Superset Workout: 30-Minute Dumbbell HIIT

An efficient SUPERSET WORKOUT that pairs strength training exercises with cardio conditioning. The first superset is all lower body exercises and the second superset is all upper body exercises; making this a full body, 30-Minute Dumbbell HIIT Workout.

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This superset workout is a fan favorite because:

  1. It’s a quick and effective full body dumbbell HIIT workout.
  2. It’s completed in a 40-30-20 timed interval format, meaning your “work time” decreases over the course of the workout.

In true superset workout style this is a fast-paced workout.

What is a Superset Workout?

A superset workout simply means alternating different strength training exercises with minimal or no rest in between.

For example, a very basic superset workout (and one that I personally do when I’m short on time) could alternate two exercises:

  1. Push Ups
  2. Pull Ups

You can superset exercises that work the same muscle groups (as we do in this workout) to achieve muscle fatigue in a short period of time.

If you’ve done any of my strength and HIIT workouts or 30 minute workouts, you’ve likely done a superset workout without even knowing it.

30 Minute Full Body Superset Workout

What are the benefits of Superset Workouts?

  1. Muscle Growth.
  2. Efficient 30 Minute Dumbbell HIIT Workout.

1. Superset Workouts Build Muscle

Supersets pack in a high number of repetitions in a short period of time. This pushes your muscle to fatigue and eventually failure, which is how you build muscle.

Also referred to as muscle overload. Basically in order to see muscle growth, we have to increase the intensity of exercise above “normal”. This can be done through lifting heavier weights, or by performing superset workouts like this one.

Compound supersets can produce amazing muscle growth in a very short period of time since you are performing two compound exercises, one after another.

Supersets allow you to reach muscle overload using dumbbells at home rather than relying on gym equipment.

2. Superset Workouts are Efficient Dumbbell HIIT Workouts

As a mom of two I’m ALL about quick and efficient workouts I can do at home.

What is a 40-30-20 workout?

Timed interval training completed in 40-30-20 second intervals.

40-30-20 represent the “work time” to be completed each set. Hence the “work time” drops by ten seconds each set.

This is intentional. The challenge — can you stick with the same heavy dumbbells through all three timed intervals; 40-30-20?

superset workouts | dumbbell hiit workout

Superset Workout: 30-Minute Dumbbell HIIT

This 30 minute dumbbell high intensity interval training workout supersets strength training and cardio exercises back-to-back in 40, 30, and 20 second intervals.

The result, an efficient muscle building superset workout.


A medium-to-heavy set of dumbbells.

I recommend 10-20 lbs depending on your fitness level. I’m using 12 lbs in this workout video.

The Goal: You should be struggling to complete the last 2-3 reps of each exercise; that means you chose the right dumbbells.

Superset Workout Instructions:

Click here to follow along with the video at the top of this post. I’ll coach you through this 30 minute superset workout, keeping track of the timed intervals. And I’ll provide form cues and modifications.

Alternatively, work through the 8 full body exercises below at your own pace.

Start with the lower body superset, repeating each exercise x3 sets:

Set 1: 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest
Set 2: 30 seconds work, 15 seconds rest
Set 3: 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest

Repeat the same format for the upper body superset.

Dumbbell HIIT Superset Workout

Superset 1: Lower Body

  1. Strength: Alternating Lateral Lunges
  2. Cardio: Runner Lunge
  3. Strength: Dumbbell Front Squat
  4. Cardio: Dumbbell Swing + Lateral Hop

Superset 2: Upper Body

  1. Strength: 2 Bear Crawl Rows + 2 Tricep Dips
  2. Cardio: Punch Jacks
  3. Strength: Bicep Curl + Overhead Shoulder Press
  4. Cardio: Push Up + Burpee + Bicep Curl

1. Alternating Lateral Lunges

Muscles Worked: The main muscles worked by lateral lunges (or side lunges) are the:

  • Quads
  • Glutes
  • Inner and Outer Thighs (abductors and adductors)

lateral lunges with dumbbells | side lunges

2. Runner Lunge

Muscles Worked: A HIIT cardio exercises to strengthen the lower body — hamstrings, quadriceps, and gluteus maximus (or butt).

Also a great cardiovascular endurance exercise.

runner lunge | full body hiit workout

3. Dumbbell Front Squat

Muscles Worked:

  • Quadriceps Muscles — front of the thighs.
  • Gluteus Maximus — or butt.
  • Hamstrings — back of the thighs.

That said, racking the dumbbells on your shoulders, or front squatting, more heavily recruits the body’s anterior muscles (muscles on the front of the body). Such as the quads, core and abs.

front squat with dumbbells | superset workout

4. Dumbbell Swing + Lateral Hop

Muscles Worked: This compound exercise engages the:

  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes
  • Chest, Trapezius, and Shoulders
  • Abdominals and Core

This single exercises has so many benefits like — strength, endurance, power, and speed.

dumbbell swing | dumbbell hiit workout

5. 2 Bear Crawl Rows + 2 Tricep Dips

Muscles Worked: A full body exercise specially targeting the upper body:

  • Shoulders (deltoids)
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Triceps
  • As well as glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, abs and core

The addition of the back row and tricep dips adds an extra emphasis on the upper back and back of the arm (triceps).

bear crawl tricep dips

6. Punch Jacks

Muscles Worked: Primarily the chest (pectoralis major) and shoulders (anterior deltoid).

Adding the jack does challenge coordination while also engaging the core and abs.

punch jacks HIIT exercises

7. Bicep Curl + Overhead Shoulder Press

Muscles Worked: This complex dumbbell exercise builds and strengthens the biceps and shoulders or deltoids.

bicep curl and shoulder press

8. Push Up + Burpee + Bicep Curl

Muscles Worked: Another compound dumbbell exercise targeting the:

  • Chest and Shoulders
  • Biceps and Triceps
  • Abs and Core

pushup burpee bicep curl

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Superset Workout | dumbbell hiit workout


  1. Lindsey!
    Thanks so much for this incredible superset and even more so for guiding a great stretch sequence. Will definitely be back (hopefully with heavier weights)! Keep up the awesome work!