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Introducing Nourish Move Love

Introducing Nourish Move Love (NML). Three little words that i live by. these words have moved me so much that in May I decided to quit my medical device sales job to share them with the world via this blog.

As you heard in the video above, the concept is threefold:


In short.
pray often. eat greens. live actively. love wholeheartedly. {tweet it}

so how did nml come about…magical powers.

i swear i have some type of magical power, i can walk up to a group of women and instantly the conversation turns to how to get a more perky behind, what to add to a green smoothie so it doesn’t taste so green, where to get yoga pants that actually stay up and bonus if they don’t show butt sweat.

and at the end of every conversation there is always one common denominator, we aren’t happy with our bodies.

unfortunately, my magic powers stop shy of waving a wand to shrink your hips, chisel out a 6 pack and make you despise chocolate. but even if i could do that would you ever be satisfied? it’s human nature to always want ‘more’ {especially for us driven, type a, special kind of crazy women}.

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is it really possible to actually love your body?

like most women, i’ve grappled with this question for most of my life with the volume turned on extra high every time i step into my itsy bitsy bikini.

i’ve realized no matter how many ‘i am enough’ love notes i write to myself on the bathroom mirror, eventually my motivation, willpower and love run out {at which point i usually find myself knuckles deep in a a jar of almond butter and then the self-indulging guilt sets in…what a vicious cycle}.

a cycle that led me from moxiestrong to nml. 

as some of you may know about a year ago i launched a smaller scale platform called moxiestrong to share recipes, workouts and more {thank you to all who followed}.

to put it simply, i think i had a little too much moxie and i was sick of checking my abs in mirror every morning to determine how many carbs i could eat that day {vain and not a heathy lifestyle i know, but i’m promising full authenticity and transparency on this site so i’m being a little vulnerable in sharing why i decided to rebrand}.

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enter god. his love never wears out. god’s love is patient, persistent, and persevering.

i wanted that kind of love. so i started seeking it in the form of prayer, scripture, devotionals, meditation and memorization. integrating god into my life and my health and fitness regiment has been and continues to be my saving grace to learning how to actually love my body.

which brings me here. i’m excited to share my saving grace with you in the form of a god-inspired health and fitness blog.

i’m sharing all my secrets on how i stay healthy and fit – in a realistic and attainable manner. from 20 minute interval workouts to real food recipes, green smoothies and more.

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my goal is to inspire women to actively live their best life and love their bodies for the first, second or 100th time.

i hope this site will give you motivation, inspiration and a deep rumble in your belly to live actively and love your body {or at least you’ll pick up a delicious green smoothie recipe to satisfy your rumbling belly}.

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so please take a look around my site – explore my blog, green smoothies, recipes, workoutsdevotionals and my favorite things. if you like what you see, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll love my online training programs too {launching october 2015}.

also, get your free nml fit girl guide and get on the mailing list so you’ll be the first to know when i do launch my online training programs.


thank you for visiting my new site, i hope you’ll stick around and blend, dish up, sweat, shake, burn, read and love with me.

so my question to you…what are you going to do with that beautiful body God fearfully and wonderfully designed for you?

ps – get even more up close and personal with me, the voice behind the blog. learn what brings a big smile to my face, from big blue-eyed pictures of my adorable nephew to doing the juicy wiggle, in my recent ‘favorite things’ posts.

pss – i’ve been meaning to note that while making this website, i found a fun setting that made everything lowercase. i fell in love with it. so i kept it. but the downfall is absolutely everything has to be lowercase. so please excuse the lowercase ‘g’ in reference to god {as well as all the surnames and so on}. god is great and his names deserved to be praised {and capitalized, i’m still working on figuring out how to make it work with my settings…}.

    • Thanks Amy! I love it too and am so happy to have such inspiring women, like you {ironman}, to support me along the way! Thank you!

  1. Great job Lindsey! You are already converting me into a green smoothies guy! Blessings on your new blog. Wally

  2. Congrats Linds! Can’t wait to follow along and learn. You are so beautiful inside and out. God bless!

    • Thanks Mary! Excited to have you here and following along – appreciate the support!

    • Ah so kind, thanks Rachael! Excited to share and connect with you and continue to pick your brain on all the awesome recipes you bring to the table with thefreckledfoodie.com.