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My Updated Favorite Fit Pregnancy Products

I’m sharing an updated list of my favorite fit pregnancy products — from maternity activewear to at-home gym essentials, belly oil and more.

The Ultimate Fit Pregnancy Product Guide

During my first pregnancy I shared a comprehensive list of my favorite fit pregnancy products, here. This is still one of my top performing blog posts to date.

Now that I’m in my second pregnancy, I thought it was time to share an updated, more refined, list of my favorite fit pregnancy products.

The list is much shorter this time around as I’m sticking to my true ‘essentials’ I rely on throughout pregnancy, including:

  • At Home Gym Essentials
  • Pregnancy Fitness Accessories
  • Maternity Activewear
  • Prenatal Supplements and Natural Skincare

So here it is, my go-to guide for the expecting mama hoping to maintain a fit pregnancy. My personal list of pregnancy ‘must-haves’ for a fit pregnancy.

An Updated List of My Favorite Fit Pregnancy Products in 2019

See my previous list from 2017 here

Pregnancy Fitness Accessories + At Home Gym Essentials

pregnancy fitness | stability ball and birthing ball

  1. Fit Pregnancy At-Home Gym Essentials:
    1. DYNAPRO Exercise Stability Ball – I personally prefer the 65cm exercise ball, but whatever size you choose this exercise ball is multi-functional. I use it as a exercise ball for strength training at home, as a stability ball/chair for working to avoid low back pain while working at my computer, as a birthing ball to bounce on during labor, and I’ve spent lots of hours bouncing on this ball with my baby in hand.
    2. DYNAPRO Fabric Mini Loop Resistance Bands or Standard Mini Loop Resistance Bands – I love traveling with this mini loop resistance bands (affiliate) and they add lots of intensity to any lower body workout {like these 8 mini loop resistance band exercises}. I’ve personally been loving the fabric resistance bands as they don’t slip, or roll up like the standard, rubber bands can. I have these fabric resistance bands in sizes small, medium and large; but I use the medium band most often.
  2. FitBit Versa Activity Monitor – great for monitoring your heart rate during workouts, as well as tracking your steps and sleep habits.
  3. Pregnancy Body Pillow – I love this pregnancy pillow and it allows me to get comfortable, quality sleep while not being able to sleep on my back with a growing belly. And I consider sleep essential to my health and fitness, especially while growing a human so this classifies as a fitness accessory for me.

Maternity Workout Clothes + Activewear

Maternity Workout Clothes | Maternity Activewear

  1. Maternity Leggings: Lululemon Align Leggings – Ok so these aren’t true ‘maternity leggings’ as Lululemon Maternity doesn’t exist. But these are hands down my favorite ‘maternity’ leggings and postpartum leggings; and I think every pregnant woman should own a pair. The fabric is buttery-soft {I know, it sounds weird, but once you try them you’ll know exactly what I mean}. The fabric is specifically designed to not feel tight, which is what every pregnant mama with an expanding belly needs! I know these are a bit more on the expensive end, $98, but I’ve absolutely gotten my money’s worth out of my first pair purchased back in 2016 {which I’m still currently wearing as I write this post}.
  2. Maternity Tank Tops:
    1. GapFit Breathe Racerback Tanks – so comfy and so affordable. They do run a little big, and I’m currently still wearing a size small even with my growing belly {they stretch nicely}.
    2. Athleta Speedlight Tanks – Love the ruching down both sides of the tank and hem-grippers around the inside of the tank so it stays put even with a growing belly. Again, I’ve been able to wear my regular, pre-pregnancy size small tank and it’s just growing with me throughout pregnancy.
    3. Blanqi Maternity Support Tank – this true maternity tank offers additional support for your growing belly in the second and third trimester. I personally bust this tank out on the days I’m teaching one or multiple HIIT classes.
  3. Maternity Sports Bras:
    1. Athleta Contender Brasized up to support my growing bust, and great for higher-impact workouts as well.
    2. Old Navy High Impact Bra – an affordable sports bra that’s also great for high-impact workouts.
    3. Love + Fit Nursing Sports Bra – A sports bra and nursing bra all in one! It’s better suited for lower-impact workouts or strength training, but I’m already putting it to good use and looking forward to having a true nursing sports bra this time around!
      *If you want to try this Love + Fit Nursing Sports Bra you can get 10% OFF using code: LINDSEY10

Prenatal Supplements

prenatal supplements | supplements during pregnancy

Please note that these are the supplements that best fit me and my pregnancy, but every body and pregnancy is different so please check with your doctor/midwife before taking any supplements.  

  1. Prenatal Supplements: NOW Prenatal + DHA – I love that this prenatal includes DHA, so I get everything I need in three capsules a day. Mayo Clinic recommends looking for a prenatal that also includes omega-3 fatty acids {such as Docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA}, as there’s some evidence that suggests these support healthy brain development for baby {Mayo Clinic}.
  2. Protein Powder: NOW® Organic Plant Protein Powder – I have continued to use this protein powder on a regular basis as part of my post-workout nutrition routine. My favorite way to incorporate NOW® Plant Protein is in green smoothie form, like this energy boosting kale and pineapple green smoothie.
    *If you want to try an of these supplements you can get $10 OFF your NOWfoods.com purchase of $40 or more using code: NMLNOW10
  3. Primal Kitchen Vanilla Collagen Fuel – I’ve been a long time lover of collagen in my coffee, but I had to take a break during the first trimester when pretty much everything made me nauseous, including coffee. I’m happy to report I’m back to adding this Vanilla Collagen Fuel to my coffee every morning. I love the extra boost of healthy fat and protein it adds to my morning cup of coffee. Collagen is great for your skin, nails and hair, and I’ll definitely continue using it postpartum {hello postpartum hair loss}.

Natural Skincare Products for Pregnancy

Natural Skincare Products for Pregnancy

  1. Natural Body Oil or Belly Oil for Pregnancy: I love applying both of these natural body oils to my growing belly to avoid that itchy sensation of stretching skin, as well as pregnancy stretch marks.
    1. Essence One Body Oil – I love the morning calm and grace fragrances.
    2. Dr. Hauschka Blackthorn Toning Body Oil
  2. Natural Deodorant: I became more conscious about my skincare, specifically my deodorant while nursing my first son as he was often digging in my armpits while nursing and then putting his hands near his mouth. I use Lume for my heavy duty workout and sweat days and Essence One for more daily use after workouts.
    1. Essence One Natural Deodorant
    2. Lume Natural Deodorant
  3. Natural Facial Serum: Essence One Nighttime Facial Serumpregnant or not I’m obsessed with this nighttime facial serum. I feel like it gives me a true, natural glow.

*If you want to try an of these Essence One natural skincare products you can get 15% OFF your order using code: NML15

Postpartum Essentials for the New Mom

Postpartum Nursing Sports Bra

  1. Nursing Bras + Nursing Tanks:
    1. Love + Fit Nursing Sports Bra – A sports bra and nursing bra all in one! It’s better suited for lower-impact workouts or strength training, but I’m already putting it to good use and looking forward to having a true nursing sports bra this time around!
      *If you want to try this Love + Fit Nursing Sports Bra you can get 10% OFF using code: LINDSEY10
    2. Bravado Designs Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra – A great, wire-free nursing bra!
    3. Bravado Designs Body Silk Seamless Nursing Cami Tank – These were my favorite nursing tanks with a snug fit {to help hold in your postpartum tummy}.
    4. Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Nursing Tank – I loved wearing this nursing tank to bed as the silk top provided comfort for sore nipples and it was easy to slide to the side for nighttime feedings.
  2. Comfy Postpartum Joggers: Old Navy Go-Dry Drawstring Joggers – I packed these in my hospital bag, as I was warned you’re not going to want tight leggings right away postpartum. I pretty much lived in these comfy joggers throughout most of my ‘maternity leave’.

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The Ultimate Fit Pregnancy Product Guide


  1. Hi Lindsey, i have been following your prenatal workouts for a while on your blog and youtube. I must say they have made me feel the best version of myself during my pregnancy. So thank you truly. Im due early August, last lap! I wanted to ask if gethealthyutv would also provide postnatal exercises and focus on gaining back your core strength or fix DR?

    • Hi Yas! Congrats on your pregnancy and thanks so much for following along with my prenatal workouts! Way to keep moving mama! You are in the final stretch (literally). There are some great workouts on GHUTV for PP + core recovery (check out this free 10-Minute Diastasis Recti Workout — https://www.gethealthyutv.com/video/10-minute-diastasis-recti-exercises-016111/) and some great pilates + strength workouts that I’ll be doing PP too. That said there isn’t a specific PP recovery calendar to follow, but that’s something I may have in the works with the GHUTV team! I also have some great PP core workouts here on the blog — 7 Moves for Diastasis Recti + 10 Minute Beginner Abs Video! I hope that helps! -Lindsey