10-Minute Low Impact HIIT Cardio Workout

Get the heart-pumping benefits of a HIIT Cardio workout with these five low impact exercises! Whether you’re pregnant, recovering from an injury, or working out near a sleeping baby, this low impact cardio workout will raise your heart rate and jump-start your metabolism in just 10 minutes!

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When you think HIIT Cardio, or high intensity interval training, you may think explosive, high-impact exercises. While there are benefits to this plyometric-style; high-impact exercises aren’t a requirement HIIT Cardio training {reference my HIIT Cardio FAQ’s here}.

Nor are high impact exercises appropriate for every season of life, hello fellow pregnant mamas.

I’m personally transitioning to more low impact workouts as my pregnancy progresses because they feel better for my body. But I still want to do challenging and effective cardio exercises. Enter this 10-Minute Low Impact HIIT Cardio Workout.

When is it time to transition to low impact workouts during pregnancy?

Pregnancy Workouts | Low Impact Cardio

I’m often asked this question. The answer varies for everyone. But some of the key indicators are: 

  • It no longer feels good.
  • You have round ligament pain or uncomfortable tightness in your abdomen.
  • You start leaking urine, a sign that your internal pressure system is not happy.

Benefits of Low Impact Cardio Workouts

Low impact workouts are not just for pregnancy, they are for everyone in all seasons of life. Whether you’re:

  • Recovering from an intense workout and need a low impact recovery day.
  • Recovering from an injury, or need a more joint-friendly, no-running cardio workout.
  • Working out near a sleeping baby or don’t want to disturb a downstairs neighbor.
  • Beginning or getting back into a steady fitness and weight loss routine.

Low impact doesn’t mean easier! This 10-Minute Low Impact HIIT Cardio Workout uses large, dynamic movements to raise your heart rate. I’ve also added one medium dumbbell to increase intensity and calorie burn.

This 10-Minute Low Impact HIIT Cardio workout is brought to you in partnership with NOW® — a leader in the natural supplements industry, and the brand I personally trust and use for my prenatal supplements. 

I’m sharing more about NOW®, their prenatal supplements I use, as well as how I’ve adapted my personal nutrition and supplement routine during pregnancy below. 

pregnancy supplements | prenatal vitamins

The Workout: 10-Minute Low Impact HIIT Cardio Workout

This 10-Minute Low Impact HIIT Cardio Workout can be done with just your bodyweight, or you have the option to add a medium-to-heavy dumbbell to increase intensity. An intensity interval training HIIT workout that is quick and effective; and  a great low-impact workout for beginners, pregnancy, and anyone seeking HIIT cardio without jumping.

The 1-minute video at the top of this post demonstrates proper form for each exercise, and the picture collages below outline the workout.

If you’re looking for a full-length, real time workout video, you can check out this 15-Minute HIIT Cardio Workout Video!

Equipment: Optional, One Medium-to-Heavy Dumbbell {8-20 lbs, I’m pictured using a 10 lb dumbbell in this workout}.

Instructions: Perform each exercise for 45 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of rest as you transition to the next exercise. Complete all 5 exercises x 2 sets for a 10-Minute, Low Impact HIIT Cardio Workout. Option to repeat all 5 exercises x 3-4 sets for a longer, 15-20 minute workout.

Note, this workout is performed in intense burst, timed intervals. We alternate short, high intensity intervals {45 seconds of work} with recovery periods {15 seconds of rest}. I personally love using the Tabata Pro Timer App on my iphone for these timed intervals.

Warm Up — I suggest this 5-Minute Warm Up for At-Home Workouts

  1. Lunge + Press and Side Tap + Press
  2. Lateral Step Dumbbell Swing
  3. Push Up + Wide Climber Tap
  4. Squat + Rotational Punch {alternate sides each set, first set on right, second on left}
  5. Knee Drives {alternate sides each set, first set on right, second on left}

Cool Down 

See the workout video at the top of this post for a demonstration of each of these low impact exercises.

Lunge + Press and Side Tap + Press

Lunge and Shoulder Press Exercise

Lateral Step Dumbbell Swing

Dumbbell Swing Exercise

Push Up + Wide Climber Tap

Push Up Exercise

Squat + Rotational Punch

Squat + Rotational Punch Exercise

Knee Drives

knee drives exercise

For more low impact workouts click here, or try my personal favorite — 30-Minute, Low Impact Strength + Cardio Workout!

NOW® Natural Supplements

Prenatal supplements | pregnancy nutrition

I started using NOW® Brewer’s Yeast two years ago when I was nursing my first son. Then I began using their natural foods products in my kitchen, and now,  NOW® products have infiltrated our cupboards as staples in our daily lives from morning supplements to evening beauty routines.

For more on how I personally use NOW®, check out my posts on:

Today, I sharing specifically the NOW® supplements I’m taking throughout my pregnancy. 

  • NOW® Prenatal Gels + DHAI love that this prenatal includes DHA, so I get everything I need in three capsules a day. Mayo Clinic recommends looking for a prenatal that also includes omega-3 fatty acids {such as Docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA}, as there’s some evidence that suggests these support healthy brain development for baby {Mayo Clinic}.*
  • NOW® Vitamin D3 – I was using the Vitamin D-3 Liquid, which is also what I give my 2-year old son, prior to pregnancy, but I switched to the Softgels as I couldn’t stomach the slight taste throughout my nauseous first trimester of pregnancy.
  • NOW® Cranberry Capsules – I take these cranberry capsules to support urinary tract health throughout pregnancy.*

I’m also still using NOW® Sports Organic Creamy Vanilla Plant Protein on a regular basis as part of my post-workout nutrition routine. 

Mayo Clinic recommends pregnant women aim to get 71 grams of protein a day to support the baby’s grown {Mayo Clinic}. Although I try to eat a protein-rich diet to begin with, I’ve found that I struggle to get the recommended amount of protein from my diet alone due to morning sickness and my aversion to meat during pregnancy {especially during the first trimester}.

My favorite way to incorporate NOW® Plant Protein is in green smoothie form, like this energy boosting kale and pineapple green smoothie! I also love adding a scoop of plant protein to my morning bowl of oatmeal.

Green Smoothie | Plant Protein

If you want to try an of these supplements you can get $10 OFF your NOWfoods.com purchase of $40 or more using code: NMLNOW10

Receive $10 off your nowfoods.com purchase of $40 or more (before taxes and shipping). Must use coupon code NMLNOW10 in the Promotion Code field at checkout.  Offer only available on nowfoods.com. Some exclusions apply. Limit one coupon code per transaction.  Offer cannot be used on previous purchases. NOW Health Group, Inc. has the right to end any promotion at any time.

Note, these are the supplements I personally take, but I have to say that you should personally check with your physician or midwife about what might be best for you especially if you’re pregnant or nursing. 

This is a sponsored post in partnership with NOW®. All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting Nourish Move Love, making the content you see on this blog possible.

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