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Barre Blend 30-Minute Workout Video

Get all the benefits of a high-energy barre class at home with this free barre blend workout video. This 30-Minute Workout Video fuses traditional barre exercises with resistance training and HIIT Cardio intervals to burn calories, build lean muscle, and make you sweat!

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If you’ve done my barre workouts you know they’re a little more athletic and ‘upbeat’ than traditional barre classes. But if I’m going to sweat, I want to sweat.

One of my biggest pet peeves is taking a barre class and feeling like I need to go for a run afterwards to actually break a sweat.

And you guys must agree because this 30-Minute Barre Fitness Workout Video is one of my most popular home workout videos on Youtube. 

I love a high-energy, upbeat barre class that leaves you shaky and sweaty. And that’s exactly what this barre blend workout does.

What is Barre Blend?

This 30-minute barre blend workout combine traditional barre exercises like pulsing pliès, lunges and chair squats with higher intensity exercises. Similar to cardio barre classes.

I love to combine the strengthening and lengthening movements barre is known for with dynamic, full body exercises and cardio bursts for a workout that truly does it all!

That’s what I mean by ‘Barre Blend’! This workout takes the best of barre workouts, and combines it with heart-pumping HIIT cardio interval training in one 30-Minute Workout.

cardio barre workout lunge with light weights

What are Barre Workouts Good For?

Barre is my go-to workout for ALL seasons of life.

I think a common misconception about barre is that it’s going to be easier than a strength training or HIIT workout. But I’m here to tell you — nothing fatigues my muscles to the point of shaking like barre workouts do.

Barre workouts tend to be a low-impact workout (or easily modified to be low impact). Which means barre workouts are great for: 

  • Fitness beginners
  • Prenatal and pregnancy workouts
  • Postnatal and postpartum workouts
  • Quiet workouts if you have downstairs neighbors or sleeping kids 

Barre is also a great form of cross training for runners and higher impact athletes. Barre exercises tend to target the smaller, stabilizing muscles which is great for injury prevention.

Barre Blend Sample Workout pliè squat

Benefits of Barre Workouts

You don’t need to be a professional dancer or ballerina to get the benefits of a ballet barre workout.

Home barre workouts can: 

  • Strengthen and tone muscles (especially for women who are worried about strength training increasing bulk).
  • Building long, lean muscles specifically in the legs, thighs and lower body. 
  • Increase cardiovascular endurance. 
  • Burn calories and boost metabolism. 
  • Improve balance and posture. 

The Workout: 30-Minute Barre Blend

Barre Blend At Home Workout Video

This barre blend workout is for anyone looking to take a barre class in the comfort of their own home — no dance experience or barre needed!

The goal of this 30-minute workout is to build strong, lean muscle in your legs, arms and core. This barre workout combines traditional barre exercises with resistance training and HIIT for an effective full body workout.

I’ll guide you through this barre-less workout as we move from tiny, pulsing pliès to squat jacks. You have the option to keep it low impact or add some high intensity jumps if your fitness level allows.

Variations for all fitness levels are provided in the workout video.

Workout Equipment:

You can always sub soup cans or water bottles as dumbbells; or complete this workout with your bodyweight.

You can find more DIY home substitutions for exercise equipment in this post, like using a rolled up sports bra as a mini loop resistance band.

barre workout at home with light weights and resistance band

Barre Blend Instructions:

Let me be your certified personal trainer and barre instructor for the day. Follow along with the 30-Minute Barre Blend Workout Video at the top of this post.

I’ll be sweating with you through each barre exercise, providing form cues and motivation.

Alternatively, you can work off the sample workout and cardio barre exercises outlined below (watch the video at the top of this post if you need a demonstration of these exercises).


Plank Series with Mini Loop Resistance Band

  1. Plank alternating forearm drops
  2. Low plank with alternating knee taps
  3. Side plank reach under
  4. Side plank back fly
  5. Low plank jacks

Barre Arms + Barre Legs with Mini Loop Resistance Band

  1. Relevè squat and bicep curl
  2. Back fly with banded toe tap
  3. Shoulder press with side leg lift
  4. Tricep kick backs
  5. Chair squat

Cardio Barre with Mini Loop Resistance Band

  1. Power jacks and shoulder press
  2. Two pulse squat and squat jumps
  3. Resistance band lateral walks
  4. Squat jacks

Second Position

  1. Pliè squat and lunge
  2. W-arms with relevè heel lifts
  3. Pliè squat and chest fly
  4. Isometric pliè squat hold

Bodyweight Cardio Barre

  1. Lateral lunges
  2. Rapid pliè squats
  3. Skaters
  4. Pliè squat core twists
  5. Squat jack

Barre Abs + Core

  1. V-sit abs
  2. C-shape abs
  3. Hallow rock hold
  4. Boat pose

Barre abs side plank with resistance band

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30-Minute Barre Blend Workout Video

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  1. AMAZING!!! I JUST DID THIS 8 WEEKS POST PARTUM WITH MY 3RD CHILD, AND I FEEL AWESOME!!! I modified when needed and left out the jumping and still sweat!!! Thanks, Lindsey, for another awesome EFFECTIVE workout!!!!

  2. Wow – this 30 min. barre was a killer! Just when you thought it was a little easy – here comes the sweat and burn – awesome!

  3. Excellent barre workout. Love the combination of strength and cardio. Thanks for sharing!