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45-Minute Dumbbell LEG Workout | Drop Set Format

Legs, thighs, butt and hamstrings – we’re burning out every muscle in the lower body with this STRENGTH TRAINING Dumbbell Leg Workout! 20 leg exercises at home to build muscle using a set of dumbbells and an optional resistance band (no squat rack or fancy gym equipment needed).

This is a sponsored post in partnership with the Minnesota Pork Board

You guys LOVED this lift heavy, 45-Minute Arms + Abs Drop Set workout.

So we knew we had to bring that same drop set format to the opposing muscle group: LEGS.

Enter this 45-Minute, DROP SET Dumbbell Leg Workout!

This leg workout is designed to build strength in the lower body. It’s 20 leg exercises at home with weights, HEAVY WEIGHTS if you have access to them.

I used 15 lb and 25 lb weights for this workout video. I was sore for THREE DAYS after filming this dumbbell leg workout.

Like can’t sit down on the toilet sore. It absolutely demolished my legs!

Post-workout is important on this one you guys:

  • Don’t skip the stretch and make time for foam rolling 1-5 days after this workout. 
  • And refueling with sources of high-quality, lean protein is SO important after strength training sessions like this!

Which is why I’m excited that the Minnesota Pork Board Dietitian, Rachel, joined me in the studio for this workout. Rachel shared some fun facts about the best pork cuts and family-friendly recipes in this video (we’ve included them below as well)!

Thank you Minnesota Pork Board for sponsoring this dumbbell leg workout. 

Goblet Squat from Dumbbell Leg Workout for Women

My favorite training method for building strength at home with dumbbells — the drop set!

Drop sets are great for building muscle without access to super heavy weights like you would find in the gym. That means you don’t need a squat rack to get an effective booty-building workout!

What is a Drop Set Workout?

  • To perform an exercise to the point of failure on set one.
  • Then you decrease intensity (by decreasing weight load or reps) on the following sets.
Clean squat dumbbell leg workout at home

How Many Calories Does this Dumbbell Leg Workout Burn?

This is a lower body strength workout. But with limited rests, this strength workout will also raise your heart rate and test your cardiovascular endurance.

I personally burned ~500 calories during this 45 minute workout. Note: calorie burn will vary from person to person.

45-Minute Dumbbell Leg Workout

This is an intense leg workout with weights.

Targeting every muscle in the lower body:

  • Butt and Glutes
  • Quads
  • Hamstrings
  • Thighs
  • And Core

The goal of this home workout is to use heavy weights if you have access to them. Completing each leg exercise to the point of failure. 

Workout Equipment: 

Medium-to-heavy set of dumbbells (or a couple sets of dumbbells to toggle between) and an optional mini loop resistance band

I suggest anywhere from 8-35 lbs. I personally used 15 and 25 lb dumbbells in this workout video.

We drop reps with each set, but the goal is to use heavy weights throughout the entire workout. You should reach a point where you want to drop the weights in the last 2-3 repetitions of each set.

Workout Instructions:

Let me be your personal trainer for the day! Click here to jump to the guided workout video.

Alternatively, work through the 20 leg exercises at home below at your own pace.

  • 5 circuits
  • Each circuit consists of 2-3 strength training leg exercises, completed in a rep drop format (14 reps on the first set, 12 reps on the second set, and 10 reps on the third set)
  • Then we close out each circuit with 1-2 burn out exercises
Dumbbell Leg Workout At Home

20 Leg Exercises At Home with Dumbbells

CIRCUIT 1 — Squats + Lateral Lunges to target the legs, glutes, quads and inner thighs:
1. Goblet Squat (hold a dumbbell with both hands)
2. Handswitch Lateral Lunges
3. Alternating Lateral Lunge + Squat Combo

x3 sets, 14/12/10 rep drop format

CIRCUIT 1 BURNOUT to target the legs, quads and inner thighs:
1. Lateral Lunge Knee Drive
2. Single Leg Pistol Squat Hold

x2 sets, first on the right, second set on the left

CIRCUIT 2 — Deadlifts to target the glutes, hamstrings and hips (squeeze your glutes):
1. Staggered Deadlift, right
2. Staggered Deadlift, left
3. Deadlift + Clean Squat

x3 sets, 14/12/10 rep drop format

CIRCUIT 2 BURNOUT to target the butt, outer glutes, hips and hamstrings:
1. Single Leg Glute Lifts with Resistance Band, right
2. Single Leg Glute Lifts with Resistance Band, left

CIRCUIT 3 — Banded Squats to target the legs, glutes, hips, and quads:
1. Wide Narrow Squat, right first, left second
2. Banded Squat Walk

x3 sets, 14/12/10 rep drop format

CIRCUIT 3 BURNOUT to target the outer glutes or abductors:
1. Squat Hold + Abductors Band Open

CIRCUIT 4 — Lunges to target the legs, butt, and quads:
1. Uneven Split Squat, right
2. Uneven Split Squat, left
3. Reverse Lunge Thrusters

x3 sets, 14/12/10 rep drop format

CIRCUIT 5 — Sumo Squats to target the legs, inner thighs and calves:
1. Set Down Pick Up Sumo Squats
2. Hold Sumo Squat + Calf Raises

x3 sets, 14/12/10 rep drop format

CIRCUIT 5 BURNOUT to target the outer glutes and hips:
1. Banded Bear Crawl Abduction
2. Banded Donkey Kick, right
3. Banded Donkey Kick, left

Lateral Lunge | Leg Workouts with weights at home

Refuel with Lean, High-Protein Pork Recipes

Refueling with high quality sources of protein supports muscle growth.

Pork has many beneficial qualities that make it easy to incorporate into a balanced menu:

  • Flavorful
  • Lean
  • Affordable
  • Easy to make and family-friendly

Heart-Healthy Pork Recipes

Both the pork tenderloin and pork sirloin roast meet the criteria for the American Heart Association, Healthy Heart Checkmark.

My personal favorite heart-healthy pork recipes are: 

MEAL PREP TIP: I always grill extra pork tenderloin to top my salad for lunch the following day. My current favorite is this pork tenderloin Caesar salad recipe.

Get more family-friendly recipes from the Minnesota Pork Board here!

How to Cook Pork

Learn how to perfectly cook pork in four easy steps here (watch the video below).

The secret to tender, delicious pork is to not overcook it. 145 degrees Fahrenheit is the number to shoot for. A little pink in the middle is okay!

Minnesota Pork Board

The Minnesota Pork Board (MPB) is funded by the 3,000 pig farming families in Minnesota and offers unique value to farmers and consumers through research, education, and promotion of pork.

This is a sponsored post in partnership with the Minnesota Pork Board. All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting Nourish Move Love, making the content you see on this blog possible.

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  1. What a great workout!! My legs felt like jelly after I was done, kids were getting worried I wasn’t going to be able to walk hahaha Thank you! It was amazing and I will be coming for more 🙂

  2. Wow! This leg work out kicked my butt and I didn’t even have a band! I’m 3 days out and still really sore! Thanks for another great workout!

  3. Holy bananas for sure! I did this workout yesterday and I’m definitely feeling it today! I haven’t been this sore since I first started your workouts. Thank you so much for your workout plans and your amazing workouts. They have helped me tremendously during this pandemic, physically and mentally. Bonus, I’m seeing muscles that I haven’t seen in years! I honestly can’t thank you enough! God bless 💗

    • Way to go Jessica! Yes, this is a holy 🍌 workout for sure! I’m so glad you’re living the workouts and workout plans. And the fact that you’re seeing strength gains makes me SO HAPPY! Keep up the awesome work! -Lindsey