The Best Strength + HIIT Home Workout for Women (35 minutes, dumbbells)

The best at-home strength and HIIT home workout for women and busy moms — 9 of my favorite dumbbell exercises in a challenging, total body workout. Follow along with this home workout video to build muscle and burn 300+ calories in 30-minutes!

The Best HIIT Home Workout For Women

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Previously seen on Nourish Move Love — we updated this post to include a full length, follow along at home workout video with certified personal trainer, Lindsey Bomgren!

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More full length, follow along home workout videos! That’s what you guys are asking for, especially right now when we can’t go to the gym.

So we dug up some of the most popular home workouts on the blog. This strength and high intensity interval training (HIIT) cardio workout for women was at the top. And we added a full 35-minute home workout video to it. 

I have to admit I was pretty pumped to film this workout video as this is personally one of my FAVORITE full body workouts on the blog.

You might notice from the pictures, but I created this HIIT workout for women when Brody was around 1 years old.

Real life — I wasn’t planning on Brody being in this workout. But I had him in the studio with me for another project I was working on, and naturally he crawled into all the shots. I have to admit, I was frustrated in the moment, but now these are some of my favorite photos.

Home Workout for Women: Full Body Workout with Dumbbells

Becoming a mom has forced me to become more flexible with my workout routines. I’ve transitioned to mostly home workouts with dumbbells that are quick and effective.

And that’s exactly what this strength and HIIT workout for women is — it’s truly my ‘go-to workout’ when I need an efficient full body workout at home. 

The Workout: The Best Strength + HIIT Home Workout for Women

Jump To 30-Minute Home Workout Video: HIIT Workout for Women

Let me be your personal trainer for the day! Follow along with the 30-minute home workout video at the top of this post.

I’ll guide you through this full body strength and HIIT workout; keeping track of timed intervals, and offering modifications for all fitness levels.

Exercise Equipment

Set of medium dumbbells.

I’m using 12 lb dumbbells in this workout video, but feel free to use whatever you have (or reference this post on home exercise equipment for tips on how to substitute common household objects for dumbbells).

Strength + HIIT Workout Instructions

The workout is 9 full body exercises completed in timed intervals: 

  • SET 1: 45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest, per exercise.
  • SET 2: 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest, per exercise.
  • SET 3: 35 seconds work, 25 seconds rest, per exercise.

Therefore, you’ll repeat each exercise x 3 sets for a 30-minute workout (plus I’ve included a warm up and cool down in the workout video at the top of this post; making it closer to a 35-40 minute workout).

Dumbbell Overhead Lunge

Home Workout for Women: 9 Full Body Exercises with Dumbbells 

  1. Single Arm Dumbbell Snatch + Overhead Reverse Lunge – Right
  2. Single Arm Dumbbell Snatch + Overhead Reverse Lunge – Left
  3. Split Lunge Jumps
  4. Push Ups
  5. Sumo Squat + Curl
  6. Plyo Squat Jack
  7. Tricep Extensions + Glute Bridge
  8. Dumbbell Overhead Pull + Leg Lift
  9. Chest-to-Floor Burpees

See video above for complete workout and proper exercise form.

Single Arm Dumbbell Snatch + Overhead Reverse Lunge 

The single arm dumbbell snatch is a powerful full body strength exercise with an emphasis on the legs, shoulders and back. Paired with an overhead reverse lunge which not only builds strength but improves stability in the shoulder muscles, posterior chain and entire lower body.

This functional full body exercise builds strength and endurance while also improving coordination, athleticism and core strength.

Single Arm Dumbbell Snatch

Split Lunge Jumps

Split jumps or lunge jumps is a classic high intensity interval training (HIIT) exercise that targets the power generating muscles in the lower body — legs, butt, quads, hip flexors and calves.

This plyometric exercise is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that also helps develop and improve lower body strength and power. Build muscle and burn fat with bodyweight lunge jumps.

Split Jump | Total Body At-Home Workout

Push Ups

Push ups, a classic bodyweight exercise for building upper body strength; targeting the chest, triceps, shoulders, core and lower back.

Push ups are a fast and effective way build muscle definition in the arms and abs. Simultaneously building upper body strength and core strength.

Push Ups

Sumo Squat + Curl

Sumo squats are great for working the glutes, quadriceps and inner thighs (or adductors).

Pair sumo squats with dumbbell bicep curls and you have a compound exercise builds muscle in both the lower body and the upper body. 

Sculpt and tone your arms, legs and inner thighs with this multi-functional exercise.

Sumo Squat and Curl

Plyo Squat Jack

Plyo squat jacks are the plyometric version of sumo squats, targeting the lower body — legs, butt, quads and inner thighs (or adductors). With an extra emphasis on the inner thighs as you pull them together during each repetition.

Bodyweight squat jacks are a great HIIT exercise to build lower body strength, specifically for the inner thighs, while also raising your heart rate to burn calories and fat.

Plyo Squat HIIT Workout for Women

Dumbbell Tricep Extensions + Glute Bridge

Dumbbell tricep extensions, also known as skull crushers, are one of the best arm exercises for building tricep muscles.

Tricep extensions specifically target the back of the arm, isolating the triceps to tighten and tone the back of the arm, a common ‘trouble area’ for women as they age.

Pair the tricep extension with a glute bridge, one of the most effective bodyweight exercises to tone the glutes and the hamstrings, and you have another full body exercise to help women tone and build lean muscle. 

Dumbbell Tricep Extensions + Glute Bridge

Dumbbell Overhead Pull + Leg Lift

The dumbbell overhead pull strengthens the upper back muscles as well as stabilizes the core. Paired with a leg lift to activate both the transverse abdominis and the rectus abdominis; more specifically the lower abs.

This is a true arms and abs exercise designed to tone the back muscles and strengthen the lower abs. 

Dumbbell Overhead Pull + Leg Lift

Chest to Floor Burpees

Chest-to-floor burpees, a favorite bodyweight exercise for high intensity interval training (HIIT). This is a full body exercise targeting EVERY muscle in your entire body — from the arms, chest, and back to the glutes and core!

Burpees are also a sure fire way to spike your heart rate. A great calisthenics exercise that burns anywhere from 10-15 calories per minute of work.

Chest to Floor Burpees HIIT Workout for Women

What makes this HIIT workout ‘the best home workout for women’?

  • 9 strength-focused metabolic excises that build muscle and burn fat simultaneously.
  • Timed interval training in the 45, 40, 35 second format. Starting with the longest work to shortest rest ratio; then decreasing work time and increasing rest time by 5 seconds with each set. Exhausting each muscle group, but with attainable work to rest ratios.
  • A full body workout hitting EVERY muscle in your entire body — from the legs, butt and thighs to the arms, chest, back, abs and core!

I’ll be honest, this is an intense dumbbell strength and full body HIIT workout. I was slightly intimidated to film it at 5 months postpartum, but that’s why I offer plenty of modifications for all fitness levels.

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  1. I love your HIIT workouts. They are perfect for squeezing in when I have a little time here and there. Right now I am nursing a left shoulder & tricep injoury. I can do planks, but not side planks. I sm looking for a good full body workout that does not emphadize arms. Any suggestions?