The 10 Best Prenatal + Pregnancy Workouts

Achieve your fit pregnancy goals with these 10 Prenatal and Pregnancy Workouts — from low impact cardio and strength training, to baby bump barre and yoga — there’s a workout for every pregnancy and trimester.

The 10 Best Prenatal + Pregnancy Workouts | Fit Pregnancy | Baby Bump | Fitness

This might be one of my most requested posts ever — a roundup of my favorite prenatal and pregnancy workouts!

I have to admit, when I found out I was pregnant I was so excited about the idea of a ‘fit pregnancy’. But I learned first-hand how challenging it can be to keep moving with a growing baby bump. 

Between the first trimester fatigue and nausea, and the breathlessness that came with my growing belly; there were a lot of days a walk around the block was my workout for the day.

So if you’re reading this right now first, second, or third time mama — good for you! You do your best to keep moving and forget the rest.

Fit Pregnancy | Prenatal Workout | Prenatal Barre

That being said, an active pregnancy has its benefits. For example, exercising during pregnancy can help reduce backaches, improve sleep quality, and prevent gestational diabetes {based off an article from the American Pregnancy Association}.

For me, working out throughout my pregnancy was a constant in my life that kept me, feeling like me. And it helped prepare me for literally the hardest workout of my life, labor {all 36 hours of it}!

So I’ve rounded up 10 of my favorite prenatal workouts that kept me moving throughout my first, second, and third trimester. From low impact cardio and strength training, to prenatal yoga and barre. 

And if you’re looking for a pair of amazing, stretching leggings to grow with you throughout your pregnancy, check out my Favorite Fit Pregnancy Apparel + Products post here.

Pregnancy Workouts FAQs

I get a lot of questions about the workouts I do during pregnancy, how I adapt workouts for pregnancy, what’s safe during pregnancy….and I get it! I remember being both totally overwhelmed with the amount of information and underwhelmed with real answers to my questions about working out while pregnant!

Of course, every body, and every pregnancy, is different, and you should consult with your doctor or midwife if you have any questions. Listen to your body — it truly does know best. That being said, here are some additional posts you may find useful:

Get started with the workouts below, and then check out all of my prenatal + pregnancy workouts on the blog {including this new full-length pregnancy strength workout video!}.

Fit pregnancy workouts | prenatal workouts | nourishmovelove

I say this will all my workouts, but it’s especially important with prenatal workouts. If you have any concerns, or if you’re starting a fitness program for the first time, please consult your doctor or midwife. 

The 10 Best Prenatal + Pregnancy Workouts

Click workout title for a full description of each workout.

1. Beginner Barre Prenatal Workout

2. Low-Impact Strength + Cardio Prenatal Workout

3. 10-Minute Mommy Bodyweight Workout

4. Prenatal Yoga Flow

5. The 7 Best Strength Training Exercises for Women

6. Low Impact Barre Cardio

7. Barre Basics: 7 Moves to Tone + Tighten

8. 10 Barre Moves You Can Do Without a Barre

9. Barre Buns + Thighs Home Workout

10. 6 Glute-Toning Barre Moves

Additionally, I filmed an entire Baby Bump Fitness System on Get Healthy U TV — four, full-length prenatal workout videos you can do at home. Get access to these workout videos, plus 100’s of at home workout videos, when you become a Get Healthy U TV Member for only $20 for your first year using code: LindseyGold20

Also, bookmark this page for after-baby! The workouts above, as well as my Baby Bump Fitness System workout videos, were some of my first workouts post-baby. So this is a great list of beginner, postpartum workouts too.

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The 10 Best Prenatal workouts + Pregnancy Workouts | Fit Pregnancy | Baby Bump | Fitness

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