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Devotional Prayer: Patient Endurance {Revelation 14:12}

‘This calls for patient endurance on the part of the people of God who keep his commands and remain faithful to Jesus.’ {Revelation 14:12}

Devotional Prayer: Patient Endurance {Revelation 14:12}

Patient endurance. These two words have continued to be top of mind ever since I read this verse a couple weeks ago {still working my way through the book of Revelation}.

Example A — boarding our 6pm flight home from California with a high hopes that I’d soon be miles in the sky with a sleeping baby in my arms, glass of wine, and watching an inflight movie with my husband.

woman holding a baby in a devotional post

Brody had different plans. After a sweaty, bicep burning, hour rock n’ shooosh session while he cried harder than I’ve ever heard him cry, I finally curled up with him in the tiny airplane bathroom. Longing for him to fall asleep, but knowing that if I patiently endured the loud tears he’d eventually pass out.

Do you ever look at the two year old sitting quietly a row in front of you watching a movie on an airplane and think, ‘I’m a complete mom-failure’?! I know I did.

Along those same lines, do you ever look at women who ‘have it all together’ or are ‘where you want to be’ and think they do amazing, inspirational things. Meanwhile I’m just over here trying to keep my mediocre head above water?!

That’s why I need prayer, daily connection to the one who is faithful through it all.

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Because we are all patiently enduring something in life…whether it’s patiently waiting to launch a business, or for it to take off and grow, relieving financial pressure. Or short-term endurance of our child crying in a public place.

Prayer is like a windshield wiper for me, it clears aways the downpour of the day + downplays the scenarios I drum up in my head {like every person on this plane is staring at me thinking, get it under control you bad mom}.

It reminds me that no one ever ‘got to where they are’ without patient endurance.

Devotional Prayer for Patient Endurance {Revelation 14:12}

Dear God,

We are all patiently enduring something in life. 
So help me keep your commands; 
pray for + love those around me,
because I don’t know what my neighbors are enduring. 
But my prayers may help wipe away the downpour in their day. 

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Devotional Prayer: Patient Endurance {Revelation 14:12}

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