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5 Best Chair Workouts on YouTube

Build strength and boost your heart rate while seated with the five best chair workouts! If you’re recovering from an injury, are a beginner, or are looking for a low impact way to move your body, chair workouts are a great new challenge.

Women sitting on a workout box during a cardio chair workout doing a punch and kick move.

There are so many reasons why people in all seasons of life will need seated workouts!

Whether you have a leg/knee injury, limited mobility, are experiencing SPD pain during pregnancy or want a workout that challenges you seated — I’ve rounded up my top five chair workouts at home.

When recovering from a knee injury (like me), it is important to keep moving to prevent stiffness and improve flexibility. Chair workouts provide exercises to build strength and get your blood flowing.

Most of these free chair workouts require a chair/bench, set of medium-to-heavy dumbbells, or mini loop resistance band

Women in pink sitting on a box doing a seated ab workout.

Chair Workouts At Home FAQs

What Is A Chair Workout?

A chair workout is a form of exercise that involves a chair to perform a variety of strength and cardio exercises. The intensity and difficulty of the exercises can be adjusted through weights, resistance levels or repetitions. Chair workouts are great for beginners, physical limitations or recovering from an injury due to the convenience, accessibility and versatility.

Are Chair Workouts Effective?

Yes! Chair exercises can be effective to improve strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health. Chair exercises can accommodate different fitness levels and physical abilities. Chair workouts can also target a variety of muscle groups, including upper body, core muscles and lower body.

What Are The Best Chair Exercises?

Seated exercises can help improve posture by targeting the muscles that support the spine and upper body. A seated march is an effective exercise for the lower body and hip mobility, while a seated shoulder pressure improves posture and strengthens the core muscles. Other exercises include seated toe touches, seated chest press or single leg lift and extensions.

5 Best Chair Workouts

1. 30-Minute Chair Workout (For Bad or Injured Knees)

2. 30-Minute Intense Arm Workout (Seated)

  • Equipment: Medium-to-Heavy Dumbbells, Chair/Bench and Mini Loop Resistance Band
  • Workout Focus: Upper Body Strength – Arms, Shoulders and Back Exercises

3. 20-Minuted Seated Workout: Cardio + Core (No Equipment, No Repeat)

  • Equipment: No Equipment, Bodyweight Only
  • Workout Focus: Cardio and Core

4. 5-Minute Seated Abs with Weights (No Repeats)

  • Equipment: Medium-to-Heavy Dumbbell and Chair/Bench
  • Workout Focus: Core Strength

5. 5-Minute Seated Abs (Intense Ab Workout)

  • Equipment: Chair/Bench
  • Workout Focus: Core Strength
Women in a blue tank top seated on a box using a resistance band to work her upper body.

Find These Workouts On YouTube

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Looking for more chair exercises? Try our LIVE chair workouts!

Equipment: Medium-to-Heavy Dumbbells, Chair/Bench and optional Mini Loop Resistance Band.

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