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30-Minute Intense Yoga Workout (Zero30, Day 4)

Sculpt, strengthen and tone your full body in this intense yoga workout at home! This no equipment yoga workout combines powerful, muscle-building poses with quick cardio bursts to get your heart rate up.

This is DAY FOUR of our Zero30 Program.


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If you’ve done my yoga workouts at home, you know they’re far from a typical yoga flow. I prefer yoga for strength training and athletes. My favorite yoga flows are intense and powerful with poses that will challenge your balance and coordination while incorporating cardio bursts to get that heart rate up.

This yoga workout will strengthen and lengthen your muscles, work your abs and core, and increase your mobility.

A bodyweight intense yoga workout with no equipment. Woman performing Warrior Three yoga pose.

Intense Yoga Workout FAQs

What Are The Benefits Of Yoga Workouts?

Yoga classes offer a ton of great benefits, such as increased strength and flexibility, increased metabolism and reduced risk of injury and problems such as lower back pain.

What Are The Best Yoga Workouts?

Yoga routines are great for active rest or active recovery days. The best yoga workouts can be scaled from beginner to advanced and offer a variety of poses to help you stretch and work on mobility when you’re feeling tired and sore. Personally, I prefer a yoga workout that will also get my heart rate up and burn calories!

How Can I Strengthen And Stretch In A Total Body Yoga Workout?

An effective, intense power yoga flow will include a variety of yoga poses such as downward-facing dog, plank pose, triangle pose and Warrior III. We’ll flow through all of these moves and more in today’s intense yoga workout, interspersing cardio bursts to increase your heart rate at home.

A bodyweight intense yoga workout with no equipment. Woman performing Warrior Three yoga pose.

35-Minute Intense Yoga Workout

Zero30: Day 4

This engaging and fast paced yoga class will guide you through a powerful series of poses, challenging your balance, coordination and mobility! You need zero equipment and just 30 (ok, 35!) minutes to complete this intense yoga workout at home.

We’ll flow from one power pose to the next with optional cardio bursts throughout to raise your heart rate.

Workout Equipment:

None! Just your bodyweight (and a yoga mat).

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Workout Instructions:

Follow along with the guided Intense Yoga Workout on YouTube, led by personal trainer Lindsey Bomgren.

Your Workout Looks Like This:

  • Flow from one power pose to the next.
  • Optional cardio bursts are built in to raise your heart rate.

Workout Outline

We’ll flow from one move to the next, but here’s a general outline of what to expect:

  1. Rib Cage Breathing and Flow (Sun Salutations)
  2. Plank and Side Plank Pose
  3. Down Dog to Crescent Lunge and Arm Flow
  4. Warrior III Sequence
  5. Chair Pose (Cardio Burst)
  6. Mountain Pose and Single Leg Mountain Twist to Warrior III, Warrior II, Triangle and Balancing Half Moon
  7. Star Pose to Horse Pose to Wide Leg Forward Fold
  8. Cardio Burst
  9. Push Ups and Belly Chest Expansion Stretch
  10.  Down Dog to Table Top Stretches

Prefer to Watch On YouTube?

youtube icon Intense Yoga

4 Intense Yoga Poses

Plank And Side Plank Pose

Targets: Chest, shoulders, back, abs and core muscles (internal and external oblique muscles and transverse abdominus).

woman demonstrating plank and side plank pose

How To Do Plank And Side Plank Pose

  1. Start in a high plank position with your shoulders stacked over your wrists, weight evenly distributed amongst all 10 fingers. Pull your kneecaps up towards your belly, feet hip-width apart.
  2. Hold this plank position, maintaining a straight line with your body, gaze slightly in front of you.
  3. Then, shift into a side plank position by opening up, keeping the right hand on the mat, right shoulder stacked over right hand. Option to balance on the outside edge of your right foot, stacking your left foot on top of your right foot, or stagger your feet. You can also drop the right knee to the ground. Raise the left hand overhead.

Crescent Lunge And Arm Sweeps

Targets: Upper body, shoulders, back, lower body, hamstrings, quads, hips, hip flexors, calves, abs, obliques and core.

 woman performing crescent lunge and arm sweeps as part of intense yoga workout

How To Do Crescent Lunge And Arm Sweeps

  1. Start in down dog, pressing your chest towards your thighs. Then, send your right toes long to find three-legged dog.
  2. Then shift your weight forward into a high plank as you pull your right knee towards your chest, stepping the right foot down in between your hands to find a low lunge.
  3. Rise up, lifting your arms overhead as you find a crescent lunge.
  4. Then, turn your palms so they are facing out and with control and power, lower the arms down in front of you in a sweeping motion. Then, flip the palms out so they’re facing away from you again as you raise the arms back overhead with control.

Warrior III

Targets: Legs, glutes, quads, hamstrings, hip adductors, hip flexors, arms, erector spinae (back and spine), abs and core.

Benefits of Warrior III: Strengthens all the small stabilizing muscles along the backside of the body, feet and ankles; and improves balance.

woman performing warrior iii pose as part of intense yoga workout

How To Do Warrior III

  1. Start in a staggered-stance position with a slight bend in the front right knee, back left leg behind you and back left heel lifted off the mat. Your hips and chest should be square to the front of the mat. Raise your arms above your head.
  2. Balancing on your front right leg, lean forward until your back leg extends straight back, even with your hips. Hips are square to the ground. Keep your foot flexed and your gaze downward, arms straight out in front of you. This is Warrior III.
  3. From here, perform glute lifts by pulsing the raised back left leg up and down on an eight count.
  4. Then, drop the arms down in front of you and perform a back fly by lifting the arms straight out to your sides as you squeeze the shoulder blades together.

Single Leg Mountain Pose To Warrior III

Targets: Legs, glutes, quads, hamstrings, hip adductors, hip flexors, arms, erector spinae (back and spine), abs and core.

woman performing mountain pose to warrior iii flow as part of intense yoga workout

How To Do Single Leg Mountain Pose To Warrior III

  1. Begin in mountain pose, legs together with a slight bend in the knees, ankles to touch if that’s comfortable for you. Raise your arms straight overhead, biceps by ears.
  2. Balancing on the right leg, lift the left leg up so the left knee forms a 90-degree angle.
  3. ‘Goalpost’ the arms by bringing them down, elbows forming 90-degree angles. From here, perform a crossbody crunch by bringing the right elbow to meet the left knee.
  4. Then, reach back to find Warrior III by extending the left leg straight back behind you while bringing the arms straight out in front of you. Continue to balance on the right leg.

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