workouts.
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Pregnancy Workout Plan FAQs

Is It Safe to Workout During Pregnancy?

Generally, yes: most women can continue to exercise safely through their pregnancies. If you have a normal pregnancy, following a safe pregnancy exercise program can support reduce excess weight gain, relieve stress and maintain muscle and core strength. If you have any pregnancy complications or a high risk pregnancy, get your doctor’s approval before starting a pregnancy workout plan.

When Should I Start Doing Pregnancy Workouts?

Pregnant women can start exercising at any point during pregnancy. During a normal pregnancy, you may continue your pre-pregnancy workout routine through the first trimester, making a few modifications as needed to accommodate nausea and fatigue. As your pregnancy progresses into the second and third trimesters, modify exercises that are high impact or create excess core pressure.

What Are The Benefits Of Exercising During Pregnancy?

Physical activity during pregnancy can decrease common pregnancy symptoms like backaches, pregnancy fatigue and nausea. Prenatal workouts can also help you sleep better, support your mental health and lower the risk of gestational diabetes (Mayo Clinic). There’s also some research that indicates that an active pregnancy provides a boost to baby’s brain and heart health as well (What To Expect).

What Workouts Should You Do While Pregnant?

Strength training workouts. Weight gain is a natural part of pregnancy. If you stop strength training during pregnancy you’ll ultimately be the weakest when your body is at its heaviest weight. This puts you at risk for injury and common pregnancy pains like low back pain. Pregnancy is not the time to exercise for weight loss.

When Should I Start Modifying Exercises For Pregnancy?

I filmed a Facebook Live video which you can find in this post explaining a couple ways you can know if an exercise is still safe during pregnancy. It may be time to modify exercises when you notice core doming or coning during an abdominal exercise. The first exercise I start modifying is usually core work and push ups. I suggest these resources: 7 Ways to Modify Push Ups, 8 Pregnancy Core Exercises, 5 Exercises to Avoid During Pregnancy, The 5 Best Pregnancy Exercises for Every Trimester.

Are There Any Exercises I Should Avoid During Pregnancy?

Pregnant women generally want to avoid lying on their stomach and belly-down postures, upward facing dog, deep back bends and abdominal overextension, crunches and abdominal twisting, and any exercise that causes coning or doming in your abdominal muscles. Pregnant women should also avoid hot yoga and contact sports. If you feel unusual pain during prenatal exercise, stop exercising and talk to your doctor or midwife.

What Are The Best Pregnancy Exercises?

Low impact cardio exercises, strength training and pregnancy safe core and pelvic floor exercises are all examples of safe pregnancy exercises. A well rounded pregnancy workout routine will include a variety of workouts to avoid overtraining one muscle group.

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Note: before beginning any new exercise program you should consult with your physician or midwife. The information provided with this workout challenge is intended for general information and use; it does not include specific, individualized recommendations and is not intended as medical advice. Before you begin any new exercise program Nourish Move Love recommends that you consult with your physician. Nourish Move Love primarily educates clients to assume more personal responsibility for their health by adopting a healthy and active lifestyle.

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