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45-Minute Barre Cardio Kickboxing Workout

Strength, cardio, balance, and core conditioning — this barre cardio kickboxing workout truly does it all! Combining the benefits of barre, cardio kickboxing, and strength training in one 45-minute workout. No punching bags, fancy barre studio or even shoes necessary — you can do this entire boxing workout at home using just your bodyweight or a light set of dumbbells.

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45 minutes of FIRE 🔥 — that’s what this intense, total body barre workout is (reference the sweat on my sports bra in the pictures below).

Blending traditional barre exercises with cardio kickboxing moves and strength training exercises. All in one butt-kicking, barre workout.

The addition of cardio boxing intervals raises the heart rate, making this a true cardio barre workout

You have the option to keep it low impact, or add high intensity jumps if your fitness level allows. I’ll offer variations for all fitness levels in the workout video.

This upbeat cardio boxing class brings the energy of the barre studio directly to your home. 

We’ll start with a warm up and then punch our way through lunges, pliè squats, and cardio kickboxing intervals. 

Let’s knock it out!

Cardio Barre Kickboxing Workout

Do I need barre experience or boxing experience for this workout?


This workout is intense, but accessible to beginners looking to try barre or cardio boxing for the first time.

I’ll coach you through each movement pattern, providing modifications for all fitness levels, all you need to do is follow along!

Just like my Power Barre Workout and Barre Blend Workout; you can do this barre workout at home with minimal equipment. Using a chair or countertop for balance support as needed.

What does this barre kickboxing workout target?

It’s a full body workout. Hitting every muscle group in the body with large, multi-functional exercises.

This barre boxing workout specifically targets:

  • Arms and upper body (my shoulders and back were sore the next day)
  • Legs and lower body (my outer glutes or abductors were sore the next day)
  • Abs and core (my obliques were sore the next day)
  • Cardiovascular endurance 
  • Balance and coordination

These are just the physical benefits of this barre kickboxing workout.

Additional benefits include: 

  • High energy and endorphins
  • Coordination and connecting the mind to the muscles

Kickboxing is SO mentally engaging, which makes it great for those days you’re struggling to motivate yourself through a workout.

This cardio kickboxing routine is also really empowering! I love how strong I feel when I’m throwing jabs, cross punches and kicks that make up the punching combinations.

barre cardio kickboxing workout

How many calories do you burn in 45 minutes of cardio kickboxing?

This is a high intensity workout is a great way to burn calories at home. I personally burned over 500 calories.

That said, calorie burn varies from person to person.

Women’s Health Magazine estimates that kickboxing workouts burn 750 to 900 calories an hour — that puts this workout at about 560-675 calories in 45 minutes! 

barre boxing workout

The Workout: 45-Minute Barre Cardio Kickboxing Workout

This cardio barre kickboxing workout is an intense, 45-minute fitness kickboxing class at home!

No barre, heavy bag, dance or kickboxing experience needed.


Optional set of light dumbbells (2-5 lbs).

I personally started with 5 lb dumbbells, but dropped down to 3 lb dumbbells for the cardio kickboxing intervals (like jumping rope with dumbbells in hand for a bicep burn).

You can always do this cardio barre workout with just your bodyweight or sub soup cans or water bottles.


Follow along with the fitness kickboxing video lead by certified personal trainer and barre fitness instructor, Lindsey Bomgren.

In traditional barre style, we’ll flow from on exercise to the next. 

Follow along with the home workout video at the top of this post.

Here’s a general outline of the barre kickboxing workout:

  1. Lunge + Arm Series
  2. Chair Pose + Back and Triceps
  3. 3-Way Lunge + Front Kick
  4. Cardio Kickboxing Interval
  5. Second Position Legs + Shoulders
  6. Cardio Kickboxing Interval
  7. Plank + Push Ups
  8. Lunge Series
  9. Cardio Kickboxing Interval
  10. Abs + Core
Cardio Kickboxing Home Workout

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Barre boxing workout at home
  1. OMG. Loved this workout! I know that I press pause to catch my breath more than I should in your workouts, but I always power through eventually. Fairly proud that it only took me an hour to get through the 45 minutes! Thanks for all the great videos and keeping my motivated!

    • SaraJo! So glad you liked this workout — it’s a sweaty one filled with variety! You do your best and forget the rest! Way to power through and keep up the great work! -Lindsey

  2. Thank you so much for this seriously tough workout! I’ve been loving the barre hybrid videos- adding cardio and fusions from other workouts keeps me moving in different ways and on my toes. Keep up the awesome work!

    • Mackenzie! So glad you loved this barre cardio kickboxing workout — it’s full of variety + fun moves! Love mixing things up over here! So glad you liked it and I hope you come back for more! -Lindsey

  3. Tried this workout yesterday. Was surprised that I made it through the entire thing after several days off. 🙂 Thanks for the work and the encouragement!!!

  4. Thank you for another awesome (killer) workout! This one was fun and different and TOUGH! Enjoyed it. You ROCK!

  5. Holy kicked my butt! Solid 460 calorie burn! I’ve been waiting for a kickboxing workout! Thank you!