30-Minute Leg Day Workout For Women

Strength train your way to strong, sculpted legs, thighs and glutes with this full-length, 30-Minute Leg Day Workout video! This leg workout hits every muscle in the lower body with squats, deadlifts, and lunges — the best leg day exercises in a 30-minute leg day workout for women.

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Leg Day is one of my favorite training days!

You don’t need a fancy squat rack and leg press machine to see lower body strength gains. Leg workouts at home can be just as effective.

All you need for this 30-Minute Leg Day Workout for women is a set of dumbbells.

Bonus — using dumbbells or free weights engages your small, stabilizing muscles in ways that gym equipment typically doesn’t. Try performing a single leg deadlift, pictured below, with a dumbbell in each hand. Hello core and balance!

I personally love having these power block adjustable dumbbells (adjustable from 5-50 lbs) as part of my home gym so I can challenge myself to go heavy on leg day.

Single leg deadlift | leg day workout

Leg Day Workout FAQs:

1. What are the best leg day exercises I can do at home?

  1. Squats
  2. Deadlifts
  3. Lunges

When it comes to leg day, I like to start with the basics — squats, deadlifts and lunges.

These three leg exercises are classics for a reason – they each hit the quads, glutes, and hamstrings in a slightly different way, so you get a well-rounded workout by combining them.

Plus, if you’ve been doing my workouts for a while, you know I like to put a few spins on classic exercises. We’re adding some pulses and calf raises to these moves in this leg workout.

2. How often should I do leg workouts?

This depends on what the rest of your training routine looks like. I personally focus on lower body workouts 1-2 days a week. As a group fitness instructor the majority of my workouts tend to be total body workouts, but I love split training muscle groups when I can.

What’s important to note is that lifting weights builds muscle by breaking down the muscle that already exists. So you want to make sure to give your muscles time to recover after a workout.

3. How heavy of weights should I lift when strength training?

Go heavy! I’m using 10 lb dumbbells in this workout video. With my extra baby bump weight 10 lb dumbbells are currently challenging for me, but if I wasn’t pregnant I’d be reaching for 15 lb dumbbells.

That being said, if you’re a beginner or recovering from an injury, you always can drop the weights and use just your body weight. You’ll still challenge your leg muscles.

The goal of this leg day workout is to work your lower body muscles to fatigue through weight training. So if you get to the last few reps, and you’re not struggling to complete them, that’s a sign you need to pick up heavier weights next time!

sumo squat | leg workout

4. Why are leg workouts for women so important?

Leg workouts are important for EVERYONE, but I especially love strength training for women (especially those still building confidence in the gym).

Women tend to be relatively stronger in their lower bodies than their upper bodies (NCBI) so leg workouts can feel really empowering!

Leg workouts are also really effective because they’re hitting multiple large muscle groups, meaning you get major calorie-burn for your buck.

5. Is this leg workout pregnancy-friendly?

YES — with the note that every body, and pregnancy, is different. Of course you should be cleared by your doctor or midwife for exercise. But you know your body best; modify and take breaks as needed.

I personally dropped my weights several times throughout this workout and performed the leg exercises with just my bodyweight (and added baby weight).

I filmed a Facebook Live video which you can find in this post explaining a couple ways you can know if an exercise is still safe for you to do as your pregnancy progresses. If you have any concerns, or if you’re starting a fitness program for the first time, please consult your doctor or midwife. 

30-minute leg workout for women

This 30-Minute Leg Day For Women is ALL LEGS and ALL STRENGTH TRAINING.

Leg workouts are great for overall strength training and weight loss, because they engage one of your biggest muscle groups, meaning you get major calorie-burn.

You’ll use a set of dumbbells to challenge your entire lower body. Targeting your glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves and core. Click here to jump to the Leg Day Workout video.

The goal is to fatigue and break down the lower body muscles to build strong, lean legs.

Workout Equipment:

Medium-to-heavy dumbbells, or a set of both medium and heavy dumbbells.

I’m personally using 10 lb dumbbells for this workout video and would suggest 8-20 lb dumbbells depending on your fitness level.


Follow along with the leg day workout video at the top of this post. This lower body workout consists of 4 circuits — squats, lunges, deadlifts, sumo squats.

Each circuit targets a specific lower body muscle group: 

  • Circuit 1: Lunges — target quads and glutes.
  • Circuit 2: Squats — targets quads, hamstrings and glutes.
  • Circuit 3: Deadlifts — target hamstrings and glutes.
  • Circuit 4: Sumo Squats — target quads, hamstrings and glutes AND have an extra bonus of incorporating the adductors or inner thighs.

You’ll perform approximately 10 to 12 reps per exercise, and repeat each circuit x 2 sets to close it out before moving onto the next circuit.

I’ll be sweating with you through each rep and giving you proper form and motivation along the way.

These are the 12 leg day exercises if you want to screenshot the workout:

Circuit 1: Lunges — target quads and glutes

  1. Static Lunges or Split Squats (right first set, left second set)
  2. Front + Back Lunges (right first set, left second set)
  3. 4 Pulse Reverse Lunge + 4 Pulse 80/20 Squat

X2 Sets

How to Lunge:

  1. Stand with feet hip-width apart. Holding a dumbbell in each hand at your sides, palms facing your body.
  2. Step your right leg back into a reverse lunge, lowering your hips until both knees reach 90-degree angles, front thigh parallel to the floor.
  3. Then squeeze your left leg glute, driving your back, right leg forward as you stand up back to the starting position.
  4. Repeat this movement, alternating legs as you step back to lunge.

Circuit 2: Squats — targets quads, hamstrings and glutes

  1. 1.5 Squats
  2. Squat Hold + Pulse
  3. Squat + Calf Raise

X2 Sets

How to Squat:

  1. Stand with feet hip-distance apart, toes pointing straight ahead or slightly angled out away from the body.
  2. Holding one dumbbell in each hand at your shoulders, exhale to engage your core. With your weight in your heels, sit your hips back.
  3. Lowering your hips down, parallel with your knees (creating a 90 degree angle). Keeping weight in your heels, elbows and chest up.
  4. Then explosively stand tall pressing both dumbbells overhead.
  5. Return to the starting position.

Circuit 3: Deadlifts — target hamstrings and glutes

  1. Single Leg Deadlift (right first set, left second set)
  2. Tap Back + High Pull (right first set, left second set)
  3. Deadlift Squat

X2 Sets

How to Deadlift:

  1. Stand with feet spaced hip-width apart, holding one dumbbell in each hand with your grip just outside your legs (overhand grip).
  2. Stand tall with a flat back and neutral spine. Your shoulders should be back and down.
  3. With a slight bend in your knees, hinge at your hips (hip flexors). Think of pressing your hips back towards the wall behind you, as you lower the dumbbells down the front of your legs. The dumbbells should remain in contact with your legs for the entire range of motion.
  4. Once you’ve reaching the bottom (range of motion looks different for everyone). Drive through your heels, squeezing your glutes and hamstrings to push your hips forward and return to the starting position.

Circuit 4: Sumo Squats — target quads, hamstrings and glutes AND have an extra bonus of incorporating the adductors or inner thighs

  1. Sumo Squat + Heel Lift
  2. Sumo Squat Hold + Heels In Walk
  3. Single Tempo Sumo Squats

X2 Sets

How to Sumo Squat:

  1. Stand with feet wide, heels in and toes pointed out. Holding one dumbbell in each hand at your hips, palms each other.
  2. Lower down into a squat, pushing your knees out towards your pinky toes. Dumbbells between legs.
  3. Drive through your heels to stand tall, pulling your inner thighs together to return to the starting position.

lunge with dumbbells | leg day workout

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    • Hi Gina! Thanks so much for giving this workout a try! So glad you enjoyed it. The best way to support me is to keep coming back and checking out more workouts + recipes on my website! There are plenty more full length workout videos on the blog for you to try. Thank you! -Lindsey

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