This is 30… {And The Diet I Maintain 365 Days A Year}

This is 30…Stronger than I’ve ever been and at peace with food.

This is 30 | Turning 30 | What a Fitness Pro Eats

It’s official, I’m in my 30’s. And since everyone’s asking ‘how it feels to be 30?!’, let me tell you…It feels pretty good.

I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, and I’ve finally found a food perspective I can maintain 365 days a year. To celebrate my peace with food, I’m excited to share that this post is in partnership with FAGE® and their protein-rich, Split Cups!

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This is 30…

After a long chat with my personal board of directions — AKA my close girlfriends on a girls weekend — I’ve determined that this is what 30 looks like {from my perspective}; 30 is…

  • Living consciously. Recognizing that there is never going to be enough hours or enough energy to do it all; but giving my best to those I love most.
  • Realizing I don’t have to impress those closest to me, they love me and don’t want to be impressed by me.
  • Giving myself permission to go to therapy when adjusting to life postpartum was more than I could handle.
  • Finding peace with food with a flexible, yet intentional perspective I can maintain 365 days a year {more on this below}.
  • Re-heated cups of coffee in the microwave at 7am and 1pm because that one cup a day rule was for my 20’s.
  • Thanking my body at the end of most workouts because with consistent effort I was able to not only ‘get my body back’ after baby, but come back stronger.
  • Going to bed at 9pm on a Friday night and feeling good about it. And waking up at 6am on a Saturday morning because you can’t sleep past 7am anymore.
  • Chilling out and letting the house get a little dirtier, because those quiet moments on the porch at the end of a long day are ruined when I start rattling off a to-do list.  
  • Trading my cute side satchel purse for a much more functional diaper bag backpack.
  • Attending more 1 year old birthday parties than weddings. And chatting about all those things ‘you never thought you’d do as a parent,’ but do regularly.
  • Finding contentment, whether you’re taking career leaps or staying in a comfortable role to support your family.
  • Realizing that saying ‘no’ doesn’t make me weak or incapable; but it often makes me happier.
  • Caring less about what others think of me and throwing on a hat when it’s been one too many days since I’ve washed my hair.
  • Understanding that life is full of seasons and learning to savor the good and bad that come with each season. Because it’s just that, a season that will pass. Seasons for going hard and seasons for slowing down, seasons of pure hardship and seasons of pure joy, seasons of feeling strong and seasons of feeding a baby.
  • Driving 3 hours to have an amazing get away with your girlfriends that includes long coffee chats about pelvic floor recovery and diastasis recti that leads into wine chats about what girls weekend will look like in 10 years. And also includes planned nights out which end up being nights in on the couch with trail mix.

This is 30 | Turning 30 | Girls Weekend

Flexible + Intentional Food Perspective

It’s taken me 30 years, but I’ve finally made my peace with food and found a flexible, yet intentional food perspective I can maintain 365 days a year.

Getting pregnant was the best thing that ever happened for several reasons; one of which being I finally let go of all the food ‘rules’ I’d personally been holding onto.

I finally gave myself permission to eat more carbs, because every pregnant woman knows…carbs! I increased my healthy fat intake, and I realized how much I enjoyed ‘meatless’ sources of protein.

I stopped ‘restricting’ my diet during the week and ‘over-indulging’ on the weekends. And I’ve found a flexible, yet intentional food perspective.

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The best way to tell you what I mean by flexible, yet intentional food perspective is to show you what goes through my head when I make my meal choices:

Breakfast — I’m all about starting the day right and that means a healthy breakfast. Whether I’m traveling or home, I’m always determined to start with a good breakfast. And it’s usually my pre-workout fuel so I want it to sit well with me. Typically, sprouted grain bread, eggs and avocado, and added bonus if I can get some veggies in via an egg bake or egg muffins.  

Morning Snack – All depends on the intensity of my workout, but I love incorporating complex carbs from fruits paired with protein. Like protein-rich yogurt {I love FAGE Total 2% Split Cups}, green smoothie, blueberry egg muffins + nut butter, fruit and nut energy bites or bars. This snack also always includes coffee with heavy cream.

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Lunch – Bring on the veggies. This is where I load up on veggies {usually more raw greens}, typically in the form of a salad, roasted veggie bowl, or veggie wrap. I typically keep this a ‘meatless meal’ and add in plant-based proteins like tahini dressing, hummus, chickpeas and beans, or quinoa.

Afternoon Snack – Similar to my morning snack, I’m usually reaching for a protein-rich snack with healthy fats to satisfy me until dinner-time. Trail mix is one of my go-to’s, and FAGE Total 2% Split Cups — blueberry is the favorite flavor in our house. If I need something more savory plantain chips with nut butter or guacamole.

Dinner – Bring on the grilled + roasted veggies. Again I strive to make dinner a veggie-packed meal {usually in the form of grilled and roasted veggies} paired with a meat/fish protein. Our staples include — One Pan Chicken + Veggie Bake, Fajitas and Tacos, Stir Fry, Quinoa Bakes. Tip, always make extra veggies to throw on your salad for lunch the following day!

Bedtime Snack – Because sometimes I need something sweet after dinner. Again, reaching for healthy fats + proteins — like spoonfuls of nut butter, trail mix, and this is when I prefer to reach for the rich and creamy yogurt in a FAGE Total 5% Split Cup

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Of course my meals aren’t always this perfect, which is where being ‘flexible’ comes in. But I’m always ‘intentional’ about what I put in my mouth. Specifically intentional about my veggie and sugar intake; striving for more veggies, less sugar.

Which is why FAGE Total Split Cups are a great grab-n-go option to have on hand. The FAGE Total 2% Split Cup has more protein than sugar {12g protein and 11g sugar per serving}.

Learn more about FAGE Total Split Cups, and find out where you can purchase them at a store near you here.

This is a sponsored post in partnership with FAGE®, all words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting Nourish Move Love, making the content you see on this blog possible.

  1. Love your food ideas! I’m on week 3 of your move training program, 10 weeks postpartum with baby #3, and 6 days from my 30th birthday. Glad I found your site!

    • Thank you! I love that you’re doing the Move Training Program, and 10 weeks PP with baby #3– you’re amazing mama! #GOALS! I’m so glad you found my site as well. Thanks so much for following along and keep up the great work mama! xo-Lindsey