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Best lululemon Shoes (Reviews + Buying Guide)

The BEST lululemon shoes for women in 2023 – with a size and fit guide! lululemon offers running shoes, cross-training shoes and strength training shoes for women – all designed to fit different training needs. This lululemon shoe review features a review of all four lululemon shoes, and which ones we would recommend based on your training goals.

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Trying to decide which pair of lululemon workout shoes is right for you? Our team put lululemon’s entire line of women’s athletic shoes to the test to compare comfort, support, cushion and durability. Whether you’re looking for the best shoes for running, lifting, cross-training or everyday wear – we’ve included notes on which shoes we recommend for each activity.

A few reasons why we love shopping lululemon include:

  • 30-Day Shoe Trial (if you’re not satisfied with your shoes, you can return – in any condition – for 30 days after delivery)
  • Free shipping and returns on every order (no minimum purchase)
  • High quality products (everything I’ve purchased from lululemon has lasted me years)

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lululemon shoe balanced on top of a dumbbell

Top Pick

The strongfeel is our top pick when it comes to the best shoes for home workouts. It has a relatively flat, stable base and good support for a variety of workouts.
strongfeel Shoe
collage image of woman wearing different types of lululemon shoes

lululemon Shoes FAQs

Does lululemon Make Shoes?

lululemon launched four different lines of shoes during 2022. While most athletic shoes are designed first for men and then shrunk down for women, these workout shoes were designed for the female foot first, based on their unique biomechanics.

What Kinds of Shoes Does lululemon Make?

There are currently four types of lululemon shoes available:
1) blissfeel trail shoes (the newest offering, best for running on uneven surfaces)
2) blissfeel shoes (best for running and walking)
3) chargefeel shoes (best for cross-training)
4) strongfeel shoes (best for strength training)
5) restfeel slide-on sandals (best for casual wear)

What Are The Best lululemon Sneakers for Workouts?

That depends on what type of workout you prefer. If your workout routine features a mix of short distance runs as well as workouts, we recommend the chargefeel training shoes. If you focus on low impact strength training, the strongfeel shoes are best. If you’re a dedicated runner or avid power walker, go for the blissfeel shoes.

What is the difference between lululemon’s chargefeel, blissfeel and strongfeel shoes?

Each workout shoe in lululemon’s collection is designed for a different activity. The blissfeel running shoe and chargefeel training shoe are slightly lighter than the sturdier strongfeel lifting shoe (9.7 oz compared to 10.3 oz). Each shoe also features a different cushioning strategy. The blissfeel running shoes feature a soft and springy cushion to help you bounce while running. The chargefeel cross-training shoes feature a dual-density midsole that is springy enough for running but agile enough for training. And the strongfeel training shoes feature a low-profile cushion to provide a stable platform during heavy lifts.

Best lululemon Shoes

Image of 4 lululemon sneakers including the blissfeel running shoes, chargefeel training shoes, strongfeel lifting shoes and trail running shoes

Best lululemon Shoes

  1. strongfeel Shoes. The best for strength training. We love these for a variety of workouts, but they can’t be beat if you’re lifting heavy weights. 💜 NML Team Favorite
  2. chargefeel Shoes. Great all-around shoe. If you’re someone who likes a lot of variety in your workouts (HIIT, shorter runs, group fitness classes, strength training), these are the best choice.
  3. blissfeel Shoes. The best for runners or power walkers. If you’re logging a ton of miles every week, these are the shoes to go with.
  4. blissfeel Trail Shoes. lululemon’s newest shoe, specifically designed as a road-to-trail running shoe. This is the best choice for anyone running on uneven surfaces and in need of more traction and support.

Bonus: the restfeel Slides are great for throwing on while running errands or between gym sessions and come in a variety of colors.

lululemon Shoes Sizing Notes

Our testers found that lululemon shoes run true to size. Lindsey has narrow feet, and wears a size 7.5 in all lululemon shoes. Lindsey also wears a 7.5 in Nike shoes and size 8 in APL sneakers. If you have wide feet, you may want to consider ordering up a half size.

1) strongfeel Training Shoes

Best For: strength training and low impact workouts.

The strongfeel shoes quickly became our team favorite and most-reached-for shoe for our own workouts.

These training shoes are designed with a relatively flat, stable base. The low profile cushion helps you maintain good form while lifting weights without sacrificing comfort.

The bottom of the shoe also features multi-directional traction for moving in all planes of motion.

This is the best choice if your workouts mainly consist of lifting and low impact exercises.

woman performing a strength exercise while wearing lululemon shoes as part of review post

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The best for strength training workouts!
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product image of strongfeel training shoes as part of best lululemon shoes roundup post

2) chargefeel Cross-Training Shoes

woman performing a hiit exercise while wearing crosstraining shoes from lululemon

Best For: short runs, cross-training and everyday wear.

If you’re someone who loves a variety of workouts and wants a shoe that works no matter what workout you choose, these are the shoes for you.

The biggest pro of the lululemon chargefeel shoe is how versatile it is. There is a good balance between cushion and structure, making it a great shoe for most workouts.

The chargefeels come in a mid-top or low-top version, depending on your personal preference.

This is the best choice if your workouts include a variety of runs, HIIT workouts, strength training and group fitness classes.

Want to know more? You can find our dedicated chargefeel Shoe Review blog post here with even more information.

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The best for HIIT workouts and short runs.
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product image of the chargefeel training shoes from lululemon as review of best lulu shoes

3) blissfeel Running Shoes

Best For: running and walking.

The lululemon blissfeel Running Shoes were the first shoe lululemon launched and were recently updated for an even better fit and feel.

The bottom sole of these running sneakers is made out of a thick foam cushioning that has a good amount of “spring” or bounce to it. This is designed to minimize impact and protect your soft-tissue and joints while running on hard surfaces, like concrete.

The outsole of this shoe is also engineered to be durable – making it perfect for outdoor runs and treadmill runs alike.

This is the best choice if you’re a runner/walker or on your feet for long periods of time.

Woman performing a quad stretch while wearing lululemon sneakers

Want to know more? You can find our dedicated blissfeel Running Shoe Review blog post here with even more information.

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The best for running and walking!
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product image of the blissfeel running shoes as part of lululemon shoes review

4) blissfeel Trail Shoes

Best For: running on trails.

The newest addition to lululemon’s sneaker offerings is specifically designed for anyone looking for more traction and support in their running shoe.

These trail running shoes feature a moulded heel support to give your feet a secure sensation.

The rubber sole is also more firm, and includes additional rugged traction to keep you secure over uneven surfaces.

This is the best choice for anyone running on uneven surfaces and in need of more traction and support.

image of blissfeel trail running shoes on rocky path

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blissfeel Trail Shoes

The best for running on rugged and uneven surfaces!
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Product image of blissfeel trail running shoes in white and orange color

image of purple restfeel slide on shoes from lululemon

Bonus! Slide-Ons

If you’re looking for an easy-on, easy-off shoe to take you to and from workouts or running errands, the restfeel slides are a popular casual shoe. This is the only lululemon shoe that comes in men’s sizes as well!
restfeel Slides

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