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lululemon chargefeel Training Shoes for Women (Review + Try-On)

lululemon has officially launched training shoes for women — so we had to put them to the test. Here’s an honest review of lululemon’s chargefeel cross-training shoe; plus personal size and fit notes.

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“What shoes do you wear in all your workouts?”

This is one of the most common questions that lands in my inbox and I get why – good shoes can truly make or break a workout. The best training shoes are basically a necessity in my line of work.

Our team has tested and loved the lululemon blissfeel Running Shoes (which launched earlier this year). They have become our go-to walking and running shoe because they are so comfortable and supportive.

So we were super excited to put lululemon’s NEW TRAINING SHOE to the test: the chargefeel cross training shoe!

woman wearing sage green outfit with light green training shoes for women
Lindsey’s Wearing: Align Shorts 8″ Inseam // Ebb to Street Crop Tank // Lightweight Jacket // Power Stride Crew Sock // Everywhere Belt Bag

These workout shoes for women are designed to support you through ANY kind of workout: HIIT workouts, weight training, walking/running, aerobics, boxing, dance and more. That makes them perfect if you love NML training programs, which include a variety of workouts.

lululemon chargefeel Training Shoes For Women

close up image of cross training shoes with weights and water bottle
Wearing: chargefeel Low Training Shoes in Light Sage

While most athletic shoes are designed first for men, and then shrunk down for women, lululemon’s new footwear line was designed for women’s feet FIRST, based on their unique biomechanics.

This is something we get SUPER excited about, and wanted to try out for ourselves.

chargefeel Training Shoe Size Guide Notes

I have a narrow foot, and felt like the chargefeel shoe provided a snug fit (which I prefer) and a good amount of arch support without being too constrictive. The chargefeel shoes are true to size – I wear a 7.5 in athletic shoes and wear my typical size in these chargefeel shoes as well.

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Meet chargefeel. The crosstraining shoe that supports you through ANY type of workout.
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woman tying laces of her training shoes

lululemon Shoes FAQs

How much are the new lululemon shoes?

lululemon’s chargefeel training shoes retail for $148 USD for the mid-top shoe and $138 for the low-top shoe.

What kind of shoes does lululemon have?

lululemon is set to launch more performance and workout shoes over the next few months:
1) blissfeel running shoe
2) chargefeel cross training shoe for short runs and gym workouts
3) restfeel post-workout slide-on sandal
4) strongfeel training sneaker for multi-directional movement
5) and a men’s collection is in the works for 2023

What size shoes does lululemon offer?

lululemon shoes come in sizes 5-11, including half sizes.

collage image of different training shoes for women

chargefeel Training Shoes Try-On and Review

chargefeel Training Shoes: lululemon’s First Cross-Trainers

The best workout shoes for ALL your workouts. The chargefeel women’s training shoes are designed to take you from short runs to high intensity interval training classes to strength training to running errands — and everything in between.

If you’re all about versatility and want a shoe that works no matter what workout you choose, you’re going to love these.

  • For Walking/Running – includes bounce and forward motion needed for running
  • For Training – includes stabilizing side-to-side support for cross-training workouts

The chargefeel training shoes for women come in a variety of colors, as well as two ankle height options: low top and mid top.

woman jumping in new lululemon chargefeel training shoes

What To Consider When Choosing a Training Shoe

Although traditional running shoes and cross-training gym shoes are both for “athletic” purposes, they’re built differently. Traditional running shoes are designed to help you move forward, while traditional training shoes focus more on moving horizontally.

When choosing the best training shoe, you want to think about:

  • Cushion: running shoes tend to have more cushion to support your joints on pavement. Weight lifting shoes tend to have the least amount of cushion and a flat sole. The chargefeel shoes have a dual-density foam layering system — AKA best of both worlds.
  • Support: you hear me talk about “training like an athlete” in all planes of motion in many of my workout videos. If you’re doing my workouts, you need a shoe that will support your forefoot (front of your foot) and ankles through the sagittal plane (forward and backward motions), frontal plane (side to side motions), and transverse plane (twisting motions).
  • Outsole: also known as the structure on the bottom of the shoe. This impacts the level of traction your shoe provides as well as flexibility. As someone who runs on both the treadmill and outdoor trails, works out on carpet in my basement, and teaches group fitness classes on smooth wood, I need a shoe that has good grip in multiple environments.
close up image of treads on bottom of chargefeel training shoe

Lindsey’s Review of lululemon chargefeel Training Shoes

If you’ve tried one of my workouts, you know that I love variety. Our workout plans are filled with different types of workouts to prevent fitness plateaus (and boredom).

That means I expect a lot from my training shoes. I need something that can take me from a power walk with the stroller, to a quick lifting session at the gym, to a sweaty HIIT workout at home.

Sizing Notes: I have narrow feet but the chargefeel cross-training shoes fit true to size for me. I love the snug fit. I wear a size 7.5 which is my typical workout shoe size. I wear a size 7.5 in Nike shoes and size 8 in APL sneakers. If you have a wider foot you may want to size up.

Color:Ā I have the light sage (pictured in this post), but I’m eyeing up the magenta purple, asphalt and white low tops as well as the highlight yellow mid-top.

chargefeel Mid Top

INCLUDES: breathable mesh upper portion of shoe for stretch, support and comfort.

close up image of mid top chargefeel training shoe for women

chargefeel Low Top

INCLUDES: more traditional shoe, support for both training and running.

close up image of chargefeel training shoe for women

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