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Devotional Prayer: Sharing Seasons {Philippians 4:14}

‘It was good of you to share in my troubles.’ {Philippians 4:14}

Devotional Prayer: Sharing Seasons | Philippians 4:14 Bible Study for Women

Last week I shared about patient endurance and motherhood {you can read the full post here} and I received so much positive feedback because the reality is, we are all patiently enduring in some aspect of life.

I love how these posts make me feel like I’m never alone; or in reference to this week’s verse, Philippians 4:14 — sharing in my troubles alongside so many of you.

I never wanted NML to be about me, but because of the nature of sharing workouts + workout videos you get to see a lot of me.

And often along with that comes insights into the seasons of life I’m in — from getting married {when I first started NML in August 2015} to getting pregnant {2016}, to becoming a mom {2017}, and now turning 30 {2018}.

Seasons I’m experiencing alongside {behind, or slightly ahead of} many of you. Seasons with highs and seasons with lows {reference Ecclesiastes 3}.

Bible Study for Women and Mothers

Although my intent is never to make these platforms too personal because I still want my personal life to be just that, personal.

I still think it’s important to share the insights to some of these seasons of life because ultimately they are a reflection of {or I pray that they are a reflection of} the transformation God is making in my heart.

Because when you think back to when Jesus walked on earth, he shared and entrusted the gospel to regular, everyday people like you and me. 

Devotional Prayer: Sharing Seasons {Philippians 4:14}

Dear God, 

Thank you for allowing me to share my seasons of life with those gathered here.
My prayer is that behind these platforms people see you and the transformations you make on the human heart.

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Devotional Prayer: Sharing Seasons | Philippians 4:14 Bible Study for Women

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