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12 Healthy Cocktail + Mocktail Recipes

Summertime just got a little sweeter! These 12 ‘healthier’ cocktail and mocktail recipes are low in sugar, made with fresh fruit and herbs, and deliciously refreshing.

healthy drink recipes | mocktail recipes

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Sweet summertime, my favorite time of year to enjoy a refreshing cocktail; or for all my fellow pregnant mamas a mocktail.

I was fortunate to grow up on one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes. So summertime still includes lots of trips back to grandma and grandpas lake house which we cherish. I love long weekends spent boating and tubing, followed by nights around the bonfire.

All of these activities are typically much better with a sweet and refreshing drink in hand. As you know I’m all about taking traditional recipes and finding ways to make them a bit ‘healthier’ — reducing sugar, adding fresh fruits and veggies — and my cocktails and mocktails are no exception. 

Not to mention, these cocktail and mocktail recipes are the most gorgeous ways to fill your glass this summer.

Whether you’re pouring traditional cocktails or non-alcoholic mocktails, these 12 healthy cocktail and mocktail recipes are a great way to sidestep all those extra calories and belly-aching fake sweeteners. Cheers!

Strawberry mint mojita cocktail

What is a Mocktail?

A ‘mocktail’ is simply a cocktail, or alcoholic drink, without any alcohol. Also known as a ‘mock’ cocktail or non-alcoholic drink.

Mocktails are a great way to add some flavor to your life, especially for my fellow pregnant mamas. And mocktails make everyone feel included at celebrations, parties, and dinner dates.

How do you make a mocktail?

Simply omit the alcohol from any cocktail recipe!

This is super simple with cocktail recipes that use liquor because the liquid amount is usually small and easy to cut out without changing the recipe. You can always substitute additional club soda or sparkling water to increase the liquid amount in the cocktail recipe without adding alcohol; this works really well in recipes that use wine as a base, like sangrias.

12 ‘Healthier’ Cocktail + Mocktail Recipes

Whether you’re enjoying one of these recipes as a cocktail or making it a mocktail — summertime just got a little sweeter with 12 drinks you can feel good about sipping on!

Vodka Cocktails or Mocktails

healthy vodka cocktails | mocktail recipes

  1. Blackberry Basil Kombucha Cocktail from Nourish Move Love
  2. Hibiscus Arnold Palmer Drink from Fit Foodie Finds
  3. Blackberry Moscow Mule from Fit Foodie Finds
  4. Skinny Grapefruit Moscow Mule from Physical Kitchness
  5. Cucumber Basil Kombucha Mule from The Real Food Dietitians

Wine Cocktails or Mocktails

Easy Traditional White Sangria | Mocktail Recipes
Photo Credit: Minimalist Baker
  1. Easy Traditional White Sangria from Minimalist Baker
  2. Frosé (Frozen Rosé) Slushies from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen
  3. Pineapple Mint Sangria from PB Fingers

Tequila Cocktails or Mocktails

Spicy Grapefruit Margaritas | Mocktail Recipes
Photo Credit: Fit Foodie Finds
  1. Spicy Grapefruit Margaritas from Fit Foodie Finds
  2. Skinny Jalapeño Watermelon Margarita from Ambitious Kitchen
  3. Real Food Margaritas from The Real Food Dietitians
  4. Basil Vodka Lemonade Cocktail from Get Healthy U TV

Cheers to sipping lightened up and healthy cocktails and mocktails this summer!

And these are two of my favorite kitchen accessories for adding real fruit flavors to water, mocktails and cocktails: 

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    • Yes so many fresh cocktail options for the fun summer weeks ahead! And of course you + Stac have some of my FAVORITE recipes on the web! xoxo-Lindsey