20-Minute Full Body HIIT Workout for Women (HIIT with Weights)

An at-home, 20-minute workout video for women that includes 9 of my favorite HIIT exercises! This full body workout video alternates dumbbell strength training with cardio-intensive, HIIT exercises, to build muscle and burn calories.

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Strength and Cardio! If you’ve been following me for any amount of time you know it’s my favorite way to workout.

I definitely have days where I crave more steady-state cardio, like a 3-mile run while listening to a podcast. And then there are days where all I want to do is lift heavy, enter these 7 strength training exercises.

But most of the time, I’m looking for the best of both worlds — a workout that combines heart-pumping, HIIT cardio with strength training.

I even have a full category on the blog dedicated to Strength + HIIT Workouts!

HIIT workouts for women | Single Leg Deadlift Exercise

What are the best HIIT Exercises?

  • Squats and Squat Thrusters
  • Lunges
  • Push-Ups
  • Swings and Chops

You’ll find all these full body exercises and more in this 20 minute HIIT workout.

What is HIIT Training?

I recently answered some of the most common questions I get about HIIT, or high intensity interval training, in this 15-Minute HIIT Cardio Workout; an effective 15-minute HIIT cardio workout when you’re short on time.

But HIIT exercises are all about efficiency. You exert maximum effort for periods of ‘work’ followed by brief rest periods. Any time there’s HIIT in a workout title, you know it’s going to be an intense workout.

HIIT quickly raises your heart rate and is great for burning calories, both during and after the HIIT workout. HIIT exercises also increase endurance and muscle definition (American Council on Exercise).

What are the benefits of Strength Training?

  • Increased Muscle Definition
  • Weight Loss
  • Improved Bone and Joint Health

Mayo Clinic describes strength training as a tool that can “help you preserve and enhance your muscle mass at any age” and lists the benefits as strengthening bones, managing weight, enhancing quality of life, and even sharpening your thinking skills (Mayo Clinic).

If you need any other reasons to love strength training, think muscle definition. Those toned arms and strong legs you’re striving for, come with increased strength training and heavier weights.

20-Minute Full Body HIIT Workout for Women | Woodchop Exercise

20-Minute Full Body HIIT Workout for Women

The beauty of this workout is you get all of the benefits of HIIT exercises and strength training, listed above!

Use the full 20-minute workout video at the top of this post to follow along as I coach you through this full body HIIT workout for women in real time.

For this workout you’ll need a medium-to-heavy set of dumbbells. I suggest using 10-20 lbs, I’m using 15 lbs in the workout video above. Choose a weight that challenges you. The last 2-3 repetitions should be challenging to the point of failure, but also allow you to safely perform each exercise.

Perform each of the 9 HIIT exercises for 45 seconds of work, followed by 15 seconds of rest. Then repeat all 9 HIIT exercises x 2 sets for a 20-minute total body workout. 

Alternatively, you can screenshot the 9 HIIT exercises below to guide you.

Single Leg Deadlift to Overhead Press | 20 Minute Workout Video | HIIT Workout Video | Workout for Women | Strength Training

The 9 Best HIIT Exercises

This workout includes 9 of my favorite HIIT exercises! I favor large, compound movements that engage multiple muscle groups. These full body exercises make the most of our 20-minutes together.

Seriously — perform a few of the wood chop swings from this workout. You’ll feel every muscle from the top of your extended arms, down your shoulders and back, to your legs and glutes that are fired up to keep you stabilized. 

Perform dynamic warm up before starting this 20-minute full body HIIT workout. 

  1. Lunge-Thrusters
  2. Push Up + Single Arm Row
  3. Burpee + Alternating Single Arm Snatch
  4. Single Leg Deadlift + Press
  5. Wood Chop Swing {option to add jack}
  6. Leg Lowers + Tricep Extension
  7. Front Back Squat Hop + Bicep Curl
  8. Squat + Curl + Press
  9. Lateral Shuffles

Repeat x2 sets.

Single arm plank and row | Best HIIT exercises for women

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  1. When the windchill is -12, my motivation to go to the gym is zero. This workout was just what I needed! Thank you!

    • Yes, I hear you Courtney! It was a chilly arrival home from Texas and these at-home workouts are the perfect way to stay warm during this cold front! Way to get it done! NICE WORK! Plenty more workouts on the blog to get you through winter. Lindsey

  2. Thanks for an awesome, heart thumping, sweat dripping workout Lindsey! It was the perfect session for me to do at home today instead of hitting the gym!

    • Nicole! Thank you for giving this workout a try! Way to get it done; so glad you liked it and I hope you come back and do it again! Nice work! Lindsey