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Jack Up Your Heart Rate {4 jumping jack variations for a complete bodyweight cardio circuit}

Whether you’re on the sandy beaches of Punta Cana or the snowy terrain of Minnesota you can do this equipment-free cardio circuit anywhere, anytime. it’s a quick, yet efficient workout that is sure to get your heart pumping and legs burning. 

jumping jack circuit workout 4 jumping jack variations you can do anywhere

let’s be honest, squeezing in a full-blown cardio workout can feel like a chore; especially when you’re on vacation.

don’t get me wrong, i love working out because it makes me feel good {especially if i’m going to be in a swimsuit all day}. so i still woke up just a whee bit early on vacation to fit in a couple mini-sweat sessions before i hit the beach.

but these were true mini-sweat sessions 15-30 minutes max. so they had to be efficient and mostly equipment-free.

enter the jumping jack. no, i’m not talking about the standard, boring jumping jacks you did in high school gym class. i’m talking about 4 variations of the jumping jack that engage every muscle in your body while rapidly increasing your heart rate for a calorie-scorching cardio session. which is not only more fun, but also more effective than 15-30 minutes of steady-state cardio on the treadmill.

trust me you’ll be anything but bored with this workout…especially with exercise number four. which by the way, i’m told is much more difficult after you have children. so if you need to modify the fourth exercise, burpee to toe touch, you can do a burpee or step back into plank with a front kick instead.  See all 4 jumping jack variations in the video below.

note this jumping jack circuit can also be used as a great warm-up routine, targeting the legs, shoulders and hips.

are you’re looking to squeeze in a quick 15-20 minute cardio session during the holidays? do this quick, yet efficient jumping jack circuit that is sure to get your heart pumping and legs burning.

jumping jack cardio circuit workout 4 jumping jack variations you can do anywhere

4 jumping jack variations for a complete bodyweight cardio circuit: 

complete each exercise for 30 seconds
  1. isometric squat jack – 30 seconds
  2. squat jack with floor tap – 30 seconds
  3. wide/narrow squat jacks – 30 seconds
  4. burpee jack with toe touch – 30 seconds

repeat entire circuit as many times as possible for 15 minutes {approximately 6 circuits in 15 minutes with 30 second breaks between circuits}. 

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