Leg Day Essentials {+ a leg day super-set workout}

leg day essentials

leg day, two words in the fitness industry that have become a social media phenomenon so i mid-as-well follow suit and devote a blog to my workout essentials for leg day:

  • nike sneaks – my outdated, yet still brightly colored trainers as the europeans call them {learned that one on my honeymoon when we were cliff jumping with some london-ites, it stuck and i like it}.
  • haulin hooks – my lpg muscle haulin hooks are an absolute forearm saver for leg and back day, i haven’t deadlifted without them since christmas {when i got them}.
  • wireless headphones – once you go wireless, you don’t go back. the days my headphone cord being trapped under my sweaty armpit are over thanks to my jaybird bluetooth headphones which allow me to jam out cord free.
  • green smoothie – green smoothies every day, even leg days. but on leg day i make sure to add a scoop of protein.

now that i’ve shared the essentials to a perfect leg day time to get to work and actually complete the workout. i love super-setting strength exercises with explosive power exercises to get the heart pumping.

heart pumping leg day super-set

heart pumping leg day superset

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