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No-Bake Chocolate Tahini Energy Bites {only 6 ingredients}

Swap your mid-afternoon cookie for one of these no-bake chocolate tahini energy bites. They’ll satisfy all your sugar cravings while boosting energy with tahini, chia seeds, and dark chocolate chips. 

tahini energy balls

Snacks are pretty much the foundation of my diet. In fact, my niece was digging threw my purse the other day and after discovering an apple, bars, balls, and trail mix she said, ‘you have a lot of snacks in here.’ 

So I guess my purse is less of a purse and more of snack-sack. And you can bet I’m filling it to the brim with healthy snacks this weekend because I’m hoping on a plane and jetting off to Chicago for the Labor Day holiday weekend. It’s Mr. Handsome’s final beach volleyball tournament of the season at Oak Street Beach in downtown Chicago.

So if you have any suggestions on where to grab some amazing Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, comment below because this girl has been craving a good slice of pizza.

And since I’m all about balance, i’ll be packing some healthy snacks, including these no-bake chocolate tahini energy bites, to hold me over until I can get my hands on that slice of pizza. 

no-bake chocolate tahini energy bites | nourishmovelove.com

Yes, my travel plans are primarily based around food. Don’t worry, I’m searching downtown Chicago for some green smoothie and salad bars too {again I’ll take suggestions in the comments below}. Regardless I have a pretty exciting, and mouth-watering, Labor Day weekend ahead.

Speaking of Labor Day, it’s back to school time for all you parents and college students. And these chocolate tahini energy bites are a lunch bag must! Bonus, they’re gluten and nut-free for all you parents who have to worry about the 101 food allergy considerations at school. 

no-bake chocolate tahini energy bites | nourishmovelove.comno-bake chocolate tahini energy bites 

These no-bake quinoa energy bites are made with 6-ingredients including tahini, oats, shredded coconut, chia seeds, dark chocolate chips, and honey.

AKA they’re loaded with healthy fats, fiber and complex carbs to balance blood sugar levels and curb all those sugar high’s {and low’s}. You can tell you’re kids the omega-3’s found in the tahini, chia seeds, and shredded coconut will make them smarter too {they’re a brain booster}. Not that you really need to sell these balls to anyone because they pretty much taste like chewy, chocolate chip cookies with a creamy tahini filling.

Really need I say more? Besides the fact that balls and bites are pretty much the best back-to-school snack on the block. Not to mention, mom should always have a baggie on hand as well. The best part, there are so many yummy energy bite recipes out there. Including these 4-Ingredient PB & J Bites from the Real Food Dietitians.

4-Ingredient PB & J Bites | therealfoodrds.comSo whip up a batch of these no-bake chocolate tahini energy bites and then head over to The Real Food Dietitians blog for their 4-Ingredient PB & J Bites

also check out my trail mix cookie ball and fall-time favorite, pumpkin oat ball recipes!

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no-bake chocolate tahini energy bites
Prep time
Total time
swap your mid-afternoon cookie for one of these no-bake chocolate tahini energy bites. they'll satisfy all your sugar cravings while boosting energy with tahini, chia seeds, and dark chocolate chips.
Recipe type: snack energy bites
Serves: 8
  • ¾ c tahini {sesame seed butter}
  • 1 c old fashioned rolled oats {gluten-free}
  • ¼ c shredded, unsweetened coconut
  • ¼ c chia seeds
  • ¼ c dark chocolate chips
  • 2 tbsp honey
  1. Measure out all ingredients and toss into a large bowl {or kitchenAid mixing bowl}
  2. Use a hand-mixer, KitchenAid mixer, or just get dirty and mix it all together with your hands. Shape the mixture into one inch balls and refrigerate for a couple hours {or better yet, overnight}.
  3. This recipe makes approximately 16 balls or 8 servings {2 balls per serving}.
*Best if stored in the fridge/freezer.

i’m always looking for new energy ball recipes, so tell me, what’s your go-to energy ball recipe? Or share your favorite place to eat, drink and visit in Chicago! 

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no-bake chocolate tahini energy bites | nourishmovelove.com

    • Yes Tiffany! You can use whatever nut butter you prefer. They are so good and make the PERFECT snack! Enjoy!

    • Thanks Liv! Yes, I’ve been asking around and it sounds like Lou Malnati’s is ‘the place to go’ for Chicago-style pizza! I’ll let you know the verdict! Thank you! xo-Lindsey