Things I Love and More {March 2016} + workout motivation from the cutest kid ever!

project get my happy back is in full force; bring on the coffee and spring cleaning. and i’m sharing some serious workout motivation from the cutest kid ever {you must watch this video}!

things i love and more {march 2016} + workout motivation from the cutest kid ever! | project get my happy back is in full force; bring on the coffee and spring cleaning. |

Whoa! where did march go? seriously i feel like it flew by. maybe it was the week of family vacation i had in florida, or the whirlwind of events happening in my life. either way i’m so excited to share this post with you guys; it’s hands down my favorite, favorite things post yet!

i just wrapped up a mini-photoshoot with the foodie-blogging guru, Lee {aka fit foodie finds}, hence the new picture above which is part of ‘project get my happy back’, more on that below! But if you’re not following Lee’s blog yet you totally should; she’s also sharing the things she’s loving lately {and her recipes are}.

i’m also partnering with lee on the upcoming party for her minneapolis next weekend. Ekk, i’m so excited to host my first fundraising event here in minneapolis! and there are a lot more events like this in the works so stay tuned.

ok before i dive into all the things i’m loving right now i must say you absolutely have to watch the video at the end of this blog — workout motivation from the cutest kid ever {it’s pretty self-explanatory, just watch}!

things i love and more {march 2016} + workout motivation from the cutest kid ever! | project get my happy back is in full force; bring on the coffee and spring cleaning. |

3 things i personally love right now

  1. coffee. yup, i’m totally indulging and i’ve drank more coffee throughout the month of march than i think i ever have in my life. it’s part of what i call ‘project get my happy back’ which you can read more about below in the things i’m currently working on. but enjoying a big cup of rich, dark, french-pressed coffee makes me happy so i’m throwing my 1 cup a day rules out the window and enjoying 2 cups, heck i’ve even splurged for 3 cups a day recently! added bonus, i just joined the califia farms crew as an almond milk ambassador…i foresee a lot of frothy, french-pressed, califia farms almond milk lattes in my future!
  2. free stuff. you guys i feel like a legit blogger. i came home from vacation and had an apartment full of boxes from some of my favorite brands like — gomacro, herbal papaya, seven sunday’s muesli, and califia farms!
  3. the amazing women of minneapolis. the party for her event on saturday, april 9th is almost sold out {8 spots left if you still want in}! a couple months ago i had this crazy idea to throw an event supporting women locally and globally by partnering with small local, women-owned businesses and a non-profit, The Her Initiative. but i also had a huge fear, that no one would show up…and they are! yay! huge shout out to all the small mn, women-owned businesses participating in the event {show them some love and check out their sites}:

Fit Foodie Finds 

Lissadee Photography

The Real Food RDs

Bee and Co

Paisley + Sparrow

Branded by J. Otto

Construction 2 Style

Flourish Art & Gifts

Nutty Snacks

Carly D Design

Haute Barre Studios

Faith & Finn

Daily Dose Dietitians

Elevate Wellness

A.R.T Photography

Spoonful of Faith


things i love and more {march 2016} + workout motivation from the cutest kid ever! | project get my happy back is in full force; bring on the coffee and spring cleaning. |

3 things i’m currently working on

  1. project get my happy back. by nature i’m a pretty bubbly, energetic and happy person, but as you may have read i miscarried in late february and had a d & c in early march. it’s my second miscarriage this year, and i took this much harder than i ever thought i would. although i’ve finally got comfortable embracing and being ok with being sad, i’m also embracing life and all that it has to offer in this moment. and i’m taking extra measures to ‘get my happy on’ like drinking copious amounts of coffee, trying new workout classes, reading Kate Hudson’s new book pretty happy, having giggle-fests in bed with my husband {you know when you’re over-tired and goofy and think omg if anyone was listening right now they would think we’re totally crazy}, and getting back in the word with the help of jen wilkin and women of the word.
  2. self care. i hate the excuse ‘i’m so busy.’ it’s really more like ‘i haven’t made that a priority.’ so april goals include making time for more self care you know like showering, shaving, cutting my nails, and my favorite — applying modern roots all natural mud mask and reading a good book with a hot cup of tea {or coffee}.
  3. spring cleaning. i don’t think i’ve shared this yet but my Mr. handsome and i bought our first home! ekk! so it’s time to purge threw my clothes and do a little spring cleaning before we move in May!

3 things for the fit girl in you

  1. workout motivation from the cutest kid ever! watch the video above. ok seriously, how could i not share this video?! i may be biased but i think my nephew, liam, is so stinking cute! and thanks to my sister-in-law, megan, he loves to workout with his parents and me {via my workout videos}. i mean for pete sakes the kid was in tears because he wanted to workout…if only we could all have this kind of motivation, right?! so hopefully this gives you a little giggle and a desire to move your body and get your happy on today!
  2. kitchari. have you heard of it? it’s a cleansing and detoxifying dish traditionally made of yellow mung beans and basmati rice, along with digestive spices. i read about it in Kate Hudson’s new book pretty happy and decided to make my own as a little post-Florida-vacation detox. i’ll be posting my take on the kitchari recipe soon {along with my recipe for lemon turmeric ginger detox tea and spring cleansing vegetable soup, april is going to be all about spring cleaning and feeling good}!
    ps – the nourished 7-day refresh is coming soon! i’ve partnered with dietitian stacie hassing and we’re sharing all our tips and tricks to getting back in the groove with 7 days of real food and exercise. more details coming soon!
  3. new on-the-go snacks. this is a 2-for-1. i’m always asked what ‘healthy’ bars do i eat on the go and i have new brands/flavors to share with you. as you know i’m a gomacro ambassador and they just came out with a whole new line of thrive bars {6 new, delicious flavors like blueberry lavendar + chocolate, nuts and sea salt}. and one of my favorite mn companies, seven sunday’s muesli just came out with muesli squares {blueberry lemon chia is my favorite}!
    ps – all of these delicious snacks will be at the party for her minneapolis

things i love and more {march 2016} + workout motivation from the cutest kid ever! | project get my happy back is in full force; bring on the coffee and spring cleaning. |

pps – add these tunes to your workout playlist. Brand New by Ben Rector {warm up song}; The Life Fifth Harmony {second position pliè pulses}; HandClap Fitz & The Tantrums {cardio/plyos}; Out of the Woods Taylor Swift {core}; I am not alone Kari Jobe {cool down}.

tell me what are 3 things you love right now? 3 things you’re working on? and your favorite fit girl tips {i’d love to hear what’s rocking your workout playlist}, comment below!

    • Jill! Yes, it’s a great, easy read. Pretty basic health and wellness info but stuff we all need to hear on repeat! I really like it and would recommend it (and recommend giving her kitchari recipe a try too)!!! And right?! So over the glorification of busy (even though I’m totally guilty of it too)! xo-lindsey

  1. I’m so jealous of your event in MN coming up! I wish I could go. I think you and Lee are great, and I would love to meet you both. Also, I’m so envious of how much swag you got! You deserve it. The blog looks amazing and you are such a pro. Hopefully I’ll follow in your and Lee’s footsteps : )

    Also, that’s so funny that you mentioned the phrase “I’m so busy” – my husband and I just talked about how that really means “I chose where to spend my time and I just haven’t chosen to spend it w/ ___” yesterday. We find ourselves saying it a lot in response to questions like “how have you been?” or “what have you been up to?”. I think it’s become standard to respond “I’m just so busy”… I also think it’s a semi-egotistical thing too because people are trying to make themselves seem/feel more important than other people. Anywho- I just think it’s super interesting.

    • Ah Sam you’re so kind! I adore Lee too and I feel your blogger aspirations. We’re all slowly climbing that same ladder together :)! Baby steps…just keep blogging, just keep blogging and putting quality content into the world and it will grow! You’re off to a great start!

      And seriously right?! I catch myself saying I’m too busy all the time, but I hate it. I hate how we ‘glorify busy’! I get awfully envious when I see people at coffee shops just sipping coffee and peacefully reading; I’m like who has time for that. Then I realize I do, I just haven’t made it a priority….#Goals! 🙂

  2. One of my favourite cool down/stretching songs is Room by Jillian Edwards – so soothing and relaxing. I feel like you would like it 🙂

    Happy Weekend!

    • Just gave it a listen and added it to my playlist for today’s class! Thanks so much for the suggestion pretty lady! Have a great weekend! xo-Lindsey

  3. Hi Lindsey! I stumbled across your Instagram a few months ago and LOVED what I saw – fitness, health, WELLNESS, etc. About a month later my mom sent my sisters and I a link saying “check out my cousin’s daughter’s business..” and coincidently it was yours 🙂 I called her asap to tell her how crazy it was that I had already found your blog/business!

    Thanks for all the positive posts and great workout clips you post – I’ve incorporated so many of them into my gym routines!

    3 things I love right now:
    1. the random SPRING weather days that allow me to get outside and exercise!
    2. Pretty Happy! (My mom put it in my Easter basket after you posted about it!)
    3. All the family time I’ve gotten over the past two weeks! My medicine for everything.

    3 things I’m working on:
    1. Living in the now and not spending my 7 weeks left of college being sad that “oh my gosh I only have 7 weeks left of college”
    2. Really taking time to connect with my closest friends,, and seeking them out rather than waiting for them to seek me out.
    3. Taming my huge sweet tooth I found again over spring break and Easter 🙂

    Fit Girl (music) tips:
    You Shook Me All Night Long: ACDC
    No Diggity: Backstreet
    Fast Car Remix: Jonas Blue
    Hula Hoop: OMI

    • Laura! O my gosh I’m blushing! Thanks so much for your super kind message and I’m so glad you stumbled across my instagram a few months ago! Small world! I hope you enjoy the book Pretty Happy, it’s a great, easy read. And yes, soak up all those final moments of college life (ahhh so many fun memories)! And thanks for the tunes, totally adding Fast Car Remix: Jonas Blue and Hula Hoop: OMI to my playlist! Thanks so much for following along pretty lady! xoxo-Lindsey

  4. I love reading your blog posts. They are so uplifting and inspiring 🙂

    3 things I love right now: pears dipped in peanut butter, enjoying the nice and not-so-nice spring weather we’ve been having in Minnesota, and listening to Amos Lee’s Pandora station.

    3 things I’m working on: getting more sleep, finding more time to do the things i love, and blogging more!

    I’m SUPER excited to meet you at Party For Her next weekend!

    • Brianna! I’m so excited to meet you next weekend too! Thanks so much for your kind words! And pears dipped in peanut butter, officially on my grocery list, can’t wait to try that combo, thanks for the inspo! More sleep is always a great thing and I look forward to checking out your blog! See you next weekend lady! xo-Lindsey

    • Yes! It’s official we have a home :)! Ekk! I won’t have to shoot my photos out in the freezing cold on my patio anymore, I’ll actually have a real kitchen — ha! So excited to see you next week at The Party for Her! Yay!

  5. OMGoodness Liam is adorable!

    My fav things lately…jumping on the trampoline with my kids (that IS a workout), listening to inspirational Podcasts during my commute and getting outside!

    • Amy! So good to hear from you! Right? I mean I’m biased because he’s my nephew, but he’s so stinking cute! And yes the trampoline; you know I think there are actually workout classes with mini-trampolines — how fun would that be! Speaking of classes we still need to catch a Surge Cycle spin class together!!! xo-Lindsey