4-Week Workout Plan #8 (FREE Full Body Workout Plan for Women)

Download your complete 4-Week Workout Plan for women with daily, guided workout videos on YouTube! This FREE Full Body Workout Plan is designed to build muscle, burn fat and help you create a consistent fitness routine you look forward to daily!

Download the 4-Week Workout Plan Here! It’s accessible to all fitness levels.

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We release new workout challenges almost every month. This is our eighth, 4-Week Workout Plan, and we have several 14-Day Fitness Challenges in the archives as well. That said, you can complete these free full body workout plans in any order.

What is the BEST 5-Day Workout Routine?


This 4-week full body workout plan follows a 5-day workout split routine: 

  • Monday: Leg Day
  • Tuesday: Push Day: Chest, Shoulders and Triceps
  • Wednesday: Legs and Abs
  • Thursday: Yoga, Active Recovery or Rest Day
  • Friday: Pull Day: Back and Biceps
  • Saturday: Cardio and Core (Abs)
  • Sunday: Rest Day

Split training specific body parts (upper body push muscles, pull muscles and legs) on different days of the week to build strength.

That said, you can customize this workout plan to fit your fitness goals. Keep scrolling for more details on how to make this a 3-day workout routine or add in running days.

“Literally the best program and at home exercises I’ve done! So worth doing 💪🏼💪🏼” -Carly 

Download the FREE, Full Body Workout Plan Here! It’s accessible to all fitness levels.

Free Full Body Workout Plan for Women

This 4-Week Workout Plan is for Anyone Looking To:

  • Increase Strength and Build Lean Muscle
  • Burn Calories and Lose Weight
  • Create a Consistent Fitness Routine At Home (that you look forward to daily)

Full Body Workout Plan Details (here’s what you need):

1. Exercise Equipment Needed:

  • A Set of Dumbbells. Most of the daily workouts require a set of dumbbells. Each strength training workout will have a recommended dumbbell weight, usually between 8-20 pounds for the strength workouts and 2-5 pounds for the barre/yoga workouts. Remember muscle growth happens with lifting heavy weights.
  • An Optional Mini Loop Resistance Band (**get 20% off these bands using code: NML). A great way to add intensity to lower body workouts if you’re an advanced fitness enthusiast.
  • An Optional Kettlebell. You can always perform the kettlebell workouts using a single dumbbell.
  • An Optional Foam Roller. A great way to release sore muscles post workout or on active recovery days.

2. Time Requirement: 

Around 30-minutes a day, 5 days per week.

3. Fitness Level:

Intermediate-to-Advanced, with modifications offered for all fitness levels. If you’re a fitness beginner try starting with our 30 Day Beginner Workout Plan.  

This full body workout plan is made of full body, compound exercises that will challenge every major muscle group in your body. But each training session offers scalable modifications for all fitness levels.

4. Cost:

FREE. We just ask that if you like our free home workouts and fitness challenges PLEASE SHARE THEM!

Download the FREE, Full Body Workout Plan Here!

FREE Full Body Workout Plan downloadable pdf calendar

How to Use this Free 4-Week Workout Plan for Women:

  1. Download the Full Body Workout Plan PDF by clicking here, or bookmark this webpage for reference as weekly workouts are outlined below. 
  2. Save this workout calendar to your mobile device home screen for easy access.
    1. Open this workout calendar pdf in the safari browser on your phone.
    2. Tap the bottom arrow in the center of your screen.
    3. Select ‘Add to Home Screen’.
  3. Hover over and then click on the bold text each day to access the full-length, real time workout video on nourishmovelove.com. Or scroll down to find the daily workouts linked below.
  4. You can also access all of the home workout videos on this workout challenge calendar on YouTube via this YouTube Playlist: 4-Week Challenge #8.
  5. Share your daily workouts with me by tagging @nourishmovelove on social and ‘Pin’ the daily workouts on Pinterest so you can do them again.

Questions? Get all of our workout plan FAQ’s and trainer tips here.

Full Body Workout Plan | WEEK 1:

Full Body Workout plan for women | week 1

Day 1: 30-Minute Leg Workout At Home

Day 2: 35-Minute PUSH Workout: Chest, Triceps and Shoulders

Day 3: 8 Best Resistance Band Leg Exercises AND 5-Minute Resistance Band Abs

Day 4: Rest Day Full Body Stretch OR 10-Minute Recovery Flow Yoga

Day 5: 35-Minute PULL Workout: Back, Biceps and Cardio

Day 6: 30-Minute Cardio Abs Workout (1 Dumbbell)

Day 7: Rest Day Full Body Stretching Routine OR Full Body Foam Rolling

Full Body Workout Plan | WEEK 2:

full body fitness routine for women | week 2

Day 8: 45-Minute Dumbbell Leg Workout (Drop Set)

Day 9: 30-Minute Upper Body HIIT Workout

Day 10: 35-Minute Full Body Kettlebell or Single Dumbbell Workout

Day 11: Rest Day Full Body Stretch OR 10-Minute Recovery Flow Yoga

Day 12: 30-Minute Arm Workout with Dumbbells

Day 13: 30-Minute Lower Body Workout (No Jumping, No Repeats)

Day 14: Rest Day Full Body Stretching Routine OR Full Body Foam Rolling

Full Body Workout Plan | WEEK 3:

strength training plan for women | week 3

Day 15: 45-Minute Arms and Abs Workout (Drop Set)

Day 16: 15-Minute Abs, Butt and Thighs Workout AND 10-Minute Cardio Kickboxing Tabata

Day 17: The Best Strength + HIIT Workout for Women

Day 18: Rest Day Full Body Stretch OR 10-Minute Recovery Flow Yoga

Day 19: 7 Best Strength Training Exercises for Women

Day 20: 30-Minute Bodyweight Barre Workout 

Day 21: Rest Day Full Body Stretching Routine OR Full Body Foam Rolling

Full Body Workout Plan | WEEK 4:

weight los plan | week 4

Note: Week 4 is a repeat of Week 1 — this is intentional! The goal is to measure your progress. See if you can pick up heavier weights, or complete this 5-day workout split routine with incremental changes (completing push ups from your toes verse knees, better squat form). The goal is to measure your progress after one month of training. 

Day 22: 30-Minute Leg Workout At Home

Day 23: 35-Minute PUSH Workout: Chest, Triceps and Shoulders

Day 24: 8 Best Resistance Band Leg Exercises AND 5-Minute Resistance Band Abs

Day 25: Rest Day Full Body Stretch OR 10-Minute Recovery Flow Yoga

Day 26: 35-Minute PULL Workout: Back, Biceps and Cardio

Day 27: 30-Minute Cardio Abs Workout (1 Dumbbell)

Day 28: Rest Day Full Body Stretching Routine OR Full Body Foam Rolling

Free At Home 4-Week Workout Calendar

Here’s what women are saying about my FREE 14 Day Workout Challenges and 30 Day Workout Challenges

“It’s my one year anniversary working out with you. I can’t believe how much stronger I am. I literally wanted to throw up my first week…Now, I grab 15-20 lb weights like a boss and I can run a mile without stopping! WOW! Just WOW! Thank you for these workout; they’ve been lifesaving!” -Heather

“I am LOVING these workouts!! As a newbie, I love how clear and concise the movements are explained and I can use whatever weight I am comfortable with. THANK YOU!” – Chazbobalina

“Thank you! I’m 16 months postpartum and your challenges are the ONLY exercises that I’ve never wanted to give up on. I’ve gone from starting with 5 lbs to 15 lb dumbbells and I just ordered 20 lb dumbbells this week! I just quit my BeachBody membership and I’m sticking to your free home workout plans!” -Penny

“I just finished the 14 Day Challenge and am pumped for another 30 Days! I appreciate your at home classes, they kick my butt every time, but you are so encouraging and upbeat that I keep coming back. Every time you high 5 the camera, I’m high-fiving you back, girl. Keep up the amazing work and THANK YOU!” – Ashley

Full Body Workout Plan FAQ’s:

1. I’m a runner. How do I incorporate running into this full body workout plan?

I suggest completing 3 of the strength training workouts each week, choose: 

  • One Arm Day
  • One Leg Day
  • One Full Body Training Day

And then you can add running on the other days. I also like adding a run to arm days if time allows. Make this workout plan work for you!

2. How do I measure my fitness progress?

The reason you finish this 4-week workout plan repeating week one is so you can measure your fitness progress.

You should be able to complete the week four workouts better than you did on week one. For example, you might notice fitness progressions like: 

  • Being able to use heavier weights.
  • Performing more push ups on your toes rather than your knees.
  • Better endurance and quicker recovery times between exercises. 
  • Increased rep range, completing more reps during the timed intervals. 
  • Overall muscle tone, definition and weight loss. 

3. After completing this 4-Week Fitness Challenge which workout plan should I tackle next?

I suggest tackling this 30-Day Workout Plan #6!

That said, you can complete our free home workout plans in any order.

More questions? Get all of our workout plan FAQ’s and trainer tips here.

Free 4-Week Workout Challenge for Women

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FREE Full Body Workout Plan for Women (download pdf)

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  1. I’ve been strength training for 40 years.I am not an elite athlete; I’ve just been active all my life. My workouts were getting a bit stale. I stumbled on your website & have thoroughly enjoyed working out with you in the past 3 weeks. I appreciate your candor & humor. Your workouts are well thought out. I enjoy the variety and the modifications you offer. You and Rachel do all the work; Ijust start the video and follow along. Thanks for your hard work.

    • Carol! I’m so glad you stumbled over here and are putting my workouts + workout plans to good use! And yes, that’s the goal, is that we take the guesswork out of it for you so all you have to do is hit play! Keep up the awesome work! -Lindsey

  2. I can’t find where you talk about preworkout, I was looking to try it out. Absolutely love your workout style btw, I’ve tried a lot of others and they just didn’t help me accomplish what I wanted and sometimes I even hurt myself. Thanks for being you!

    • Hi Katherine! I’m so glad you are loving the workouts and feeling accomplished! Keep up the great work; you’re going to rock this challenge! Regarding the pre-workout that was an older video and we’ve since updated the content, but I personally don’t really use a pre-workout anymore. And total transparency in my opinion, I don’t think pre-workouts are necessary. But if there’s something specific you’re looking for let me know and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction. -Lindsey