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30-Minute AMRAP: Full Body Kettlebell Workout

How many rounds of this full body kettlebell workout can you do in 30 minutes? This 7-move, kettlebell AMRAP workout will challenge your strength, power and endurance; with a major calorie burn!

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It’s been too long since I’ve posted a kettlebell workout. And since I particularly love using the kettlebell during pregnancy I thought it was fitting to share this full body kettlebell workout.

I understand not everyone has a kettlebell in their home gym, BUT YOU CAN STILL DO THIS WORKOUT, using a dumbbell {read more on that below!}.

If you follow along with my workouts and workout calendars, you know I’m a big advocate of mixing up your fitness routine; it makes it more fun and helps avoid fitness plateaus. I always encourage strength-training-lovers to give barre workouts a shot, barre-lovers to pick up some heavy dumbbells.

I believe a well-rounded fitness routine utilizes different workout formats to continue challenging your body in new ways. So if a kettlebell is a little outside of your comfort zone, that probably means it’s time to try a kettlebell workout.

I mentioned earlier, but I personal love kettlebell training during pregnancy as it’s a great way to raise your heart rate in a low impact way — enter the powerful kettlebell swing.

Kettlebell Swing

What if I don’t have a kettlebell?

This AMRAP workout can be done with one heavy dumbbell.

If you’re looking to expand your home gym equipment, you can get a kettlebell on Amazon. I love the Amazon Basics Kettlebells, you end paying around $1 per pound of kettlebell which is pretty typical {ex. 25 lb kettlebell costs around $25}. 

kettlebell workout

What does AMRAP mean?

AMRAP can either mean ‘as many repetitions as possible’ or ‘as many rounds as possible’. An example of an AMRAP workout focusing on repetitions {or reps} would be completing as many burpees as possible in 5 minutes — like this 5-Minute Burpee Challenge.

Today’s full body kettlebell workout is ‘as many rounds as possible’. Meaning that completing all 7 kettlebell exercises = 1 round completed. Your goal it to complete as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes.

What are the benefits of AMRAP workouts?

There are a couple of reasons why I love this format of workouts:

  • They’re fun. I’m pretty competitive by nature, so I love challenging myself to see how many rounds I can get in.
  • They demonstrate personal growth over time. Especially if you’re just getting started in your fitness journey, it can be frustrating to have to wait to see physical changes in your body. I love that the AMRAP format provides you a different way to measure growth other than what you see on the scale. You can keep a note on your phone tracking each time you complete the workout and physically see how you’re getting stronger and faster {and able to complete more rounds} over time.
  • They adapt to your fitness needs. AMRAP workouts are awesome because you take them at YOUR OWN PACE. Meaning if you’re sore, pregnant or postpartum, you can scale the workout to what your body needs. It’s still challenging YOU, because you’re working to beat your own record.
full body workout | AMRAP

The Workout: 30-Minute Full Body Kettlebell AMRAP Workout

Get a total body strength and cardio workout in just 30-Minutes with this effective kettlebell AMRAP.

You’ll use a kettlebell, or one heavy dumbbell, to build strength, power, and endurance. This workout consists of seven full-body kettlebell exercises. You’ll move through all seven exercises at your own pace, completing as many rounds as possible {AMRAP} in 30-minutes.

Equipment: Medium-to-heavy kettlebell or one heavy dumbbell. I’m pictured using a 25 lb kettlebell for this workout, and I suggest using a 15-30 lb kettlebell depending on your fitness level.

Instructions: Perform the number of repetitions listed next to each exercise below. Note, the single-sided exercises are to be completed on both sides prior to moving onto the next exercise.

Repeat all seven exercises AMRAP, as many rounds as possible, in 30 Minutes. Take rest breaks as needed, but try to keep each rest break under 30 seconds.

kettlebell workout

Warm Up — I suggest this 5-Minute Warm Up for At-Home Workouts

  1. Squat + Single Arm Balance Press — 5 reps per side, 10 reps total 
  2. Kettlebell Swings – 20 reps
  3. Single Leg Deadlift + Reverse Lunge — 5 reps per leg, 10 reps total 
  4. 2 Single Arm Rows + Hop Front/Back — 5 reps per side, 10 reps total 
  5. Push Up + Kettlebell Tap — 5 reps per side, 10 reps total 
  6. Squat Curl + Squat Jump — 10 reps 
  7. Single Leg Glute Bridge {option to perform on kettlebell} — 10 reps per leg, 20 reps total

Cool Down — I suggest flowing through these 8 Mobility Exercises

Note, I filmed this Kettlebell Workout Video around 16 weeks pregnant. This workout is mostly pregnancy-friendly, but because every pregnancy and body is different please consult your doctor or midwife to make sure you are cleared for exercise during pregnancy. Additionally, modify exercises, like push ups and squat jumps as needed. 

Squat + Single Arm Balance Press — 5 reps per side, 10 reps total

Kettlebell squat

Kettlebell Swings — 20 reps

kettlebell swing

Single Leg Deadlift + Reverse Lunge — 5 reps per leg, 10 reps total

kettlebell single leg deadlift

2 Single Arm Rows + Hop Front/Back — 5 reps per side, 10 reps total

Kettlebell Row

Push Up + Kettlebell Tap — 5 reps per side, 10 reps total

Kettlebell Push Up

Squat Curl + Squat Jump — 10 reps

Kettlebell squat and curl

Single Leg Glute Bridge — 10 reps per leg, 20 reps total

Kettlebell glute bridge

Looking for more kettlebell workouts?

Try this 20-Minute Legs + Core Kettlebell Workout, or this 20-Minute Kettlebell Cardio AMRAP Workout!

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kettlebell amrap workout

amrap workouts

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