Strength Training: 30-Minute Pregnancy Workout Video

A challenging, low impact pregnancy workout designed specifically to help mamas maintain strength throughout pregnancy. Low impact, strength training is great for all seasons of life. So whether you’re pregnant, postpartum, a fitness beginner or cross-training runner, give this 30 minute strength training workout a try!

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I’m officially in my final weeks of pregnancy, 38 weeks to be exact.

I’ve been doing this Strength Training: 30-Minute Pregnancy Workout Video at least once a week the past several weeks.

That said, before my non-pregnant readers click away — you don’t have to be pregnant to get the benefits of this strength training workout! 

This ‘pregnancy workout’ is truly for anyone in need of a low impact strength workout. Whether you’re pregnant, postpartum, a fitness beginner or an advanced fitness enthusiast or runner who just needs a low impact workout, this total body strength training workout is for you.

To be honest, this pregnancy workout was created out of my own discontentment with existing pregnancy workouts online. As someone who was strength training 5-6 days a week prior to pregnancy, I haven’t found many pregnancy workout videos that still challenge me the way I’d like to be challenged. 

So I created this challenging, low impact strength workout to keep me moving throughout my second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

And this full-length, 30 minute pregnancy workout video follows one of my favorite formats — the 40/30/20 format.

All you have to do is press play and follow along as I guide you through 40 second, 30 second and 20 second timed intervals for a full body dumbbell workout.

Pregnancy Workout Sumo Squat Bicep Curl

FAQs: Pregnancy Workouts

Note: This workout was specifically designed for active women entering their second and third trimesters of pregnancy. This is more of an advanced pregnancy workout; for women who were active prior pregnancy and have maintained an active fitness routine throughout pregnancy. That said, every pregnancy is different. If you have any concerns, or if you’re starting a fitness program for the first time, please consult your doctor or midwife. 

How do I know if an exercise is still safe for me to do as my pregnancy progresses? 

I filmed a Facebook Live video which you can find in this post explaining a couple ways you can know if an exercise is still safe for you to do as your pregnancy progresses. As I mentioned above each pregnancy is different and it depends on if this is your first, second, third or more pregnancy.

Additionally, coming into pregnancy with existing conditions like diastasis recti {abdominal seperation} can require exercise modifications earlier in pregnancy. You can learn more about diastasis recti and exercises to heal it in this post.

Bird Dog Exercise for pregnancy

How do your workouts change during pregnancy?

Personally, I tried to maintain my same fitness routine prior to pregnancy throughout most of my first and second trimesters.

That said, working out and teaching group fitness classes is part of my job; which made for great accountability throughout the first trimester nausea and fatigue I experienced.

But you do your best, and take more rest days as needed. Growing a human is A LOT of work, so it’s ok to take some time off during the exhausting first trimester.

I personally continued my standard strength training and HIIT workouts {scaling back as needed} 4-6 days a week throughout the first and second trimester.

That said, I did slow down and start modifying A LOT sooner this pregnancy. I remember doing box jumps in my third trimester with my first pregnancy…and that was not the case this time around. 

I really transitioned to low impact workouts in my third trimester. And I cut back significantly on HIIT style workouts and have been focusing a lot more on strength training.

I’ve also decreased my dumbbell weights. As my belly has grown sometimes a body weight squat is all I need.

How hard do you workout during pregnancy?

Again, every body and every pregnancy is so different: the best answer here is listen to your body.

A good rule of thumb is to imagine a scale of exertion, levels from 1 to 10. If 10 is the hardest, and 1 is the easiest, we want to stay around a level 6, and go no greater than a 7 during pregnancy workouts.

Another great tool is the ‘talk test’: you want to be able to hold a conversation with someone, without getting out of breath, for the duration of the workout.

Learn more about the benefits of exercise during pregnancy, as well as exercises that are safe for pregnancy here.

Low Impact Chair Step Up Exercise

Strength Training: 30-Minute Pregnancy Workout

This 30-Minute Full Body Workout is a challenging, low impact, resistance training workout you can do at home! From squats and deadlifts, to bicep curls and tricep extensions, we’ll hit every major muscle group.

Follow along with the workout video at the top of this post as I coach you through 40 second, 30 second, and 20 second weight training intervals that will also raise your heart rate. 

EQUIPMENT: A bench or chair and a set of medium dumbbells. I recommend 5-to-15 lb dumbbells depending on your fitness level.

I’m personally using 10 lb dumbbells for this workout video and dropped weights completely a few times. You can also have two sets of dumbbells {one lighter, one heavier} available so that you can drop down in weight as you fatigue. You can always use just your body weight as well.

INSTRUCTIONS: Follow along with the strength training workout video at the top of this post or screenshot the exercises below.

This low impact strength workout consists of 4 circuits. Each circuit has 3 exercises that will be done in 40/30/20 second intervals. You’ll repeat each circuit x 2 sets to close it out before moving onto the next circuit.

Disclaimer: Please make sure you’ve consulted your doctor or midwife and have been cleared for exercise during pregnancy. This workout is for women who were working out prior to pregnancy and have maintained an active fitness routine throughout pregnancy. 

30 Minute Pregnancy Workout Video

If you prefer to screenshot this pregnancy workout, here’s an outline of the workout:


  • 40 seconds: Squat Curl + Squat + Press
  • 30 seconds: Clean + Press
  • 20 seconds: Squat Hold Pulse

Repeat X 2 Sets


  • 40 seconds: Sumo Squat + Deadlift Roll
  • 30 seconds: 2 Pulse Sumo Squat + ½ Bicep Curl
  • 20 seconds: Meisser Lateral Squats

Repeat X 2 Sets


  • 40 seconds: 3 Seated Overhead Tricep Extensions + 1 Chair Squat
  • 30 seconds: Staggered Stance Reverse Grip Row
  • 20 seconds: Chair or Bench Step Ups

Repeat X 2 Sets


  • 40 seconds: Modified Incline Push Ups
  • 30 seconds: Kneeling or Seated Single Arm Curl + Press
  • 20 seconds: High Knee March or Chair Taps

Repeat X 2 Sets

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