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30-Minute Cardio Kickboxing Barre Workout

Want a high-energy, fat burning, full body workout at home? Try this 30 minute Cardio Kickboxing + Barre Workout — fusing together punches and pliés!


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You guys LOVED this 45-Minute Cardio Kickboxing Barre Workout; it’s been named our ‘most fun workout’ on YouTube.

So I’m back with some new kickboxing moves in an express, 30 minute cardio kickboxing barre workout.

To help you get the most out of this cardio routine at home, let’s review some kickboxing basics.

Cardio Kickboxing Home Workout Tips:

During the boxing moves:

  1. Stay on the balls of your feet and continuously shift your weight from leg to leg.
  2. Never punch or kick to a full extension. Martial arts techniques say, always keep joints “soft” by pulling your punches and kicks back just before reaching a full extension. This protects your joints from injury and hyperextension, AND increases the amount of calories you burn.
  3. Keep your core tight and create force and resistance with your body through the pushing and pulling motions or punches. 
Cardio Barre Home Workout | Plie with dumbbells

Kickboxing Punches:

Throughout this cardio routine, you’ll hear me reference the below punches.

  • Jab – straight punch with hand on lead side of the body. Throw punch from the backside of the body.
  • Cross – straight punch from the rear arm. Throw punch from the backside of the body.
  • Hook – a hooking motion is done with either arm making a high swinging motion from the side, with a flexed bicep. Aiming at the side of the head.
  • Uppercut – a hooking motion that starts low and comes up, with flexed bicep. Aiming underneath the chin.

Kickboxing Kicks:

We’ll also incorporate these kickboxing moves.

  • Shin Block – bring knee up and elbows down in a crunching motion keeping hands in front of face.
  • Front Kick – drive knee up then extend leg straight forward, driving through the heel of the foot.
Cardio Kickboxing Home Workout Jab with light weights

What does this cardio workout target?

This is an intense, full body workout. Hitting every muscle group in the body with large, multi-muscle group exercises.

This barre boxing workout specifically targets:

  • Arms and upper body (nothing burns my back muscles like throwing punches)
  • Legs and lower body
  • Abs and core
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Balance and coordination

PLUS, it’s the kind of workout that keeps your mind AND your body busy for the entire workout.

The combination of barre sequences and kickboxing routines means there’s tons of variety in this workout.

Cardio Kickboxing Barre Workout

30 Minute Cardio Kickboxing + Barre Workout

This cardio barre boxing workout routine is an intense, 30-minute barre class at home.

I suggest doing a cardio workout like this 1-2 days a week in addition to strength training.

No barre, dance or kickboxing experience needed. I’ll guide you through this barre-less workout as we combine traditional barre strength exercises with cardio kickboxing intervals.

It’s quick and efficient, but let me tell you — it’s a full body burn designed to keep your heart rate and calorie burn high throughout the entire workout.

You have the option to keep it low impact or add some high intensity jumps if your fitness level allows. I’ll offer variations for all fitness levels.

How many calories does this cardio kickboxing workout burn?

This challenging and fun cardiovascular workout is a great way to burn calories at home. I personally burned over 400 calories.

That said, calorie burn varies from person to person.

Women’s Health Magazine estimates that kickboxing workouts burn 750 to 900 calories an hour — that puts this workout at about 370 – 450 calories in 30 minutes! 

Workout Equipment:

  • Optional set of light dumbbells. I suggest between 2-5 lbs, and no greater than 5 lbs.
  • You can always do this with just your bodyweight or sub soup cans or water bottles.
  • No shoes required, you can do this workout barefoot.

Workout Instructions:

Let me be your certified personal trainer for the day! Click here to jump to the full-length guided video.

We’ll move from barre sequences to cardio kickboxing routines.

Here’s a general outline of the barre cardio kickboxing workout:

  1. Dynamic Warm Up
  2. Down Dog + Plank (Core Activation)
  3. Chair Pose + Arms, Triceps, Shoulders and Biceps
  4. Cardio Interval #1 with Light Weights (Jabs, Punches, Boxer Shuffle, Jab Cross Knee, Jump Rope)
  5. Second Position + Arms + Bob n’ Weave
  6. Cardio Interval #2 without Weights (Jab Cross Speedbag, High Low Hooks, Side Shuffles)
  7. Mat Series (Pushups, Glutes and Abs)
  8. Cool Down + Stretch
Cardio Workout Front Kick with light weights

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Cardio Barre Boxing Full Body Workout at Home
  1. Hey Lindsey!
    Thanks so much for another incredible workout! Loving the variety that you bring to the table, and this barre/kickboxing combo was a great idea. Keep up the great work!

  2. Five days into our quarantine and I’m so appreciative of your video resources and encouragement. Doing this workout tomorrow morning. Thank you!

  3. Love all your workouts, but specially barre kickboxing!! Been doing your weekly routines for months!