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Caraway Cookware Review After a Year (2024)

I switched my pots and pans to Caraway Cookware a year ago to see if the brand lives up to the hype. This is my honest review of how my Caraway Cookware has held up to daily use – feeding a family of five – over the last year. If you’ve been debating whether or not to buy Caraway products, read this.

I’d seen Caraway’s best-selling cookware set everywhere, so when I knew I wanted to upgrade my pots and pans, I decided to give Caraway a try.

Caraway features ceramic-coated products that are free of harsh chemicals. This was a big selling point for me, because I’ve been taking steps to switch to nontoxic products and kitchen essentials throughout my home. The ceramic coating is also advertised as being very easy to clean.

The Caraway pots and pans have a clean, aesthetic look and come with free organizers. But like other viral products – I wanted to know if the set would be worth it. (Spoiler: I think it is!)

I’ve used the Caraway cookware set daily for over a year and am really pleased with how the pots and pans have held up. Naturally, you can tell my pans are well-loved (hello egg residue on the side of my fry pan). But the scratch-resistant ceramic coating is just as great as it was on day one.

I’ve also had the full bakeware set for over a year. I use the large baking sheet and loaf pan most often, and both are still in great condition. Although my loaf pan did get one bad knife scratch; you want to be really careful with the knives and utensils you use on nonstick coating.

From prepping egg sandwiches to muffins and more, these pans are worth the hype! If you’re thinking about making the switch, click here to get 10% OFF automatically applied to your order at checkout!

Women meal prepping in her kitchen; peeling a carrot on a cutting board with caraway fry pan next to her.

Caraway Products Review

Caraway offers 100% non-toxic cookware, bakeware, prep sets and food storage containers. I use the large sheet pan and sauté pan most. This ceramic-coated cookware has a naturally slick surface — you can use minimal oil and butter with this cookware and your food will still slide right out of the pan.

Cookware Set

The cookware set is Caraway’s best-selling set of four non-stick ceramic pans. The set includes everything you need for healthy cooking on the stove or oven.

If I had to choose one pan, it would be the sauté pan — it holds up to a whole day’s worth of meals and is a breeze to clean.

The cookware set comes with magnetic organizers and a canvas lid holder (at no extra cost) to keep your cabinets or countertops clean and tidy.

Kitchen Essentials: Caraway Cookware set organized in a kitchen next to the stove.

Large Baking Sheet

woman pouring ButcherBox chicken nuggets onto a baking sheet

My weekly meal plan always includes at least one sheet pan meal. I use Caraway’s large sheet pan to double batch meals so we have easy leftovers.

These sheet pans are one of my favorite purchases for so many reasons:

  • Naturally slick ceramic coating (non-toxic and easy clean up).
  • Aluminized steel body for even cooking throughout the entire pan.
  • Large baking sheet fits more than any other baking sheet I’ve had!
  • And the bakeware set comes with magnetic pan racks (at no extra cost) to keep your cabinets organized.

Caraway Prep Set

The prep set is a staple in my kitchen – it includes four knives, five wooden utensils, and storage organization that looks nice on my countertop!

Like all other Caraway products, the prep set is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Not only do the tools in this prep set work great (hello, easy meal prep), I love how this set looks in my kitchen. It’s great to have the kitchen utensils I use daily in an accessible location thanks to the modular, magnetic organizers. Plus, this storage system keeps the knives sharp and the utensils tidy.

Caraway cookware prep set including knife set, cutting board and wooden utensils.

Is Caraway Worth It?

In my opinion – yes! With its focus on safety, durability, and versatility, Caraway makes meal prep a breeze. And the best part is the easy clean up; all the pans wash so nicely. Here are my pros and cons after using Caraway cookware for over a year.

Pros of Caraway

  1. Non-toxic materials: Caraway cookware is made with non-toxic ceramic coating that is free from harmful chemicals like PFOA, PFAS, lead, and cadmium. This makes it safer for cooking.
  2. Even heat distribution: These products feature aluminum cores, which ensure even heat distribution, preventing hot spots and allowing for precise cooking.
  3. Easy to clean: The non-stick ceramic coating makes Caraway cookware easy to clean. I typically only have to wipe them down with a sponge or cloth and rinse them!
  4. Versatility: Caraway products are suitable for use on various stovetops, including gas, electric and induction.
  5. Stylish design: I love that Caraway products comes in a range of beautiful colors and sleek designs.

Cons of Caraway

  1. Price: Caraway cookware tends to be on the pricier side compared to traditional non-stick cookware, so it may not fit everyone’s budget.
  2. Not dishwasher safe: While Caraway cookware is advertised as easy to clean, it’s generally recommended that you hand wash these items to preserve the integrity of the ceramic coating.
  3. Limited temperature range: Caraway cookware may not be suitable for high-temperature cooking methods like broiling or searing, as excessive heat can damage the ceramic coating.
Kitchen Essentials. Caraway cookware set all set up in a white kitchen next to stove.

How Much Does Caraway Cost?

Caraway products are sold directly through their website. They offer various purchasing options, whether you’re looking to buy a complete set of cookware or add individual pieces to your collection.

Caraway offers bundles or sets that include multiple pieces of cookware at a discounted price (compared to buying each item individually). Caraway also sells individual pieces separately, which allows customers to customize their kitchen setup according to their specific needs and preferences.

The 4-piece ceramic cookware set that I own costs $395 and includes a fry pan, sauce pan, sauté pan, Dutch oven and organizers. Other sets range from $200-$595 depending on the quantity of items in the set.

Individual cookware items may range from $90 to $195 each, depending on the size and type of cookware item.

My most used and most recommend item is the sauté pan. It holds up to a whole day’s worth of meals and is a breeze to clean.

Kitchen Essentials. Caraway cookware set all set up in a white kitchen next to stove.

Cookware Set

100% non-toxic, ceramic-coated, non-stick pans. The best in-home cookware (and so easy to clean)!

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Caraway Cookware Review FAQs

What’s So Special About Caraway?

Caraway cookware distinguishes itself with its non-toxic ceramic coating that ensures a safer cooking experience free from harmful chemicals. Their ceramic-coated cookware has a naturally slick surface so you can use minimal oil and butter and your food will still slide right out of the pan. Caraway offers a variety of easy-to-clean kitchen essentials.

How Long Will Caraway Pans Last?

The longevity of Caraway pans will vary depending on factors like usage, care and maintenance. That said, with proper care, they are designed to last for several years of regular use. I’ve personally been using my Caraway pans and food storage containers for the last year. I’ve found that they are durable and the scratch-resistant ceramic coating has held up to daily use. But I do think how you care for the pans is really important: hand washing, and using wood cooking utensils really helps.

What Is Ceramic Cookware?

Ceramic cookware is metal cookware that is finished in a ceramic coating. A ceramic finish makes products nonstick, easy to clean, and induction-compatible.

How Long Does The Caraway Ceramic Coating Last? 

While all nonstick pans eventually lose their coating, there are ways to properly care for and maintain your nonstick products to help ensure the ceramic coating lasts several years. To make these products last longer, avoid using high heat, hand wash pans (rather than putting them in the dishwasher), avoid nonstick cooking sprays, and use silicone or wood utensils rather than metal utensils. With proper care, my Caraway products are in great shape after over a year of daily use.

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