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lululemon Shoes: blissfeel Running Shoes for Women (Review + Try-On)

lululemon has officially launched running shoes for women — so we had to put them to the test. Here’s an honest review of lululemon’s blissfeel running shoe; plus our personal size and fit notes.

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You may have seen the buzz on social media already: lululemon has officially launched their first shoe line — and it is specifically developed FOR WOMEN.

lululemon Running Shoes for Women

lululemon women's running shoes

While most athletic shoes are designed first for men, and then shrunk down for women, lululemon’s new footwear line was designed for women’s feet FIRST, based on their unique biomechanics.

This is something we get SUPER excited about, and wanted to try out for ourselves!

blissfeel Running Shoe Size Guide Notes

See below for our sizes. Size guide notes below are based off our personal sizes.

  • Lindsey: narrow foot, typical shoe size: 7.5, blissfeel running shoe size: 7.5
  • Rachel: blister-prone, typical shoe size: 10, blissfeel running shoe size: 10
  • Megan: wide foot, typical shoe size: 8, blissfeel running shoe size: 8

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blissfeel womens running shoe pink

lululemon Shoes FAQs

How much are the new lululemon shoes?

lululemon’s blissfeel running shoes retail for $148 USD.

What kind of shoes does lululemon have?

Currently, just the blissfeel women’s running shoe, but lululemon is set to launch more performance and workout shoes over the next few months:
1) blissfeel running shoe (available now)
2) chargefeel cross training shoe for short runs and gym workouts (coming summer 2022)
3) restfeel post-workout slide-on sandal (coming summer 2022)
4) strongfeel a training sneaker for multi-directional movement (coming fall 2022)
5) and a men’s collection is in the works for 2023

What size shoes does lululemon offer?

lululemon shoes come in sizes 5-11, including half sizes.

Does lululemon make men’s shoes?

lululemon is planning to launch their men’s collection sometime in 2023.

Where and when are lululemon shoes available?

lululemon’s blissfeel running shoes for women are available to purchase (as of March 22) in select markets across North America, Mainland China and the United Kingdom. lululemon’s cross-training shoe and elevated slide will launch in summer 2022.

lululemon blissfeel running shoes try on and honest review

blissfeel Running Shoes Try-On and Review

blissfeel Running Shoe: lululemon’s First Shoe

If you’re a runner, you’re in luck — lululemon’s first shoe launch is for you.

The first thing we noticed when putting on the new blissfeel style is how COMFORTABLE they are.

  • Soft Fabric – the upper part of the sneakers (above the toes) is a really soft, flexible and breathable mesh fabric designed to keep you cool and comfortable.
  • Foam Cushion – inside the shoe, the bottom sole is made out of a thick foam cushion that has a good amount of “spring” or bounce to it. This is designed to minimize impact and protect your soft-tissue and joints while running on hard surfaces, like concrete.

These women’s running shoes are designed to keep you comfortable and supported, whether you’re on a short run, running errands, sprinting or participating in a half or full marathon.

Lindsey’s Review of lululemon blissfeel Running Shoe

Comfort and support are two big factors in my workout and running shoe selection (especially during pregnancy). Although my runs look a lot more like power walks these days, I’ve loved these blissfeel running shoes for daily walks and running errands.

I’m also loving these Crew Socks for pregnancy. They almost feel like a variation of compression socks, but much more comfortable (they have just the right amount of compression).

Sizing Notes: I have narrow feet but the blissfeel running shoes fit true to size for me. I wear a size 7.5 which is my typical workout shoe size. I wear a size 7.5 in Nike shoes and size 8 in APL sneakers.

Color: Mink Berry

Rachel’s Review of lululemon blissfeel Running Shoe

If I look at a pair of shoes wrong, I’ll get massive blisters. My feet are just super sensitive to rubbing or any stiff parts of a shoe, especially around the heels.

The blissfeel shoes have an extra layer of foam cushion around the heel area, which makes them super comfortable (and meant I was able to break them in without a single blister popping up). The top of the shoe is also a flexible mesh material, which also helped me avoid blisters while still providing structure and support.

Sizing Notes: I have medium-to-narrow feet and I wear a size 10 in the blissfeel, which is my typical workout shoe size. I also wear a size 10 in Nike and New Balance sneakers.

Color: Black and White

Megan’s Review of lululemon blissfeel Running Shoe

I considered going up a half size since I have wider feet, but I’m glad I didn’t. The size 8 truly fits like a glove. They truly feel like an extension of my feet and I’m excited to log some miles in these shoes.

From shorter treadmill runs to longer outdoor runs, these are my new favorite running shoes.

Sizing Notes: I have wide feet and wear a size 8 in the blissfeel, which is my typical workout shoe size. I also wear a size 8 in Nike and adidas shoes.

Color: Flare (Bright Red)

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