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My Favorite Fit Pregnancy Products {from leggings to belly oil i’m sharing all}

i asked if you wanted the insider details on my favorite fit pregnancy products and you said yes. so i’m sharing my top 20+ fit pregnancy essentials — from workout gear and activewear to belly oil and body pillows. 

my favorite fit pregnancy products | www.nourishmovelove.com

Like your typical ‘fit girl’ when I found out I was pregnant I was like let the #fitpregnancy begin! But I’ll be honest, maintaining #fitpregnancy status isn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be.

Pregnancy has been an adventure. I’ve never disliked raw veggies and salads {first trimester}, or made a special trip to the grocery store to cure my craving for cold, sweet oranges {second and third trimester}. I’ve never napped so hard {first trimester}, or had trouble sleeping {third trimester}. I’ve never realized how hard moving your body on a daily basis can be while you grow a human inside you {and that covers all three trimesters}.

But over the course of the last 7-8 months I’ve discovered some fit pregnancy essentials that have made it all a little easier. So today, I’m excited to share my top 20+ favorite fit pregnancy products with you! 

My Favorite Fit Pregnancy Products

From workout gear and activewear to belly oil and body pillows, I’m sharing all my favorite fit pregnancy products.

Fit Pregnancy Fitness Essentials 

Fit Pregnancy Fitness Essentials

  1. A bigger water bottle – I’m talking 48-50 ounces ladies because I’m thirsty all the time.
  2. A thicker yoga mat – because you spend a lot more time in table top and those thin mats just don’t cut it for the knees.
  3. Yoga block – because reaching your toes or the mat becomes a lot harder as your belly grows, and it’s great for sitting on while holding a wide squat to open up your pelvic floor.
  4. Lighter dumbbells or adjustable dumbbells – low impact barre workouts and yoga sculpt workouts call for lighter dumbbells.
  5. Circle resistance bands – again great for adding lower body resistance to barre, yoga and pilates workouts.
  6. Slam ball – my go-to low impact cardio to get my heart pumping for my modified HIIT + strength training workouts {because those still feel good for me, but note that you should listen to your body and doctors/midwives recommendations for your pregnancy activity as everyone experiences pregnancy differently}.  
  7. Amazfit Arc Activity Monitor – great for monitoring your heart rate during workouts, as well as, tracking your steps and sleep habits {you can see me wearing this on Instagram here}
  8. Stability Ball – great for adding to prenatal workouts {assisted stability ball wall squats}, sitting on throughout the day to alleviate lower back pain, and I plan to labor with mine as well!

Fit Pregnancy Activewear + Athleisure 

Fit Pregnancy Activewear

Leggings + Joggers

  1. Lululemon align pant II – I know these are a bit more on the expensive end {$98}, but I’ve pretty much lived in them since I discovered them in my second trimester. Trust me ladies, they are worth the investment. It’s like wear buttery, soft leggings that you can workout in, wear casually, or dress up {from the gym to going on live tv these leggings have been with me throughout my entire pregnancy and I’ve absolutely got my money’s worth}! You can see me wearing these on Instagram here.
  2. Old Navy Go-Dry Drawstring Joggers – these have also been my comfy lounging at home or the coffee shop sweats and I plan to pack these in my hospital bag as well.
  3. Belly Bandit BDA {before, during and after pregnancy} leggings {pictured above} – whether you’re an over the belly or under the belly mamma, you’ll love these leggings for lounging and casual/dressy wear. However, I wouldn’t suggest them for working out in. Also, order a size up as they run a little small. You can also see me wearing these on Instagram here.
  4. Mumberry Maternity Activewear Workout Capris with Belly Band Support – if you’re looking for true maternity workout capris these are it. With built in over the belly support these capris are great for the third trimester when your baby bump starts to get heavy. You can see me wearing these on Instagram here.

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Fit Pregnancy Sports Bras

Sports Bras

  1. Moving comfort sports bra {aka sports bra turned nursing bra, pictured above} – I discovered this gem on sale at Athleta and was like talk about a 2-for-1 deal. Since I’m in need of bigger sports bras, I thought this was a real win getting one that I could wear post-baby for nursing too!
  2. Old Navy Go-Dry Seamless Light Support Sports Bra – my favorite for barre, yoga and pilates workouts, as well as, lounging around the house {or using as a swimsuit top when you decide to go to the waterpark at 33 weeks pregnant}.
  3. Old Navy Go-Dry Medium Support Sports Bra – my favorite for HIIT + strength training workouts as it provides more support and has a higher neck {aka less cleavage}.
  4. Lululemon Energy Bra – I was able to find some of these gems on sale around the holiday’s and took advantage; these have great support for all types of workouts.

Fit Pregnancy Workout Tanks

Tanks + Tees + Longsleves 

  1. Athleta finish fast tank {pictured above} – these have been my pregnancy workout tank top go-to’s as they have ruching down both sides of the tank. Therefore, I’ve been able to wear my regular, pre-pregnancy sized tank and it’s just growing with me throughout pregnancy. Talk about the best of both worlds.
  2. Athleta finish fast tee – same as the above just as a tee with side-ruching instead of a tank.
  3. Athleta high neck shadow stripe chi tank – these tanks are a bit more flowy and I love the high neckline {again less cleavage for my expanding chest}. You can see me wearing this on Instagram here.
  4. Lululemon Ebb to Street Tank – these are my ‘maternity tank tops’ I purchased one black and one white tank in a larger size {size 10} and I pretty much live in these.
  5. Mumberry Maternity Activewear Workout Tank with Belly Band Support – similar to the Mumberry Maternity Activewear Workout Capris, if you’re looking for a true maternity workout tank this is it. With built in back and belly support, and a built in bra, this tank is great for the third trimester when your baby bump starts to get heavy. Also comes in a tee and long sleeve. You can see me wearing the Mumberry Maternity tee on Instagram here.
  6. Old Navy Go-Dry V-Back Tee – a comfy longsleeve to wear to the gym, studio or coffee shop. You can see me wearing this on Instagram here.
  7. Maternity Cowl Tunic from Target – my sister-in-law borrowed this sweater to me and it’s my go-to for everyday athleisure wear.

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Fit Pregnancy Supplements

Fit Pregnancy Supplements

Please note that these are the supplements that best fit me and my pregnancy, but every body and pregnancy is different so please check with your doctor/midwife before taking any supplements.  

  1. Garden of Life Raw Prenatal Vitamins – I wanted a prenatal vitamin with minimal additives or fillers and from my research this was the best fit for me. 
  2. Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA – because my prenatal vitamin does not include prenatal DHA, I take these separately.
  3. Vital Proteins beef liver capsules – I talk about the benefits of beef liver capsules in this blog post, but ultimately it’s a great way to get more vitamin a, as well as, boost every b-vitamin {including folate which is also important for pregnancy} and all the fat-soluble vitamins {that’s a, d, e and k}.
  4. Vital Proteins collagen peptides – I stir these into my coffee, oatmeal, and green smoothies to get more protein in my diet. And collagen is the most abundant form of protein in the body and the basic building block of our bones, joints, skin, hair and nails {aka great for growing a human}! These also come in pre-portioned, on-the-go stick packs.
  5. Vital Proteins Vanilla Collagen Whey – again another great way to add protein to my diet, especially post-workout!

Fit Pregnancy Skincare

Fit Pregnancy Skincare

  1. Dr. Hauschka Blackthorn Toning Body Oil – I have a couple girlfriends who’ve sworn by this body oil during pregnancy, and as a result didn’t get any stretch marks. So I’m following their lead and so far I’ve been loving this belly oil. I apply it every night {and I love the smell too}!
  2. Osea Malibu Skincare – it’s like I’ve reverted back to high school with hormonal pregnancy breakouts, but I didn’t want to use harsh products with chemicals while pregnant. I discovered Osea Malibu and I’m in love with their natural, vegan product line which uses only the best ingredients {seaweed, plants, flowers, salts, botanicals and essential oils}. I love their:
  • Blemish Balm – I seriously don’t think I’ll ever use another face moisturizer as long as I live.
  • Sea Minerals Mist – a skin toner has never felt so cool and refreshing.
  • Ocean Cleansing Mudd and Red Algea Mask – because who doesn’t want to feel like they have a spa in their own home with mudd masks.

Fit Pregnancy Sleep Aids

  1. Boppy Total Body Pregnancy Pillow – this list is short and sweet, but when a friend borrowed me their total body pregnancy pillow it was the best thing that ever happened to my restless nights. We’re talking back, belly, leg and total body support ladies!

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Fit Pregnancy Snacks

Fit Pregnancy Snacks

  1. Spoon Optional Super Greens – getting greens in has been hard throughout pregnancy as I just haven’t craved them like I normally do. Enter Spoon Optional Super Greens sippable soup; it’s great for breakfast with a side of eggs or the perfect pre/post barre workout snack! {This is a local MN company that I love and currently their delicious soups are only available in MN, but hopefully they’ll be expanding soon}.
  2. GoMacro Bars {Cashew Caramel is my personal favorite} – I always have a couple of these bars tucked away in my purse for snacking, which I tend to do a lot more of these days.
  3. WholeMe Granola Clusters {Lemon Berry Chia is my favorite} – I have to buy the pre-portioned packs of these paleo, gluten-free and Grain-free granola clusters or I’ll eat an entire large bag in one sitting. It’s that good. The perfect snack on the go or even better for topping yogurt and green smoothies!

So there you have it, my favorite fit pregnancy products from workout gear and activewear to supplements, skincare, sleep aides and snacks! 

fit pregnancy essentials

And I must say, although my meals, sleeping habits and workouts all look a little different these days, I’m truly amazed by what the female body can do! Now if I can just keep this baby bump moving for 7 more weeks, because from what I’ve seen in my birthing classes, a natural labor really is the biggest workout of your life.

PS – I’ve recently learned about using a rebozo {or shawl} in my birthing classes to have your partner lift your belly and release your broad ligaments…let’s just say it feels amazing in the third trimester! You can learn more and put your partner to work by watching this YouTube Video.  

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my favorite fit pregnancy products | www.nourishmovelove.com

This post does include affiliate links. All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make nourish move love and all the content you see on this blog possible. 

  1. love this post! Have you had problems with your lululemons pilling? I’m considering going to my local LLL store to get a pair, but hesitant because they are definitely expensive and reviews are very mixed. so many reviewers said they had terrible problems with them pilling and seams coming apart 🙁 Just wondered if you had this or if they’ve held up well? Thanks!

    • Hi Lindsey! So glad you love this post, it’s loaded with all my pregnancy favorites. And no I haven’t had any issues with my lululemons pilling, especially not the align pant as they are more buttery soft and less cotton. I pretty much only fit into my align pants at this point so I wear them A LOT and I haven’t had an issues. Hope that helps! xo-Lindsey

  2. This post is the best! Thanks so much for writing all of your likes! I can’t wait to purchase some of these products! About the Belly Bandit leggings, may I ask what size you ordered? The small and medium are such big ranges so I want to make sure I order the right size. I’m a 6 in Lululemon for leggings, wondering if I get a small or medium. Thanks!

    • Hi Sandi! I’m so glad you like this post and find it helpful! Yes, I have a size medium in the Belly Bandit Leggings and they are perfect (they run a little small so I’d order up from what you normally order); I’m also a size 6 at Lululemon and the mediums fit perfect! Hope that helps! xo-Lindsey

    • Kelly! How are you?! Thanks for checking out this blog, glad you found it valuable! I hope all is well! xo-Lindsey

  3. LOVE THIS! And being 11 weeks pregnant I can’t help but want to order/buy everything you listed above! GAH! Thank you!!! haha! Good luck with the remaining 7 weeks. You are so darn cute pregnant and you have been a big inspiration!

    • Breanna! Congrats on your pregnancy, how exciting!!! I hope you’re feeling ok and let me know if you have any questions (I know I had a million about all that was going on with my body)! Thanks for your kind words and I wish you an amazing pregnancy!!! xo-Lindsey

    • Yes, great seeing you in class today Nina! And of course, love me some Spoon Optional — especially the Super Greens! Have a great day! Lindsey