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Favorite Fit Pregnancy Products

I’m sharing an insider look at my favorite pregnancy products I used throughout all three pregnancies — from maternity activewear to at-home gym essentials, belly oil and more.

Pregnant women in workout gear holding her belly.

Now that I’ve had my third little, I thought it was time to share an updated, more refined, list of my true ‘essentials’ throughout pregnancy, including:

So here it is, my personal list of pregnancy ‘must-haves’ for a fit pregnancy.

Pregnancy Products FAQs

What Is The Best Product For A Pregnant Woman?

A good pair of maternity leggings is a must! I personally lived in the Align Leggings during all three of my pregnancies. And a prenatal vitamin with DHA should also be at the top of this list.

What Are The Benefits Of Exercising During Pregnancy?

Regular exercise during a healthy pregnancy has numerous benefits. It can help reduce backaches, improve sleep quality, lower the risk of gestational diabetes in pregnant women, and control weight gain (Mayo Clinic). Research indicates that an active pregnancy provides a boost to baby’s brain and heart health as well (What To Expect). A great way to stay fit during pregnancy is to follow a prenatal fitness exercise program (striving for 30 minutes of physical activity or lifting weights).

What Are The Best Pregnancy Exercises?

Low impact cardio exercises, strength training and pregnancy safe core and pelvic floor exercises are all examples of safe pregnancy exercises. A well rounded pregnancy workout routine will include a variety of workouts to avoid overtraining one muscle group.

Pregnant women in light blue leggings and navy tank top doing a single leg bicep curl.

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My Fit Pregnancy Products

Pregnant woman performing a bent over row on bench with a dumbbell.

Pregnancy At Home Gym Essentials

  1. Exercise Ball – I personally prefer the 65cm exercise ball.
  2. Mini Loop Resistance Bands – Great for modifications. Use discount code: NML
  3. Dumbbells – Strength training is the name of the game in pregnancy. You can do all of the workouts in my free pregnancy workout plans with a set of dumbbells.
  4. Bench/Plyo Box – As pregnancy progresses having a bench or plyo box is a great way to add an incline to exercises to take the pressure off the core and keep you more upright. Use discount code: NMLTF5
  5. Kettlebell – A great way to safely raise your heart rate.
Pregnant women flexing for the camera and holding a dumbbell in workout clothing.

Maternity Workout Clothes + Activewear

  1. Maternity Leggings – I lived in the lululemon Align High-Rise Leggings and Maven Thread Maternity Leggings.
    For a discount on the Maven Thread maternity leggings use code: Nourish15
  2. My Favorite Maternity Tank Top – Stretches well but retains its shape!
  3. My Favorite Maternity Sports Bra – This sports bra also doubled as my maternity swimsuit top.

Here is a full list of my favorite lululemon maternity clothes!

The best fit pregnancy products include prenatal supplements and organic plant protein powder.

Prenatal Supplements

Please note that these are the supplements that best fit me and my pregnancy, but every body and pregnancy is different so please check with your doctor/midwife before taking any supplements.  

  1. Prenatal Supplements:
    Prenatal Vitamin + DHA
    Vitamin D3
    For a discount on these vitamins use code: NML
  2. ElectrolytesThese hydration packs got me through the first trimester. I relied on them whenever I needed an energy boost throughout pregnancy.
    For a discount on these electrolyte packs use code: NOURISHMOVELOVE
Pregnant women putting natural toning body oil on her belly to maintain a fit pregnancy.

Self Care Products for Pregnancy

  1. Dr. Hauschka Blackthorn Toning Body Oil – Hands down the best belly oil I found; and I never got a stretch mark during my three pregnancies.
  2. Pregnancy Body Pillow – To keep you comfy while sleeping.

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  1. Hi Lindsey, i have been following your prenatal workouts for a while on your blog and youtube. I must say they have made me feel the best version of myself during my pregnancy. So thank you truly. Im due early August, last lap! I wanted to ask if gethealthyutv would also provide postnatal exercises and focus on gaining back your core strength or fix DR?

    • Hi Yas! Congrats on your pregnancy and thanks so much for following along with my prenatal workouts! Way to keep moving mama! You are in the final stretch (literally). There are some great workouts on GHUTV for PP + core recovery (check out this free 10-Minute Diastasis Recti Workout — https://www.gethealthyutv.com/video/10-minute-diastasis-recti-exercises-016111/) and some great pilates + strength workouts that I’ll be doing PP too. That said there isn’t a specific PP recovery calendar to follow, but that’s something I may have in the works with the GHUTV team! I also have some great PP core workouts here on the blog — 7 Moves for Diastasis Recti + 10 Minute Beginner Abs Video! I hope that helps! -Lindsey