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Postpartum Workout Plan | 30 Day Workout Calendar After Baby

What are the best exercises to do after having a baby? Whether you’re 6 weeks or 6 months postpartum, this Postpartum Workout Plan is designed to help new moms start exercising again. Follow this 30-Day Postpartum Workout Plan at Home to regain core and pelvic floor strength, rebuild muscle and cardio endurance, and re-establish a regular fitness routine.


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‘How do I start working out again after having a baby?’

‘When can you start working out again after having a baby?’

‘What are the best exercises to do after having a baby?’

These are some of the most frequently asked questions that land in my inbox.

After two babies, and two different post-pregnancy recovery experiences myself, I’m SO excited to share our first Postpartum Workout Plan and 30-Day Postpartum Workout Routine!

If you want a more advanced workout plan, you can find all of my FREE 30-Day Workout Calendars here.

30 Day Workout Program Details

1. Gym Equipment Needed:

Most of the workouts can be done with just your bodyweight! Otherwise, you might need:

A Set of Dumbbells. Some workouts require a set of light to medium dumbbells. Each weight training workout will have a recommended dumbbell weight.

Optional Exercise Equipment: 

Sponge ball. The Beginner Ab Workout utilizes a sponge ball to support the lower back, but you always can sub a throw pillow or kids squishy toy ball.

2. Time Requirement: 

Varies from 15-30 minutes a day, 3-4 days per week. We’ve built in 2 active recovery days per week with the goal of taking a walk on those days. You can always take more rest days as needed!

I suggest completing three of the strength training workouts each week, targeting:

  • One Leg Day (lower body)
  • One Arm Day (upper body)
  • One Full Body Training Day

Show yourself some grace mama! Those first postpartum workouts are HUMBLING and some of THE HARDEST workouts. You do your best and forget the rest! After all, you brought a human into this world — you’re pretty dang strong.

3. Fitness Level:

This is a Postpartum-Friendly Workout Plan (also good for pregnancy and beginners). The daily workout videos do offer exercise variations, modifications and options to increase or decrease the intensity as needed.

4. Cost:

FREE! No sign up needed, this is a FREE Postpartum Workout Plan.

This Postpartum Workout Plan is for Anyone:

  • Who has been cleared for exercise postpartum (typically around 6+ weeks after birth, but varies based on birth experience and recovery. I suggest you check with your doctor or midwife before returning to an exercise program.)
  • Looking to gain core strength and strengthen their pelvic floor. 
  • Looking to heal diastasis recti, separation of the abdominal walls; and increase transverse abdominis strength. 
  • Starting a fitness routine for the first time.
  • Getting back into a fitness routine after some time off or returning from an injury.
  • Who is pregnant. 
  • Who is looking for a beginner workout plan or low impact workout plan.

Postpartum Workout Plan FAQs

How Long Should I Wait Before I Resume Exercise Postpartum?

Every body, every pregnancy, and every birth is so different, so it’s hard to give a black-and-white rule about when it’s safe to return to exercise postpartum. I always recommend checking with your doctor or midwife about your specific recovery. You can start this calendar as soon as your doctor or midwife gives the okay to begin exercising, typically around 6 weeks postpartum.

What Are The Benefits Of Exercising Postpartum?

If you were active before pregnancy, returning to a regular fitness routine postpartum can be a powerful way to ‘feel like yourself again.’ That’s the primary motive for me to start exercising after baby. Personally, working out after baby is not about getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Rather, it’s a mental health outlet for my energy and mood. That said, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists adds that postpartum exercise is beneficial because it helps strengthen and tone muscles (such as the abdominal muscles) that are weakened during pregnancy, naturally boosts energy and relieves stress, may help prevent postpartum depression and promotes better sleep.

Program FAQs

Want to know more about adapting this plan? Check out our FAQ page.
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Postpartum Workout Plan

How To Download and Use This Postpartum Workout Plan

  1. Download the 30-Day Postpartum Workout Plan PDF by clicking here, or bookmark this webpage for reference as weekly workouts are outlined below. 
  2. Save this workout calendar to your mobile device home screen for easy access.
    1. Open this workout calendar pdf in the safari browser on your phone.
    2. Tap the bottom arrow in the center of your screen.
    3. Select ‘Add to Home Screen’.
  3. Hover over and then click on the bold text each day to access the full-length, real time workout video on nourishmovelove.com. Or scroll down to find the daily workouts on YouTube below.
  4. You can also access all of the home workout videos on this workout challenge calendar on YouTube via this YouTube Playlist: Postpartum Workout Plan + 30-Day Calendar.
  5. Share your daily workouts with me by tagging @nourishmovelove on social and ‘Pin’ the daily workouts on Pinterest so you can do them again.

Find This Workout Plan On YouTube

youtube icon Youtube Playlist

Postpartum Workout Plan: WEEK 1

Day 1: 10-Minute Yoga Flow AND 10-Minute Beginner Abs

Day 2: 15-Minute Low Impact Cardio Barre AND Optional Postpartum Core Exercises for Diastasis Recti

Day 3: Active Rest Day (Goal: 20-30 Minute Walk)

Day 4: 30-Minute Total Body Strength Workout

Day 5: Active Rest Day (Goal: 20-30 Minute Walk)

Day 6: 15-Minute Low Impact HIIT Cardio AND Optional 10-Minute Beginner Abs

Day 7: Rest Day

Postpartum Workout Plan: WEEK 2

Day 8: 10-Minute Yoga Flow AND 10-Minute Beginner Abs

Day 9: 30-Minute Leg Day Strength Workout

Day 10: Active Rest Day (Goal: 20-30 Minute Walk)

Day 11: 30-Minute Arm Day Strength Workout

Day 12: Active Rest Day (Goal: 20-30 Minute Walk)

Day 13: 10-Minute Low Impact HIIT Workout AND 10-Minute Beginner Abs

Day 14: Rest Day

Postpartum Workout Plan: WEEK 3

Day 15: 7 Best Strength Training Exercises For Women

Day 16: 15-Minute Low Impact HIIT Cardio AND Optional 10-Minute Beginner Abs

Day 17: Active Rest Day (Goal: 20-30 Minute Walk)

Day 18: 15-Minute Low Impact Cardio Barre and option to add Postpartum Core Exercises for Diastasis Recti

Day 19: Active Rest Day (Goal: 20-30 Minute Walk)

Day 20: 5 Best Upper Body Exercises For Women and 10-Minute Beginner Abs

Day 21: Rest Day

Postpartum Workout Plan: WEEK 4

Day 22: 20-Minute Barre Class AND optional Postpartum Core Exercises for Diastasis Recti

Day 23: 30-Minute Arm Day Strength Workout

Day 24: Active Rest Day (Goal: 20-30 Minute Walk)

Day 25: 30-Minute Leg Day Strength Workout

Day 26: Active Rest Day (Goal: 20-30 Minute Walk)

Day 27: 15-Minute Power Yoga and 10-Minute Beginner Abs

Day 28: Rest Day

Postpartum Workout Plan: WEEK 5

Day 29: 30-Minute Strength Training Circuit

Day 30: 15-Minute Low Impact HIIT Cardio AND Optional 10-Minute Beginner Abs

Wondering Which Workout Program To Do Next?

  1. Beginner Workout Plans are a great next step! These low impact, full body workout plans have daily guided workout videos; including — strength training, low impact cardio, barre workouts and yoga sculpt. All you need is a set of dumbbells and about 30 minutes a day.
  2. SplitStrong35 is a strength-focused split training workout plan. SplitStrong is designed to build a solid base of foundational strength. If you’re feeling good, try this one!

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Postpartum Workout Plan

Note: before beginning any new exercise program you should consult with your physician or midwife. The information provided with this workout challenge is intended for general information and use; it does not include specific, individualized recommendations and is not intended as medical advice. Before you begin any new exercise program Nourish Move Love, LLC recommends that you consult with your physician. Nourish Move Love, LLC primarily educates clients to assume more personal responsibility for their health by adopting a healthy and active lifestyle.

This post does include affiliate links and I earn a small commission on products purchased using these links. All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting Nourish Move Love.

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