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5 Best Greens Powders (Fitness Trainers Review 2024) 

There are several greens powders on the market, but are they worth it (and do they actually taste good)? If you’re wondering whether or not a greens powder is a good fit for you, read on for benefits, a cost breakdown, and a taste test review of some of the most popular greens powders available.

Amidst the chaos being an entrepreneur and mom of three, one thing remains non-negotiable: my commitment to prioritizing my health and well-being.

Ideally I would get all of my essential nutrients and minerals from whole foods and fresh produce. While I’d like to think that my balanced diet is sufficient on its own, realistically there are some gaps. So, I occasionally take a greens supplement to fill the gaps in my nutrition (particularly when traveling or on-the-go).

Whether you’re in need of an energy boost or simply looking to increase your veggie intake, a greens supplement may be beneficial for you.

I personally use greens powders when traveling as they help fill the veggie void that often comes with travel and eating out. And they help keep my bowels regular when traveling too.

woman scooping AG1 into a water bottle.

Are Greens Powders Worth It?

I’ve personally found that incorporating greens into my supplement routine is an effective way to boost my nutrient intake, especially on days when my nutrition is less than optimal. That said, I still eat a balanced diet that includes a variety of fruits and veggies to ensure my body has what it needs to functional optimally.

Benefits of Greens Powder:

  • Improves gut health
  • Supports immune system
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Enhances exercise recovery

Note: A greens powder isn’t necessary if you eat vegetables daily and at nearly all meals. If you eat fruits and vegetables at nearly every meal, you’re likely already getting all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs to support gut health, energy, immunity, exercise recovery and more.

Lindsey in her kitchen with AG1 Greens including the greens powder, greens scoop, 5 travel pack of green powder, water bottle, and vitamin D with K3.

My Favorite

AG1 with 75 vitamins, minerals, plant compounds, and probiotics designed to fill in the nutritional gaps and support improved energy and digestion.

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5 Best Greens Powders

infographic chart showing the best greens powders with pros and cons. Brands including athletic greens, bloom greens, ora greens, amazing grass greens, and garden of life greens.

Best Greens Powder

After doing a full analysis and team taste test, these are the top green powders ranked (number one being voted best tasting and number five being our least favorite tasting).

A full report of each greens powder (including key ingredients, health benefits, cost and more) is outlined below.

  1. AG1 (formerly known as Athletic Greens). Balances gut health, improves energy levels, and boosts immunity. This came highly recommended by the registered dietitians at The Real Food Dietitians. 💜 NML Team Favorite
  2. Amazing Grass Green Superfood. Delicious nutritional benefits for digestive health support.
  3. Garden of Life Green Superfood. Formulated to support healthy digestion, metabolism, detoxification and immune system.
  4. Bloom Greens and Superfoods. Known for a holistic approach on supplements, and focused on sustainably sourced ingredients.
  5. Ora Easy Being Greens. Promotes regular digestion and improves mood and sleep quality.

1) AG1

  • Benefits: Supports overall health and performance.
  • Key Ingredients: 75 vitamins, minerals, pre and probiotics, and whole-food sourced ingredients.
  • Taste: Naturally essenced with vanilla and pineapple.
  • Cost: $99 for 30 servings ($3.30 per serving)
  • Where to Buy? Purchase via the AG1 Website.
AG1 (athletic greens) with green powders and water bottle full of greens drink.

2) Amazing Grass Green Superfood

  • Benefits: Promotes digestive health through a blend of alkalizing greens, antioxidants, fiber & pre and probiotics.
  • Key Ingredients: Organic greens, fruits, vegetables, digestive enzymes, probiotics.
  • Taste: Refreshing taste, without a grassy aftertaste.
  • Cost: $40.50 for 60 servings ($0.68 per serving)
  • Where to Buy? Purchase on Amazon.
Amazing grass greens blend superfood on the kitchen counter.

3) Garden of Life Green Superfood

  • Benefits: Supports energy and digestion.
  • Key Ingredients: Nutrient-dense greens, sprouts, vegetables, probiotics, spirulina and chlorella.
  • Taste: Leafy, earthy taste; ideal for someone partial to a traditional greens powder taste.
  • Cost: $34.70 for 30 servings ($1.26 per serving)
  • Where to Buy? Purchase on Amazon.
Garden of life raw organics perfect food green superfoods on kitchen counter.

4) Bloom Greens and Superfoods

  • Benefits: Supports gut health and digestion while working to reduce bloating.
  • Key Ingredients: Organic greens, superfoods, antioxidant-rich berries.
  • Taste: Variety of flavors, known to be sweeter than other greens powders.
  • Cost: $35.99 for 30 servings ($1.20 per serving)
  • Where to Buy? Can be found at select grocery stores or purchased on Amazon.
Bloom greens and super foods on the kitchen counter in citrus flavor.

5) Ora Easy Being Greens

  • Benefits: Easy absorption and digestive support.
  • Key Ingredients: Organic greens, digestive enzymes, prebiotics.
  • Taste: Orange flavor is perfect for mixing with cold water, or your favorite juice and smoothie.
  • Cost: $31.49 for 30 servings ($1.05 per serving)
  • Where to Buy? Purchase on Amazon.
Ora Easy Being Green superfood greens powder on kitchen counter.

Best Greens Powder FAQs

Is Drinking Greens Powder Actually Good For You?

Yes! The benefit from taking greens powders is that the nutrient combination is formulated to support your body’s immune system, digestion and energy levels while meeting the nutrition requirements for a healthy diet. That said, a greens powder isn’t necessary if you eat vegetables daily and at nearly all meals. Greens powders are most beneficial for those who are not consuming vegetables daily.

When Should I Drink Greens Powder?

Drinking your greens on an empty stomach will aid in absorption. That said, consistency is important in any supplement routine. Take your greens supplement at the time that best works for your schedule. Drinking greens before or after a strength workout is great as greens supplements have protein and some amino acids to help with muscle recovery.

Can Greens Powder Replace Vegetables In My Diet?

No. Greens powders should be used as a supplement to fill gaps in your nutrition, but you should still eat your fruits and vegetables. Greens powders will help you get the proper vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed if you aren’t able to eat a serving of fruits and vegetables at every meal.

What Are The Best Greens Powders For Weight Loss?

It’s important to remember that incorporating a greens powder into your diet without altering other factors of your lifestyle and nutrition may not help you lose weight. That said, some elements of greens powder may be beneficial. Greens powders typically include probiotics which support a balanced gut microbiome. The absence of added sugar and specific compounds found in leafy greens may be beneficial for weight loss as well.

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