Things I Love + More {June + July 2016} + new workout videos

catching up and sharing everything i loved about june + july 2016; from filming new workout videos, to drinking collagen peptides, and minimalism goals!

old navy activewear

Your heart is pounding, you’re flailing your arms, and with wide eyes you’re searching for the light at the surface so you can finally come up and gasp for air…yeah, you know that drowning feeling?! I’ve both physically and mentally embraced that feeling these past two months.

  • physically drowning — while attempting to body surf the California waves of Manhattan Beach. I  repeatedly got body-slammed to ocean floor as I watched small children ride the waves with ease all the way to shore with a big smile on their face. Honestly, I think I was like 3 for 100 in successful attempts.
  • mentally drowning — i hate using the phrase, ‘life is just so busy,’ so i’m going to re-phrase and say that my husband and i very aggressively filled our schedules the past two months which led to me questioning my mental stability on multiple occasions.

But life is slowing down and i’m so excited to catch up with you over a big warm cup of twin cities blend, peace coffee with a splash of heavy cream {seriously it will change your life}.

3 things i personally love right now

summer + wake surfing + grilling. do i really need to say more?! i never want summer to end. i learned how to wake-surf and now i pretty much want to sell everything i own to get a fancy boat and become a professional wake-surfer {i watched a couple youtube videos so i’m basically a pro}. and everything tastes better grilled, especially veggies!

collaborating with brands i love! in case you missed it i recently teamed up with fabletics to share a barre cardio bodyweight workout {see video above or you can visit the fabletics blog for the full workout}. and then in the same month i got to work with old navy as part of their #oldnavyactive campaign. i seriously love this super 7 core workout i put together for the old navy collab {video below}. the best part, i actually love both these brands and their athletic apparel!

when i started this blog i had no idea that brands would actually sponsor my workout posts. but i also had no idea how much my values would be tested. i’ve had the opportunity to work with several brands that i don’t support or consume. turning down a paycheck is hard, especially when you’re just starting a business. but i want you to know i’m sticking to my guns and only sharing products/brands i really do love. which leads me to point number three…

redefining success. did you know that August is my one year blog-iversary? Nourish move love has officially been live for one year and as i reflect on how amazingly awesome, yet challenging this year has been i realize that it’s time to redefine success.

i have a business background and after four years in medical sales, my success has always been determined in numbers. you either hit your sales quota or you didn’t {and for the record i never missed a sales quota}. if i look at nourish move love through this lens, it’s been an epic fail. like fall flat on your face and chalk this past year up as a total loss.

i had big goals for nourish move love and numbers-wise i missed them all. but i’m learning patience; everything worth doing takes time. and if you try and turn your passion into a money-making machine, you’ll stress yourself out and kill every ounce of passion that got you started in the first place. so i’m redefining my numbers and money-based success standards and i’m not giving up on my dream of ‘making the world a brighter and tighter place’ {copyright credit for that last statement goes to lee hersh, fit foodie finds}. 

live workouts

3 things i’m currently working on

live workouts. yup i want to workout with you! the biggest feedback i get on my workout dvd’s is, ‘i love working out with you, but how do i hold myself accountable?’ i want to be your accountability partner and steam live workouts right to your smart phone or tv, computer, or tablet! is this something you’d be interested in? if so, please, take this 5 minute survey!

becoming a minimalist. i was recently asked to be part of a breakthrough youtube video series for a blog called break the twitch. i met Anthony, founder of break the twitch, on the set of The Jason Show and after following his blog and reading about the exponential benefits of minimalism, i want to be more of a minimalist! ps – stay tuned for my breakthrough video interview!

repairing my relationship food and life balance. i recently made this instagram post after a weekend getaway with friends and it felt so liberating. not feeling guilty about taking a couple days off and enjoying a burger and beer every now and then is progress i’m proud of.

get healthy u tv

3 things for the fit girl in you

get healthy u tv. did you know you can get access to all my workout videos plus the new bodyweight fusion program i recently filmed {coming in august} for only $10?! when ‘the chris freytag’ of get healthy u tv asked me to team up with her to bring movement to the masses you bet i jumped at the opportunity. I’m honored to be a contributor and affiliate to get healthy u tv! You can sign up here using my promo code: LIND10 and get access to 50+ workout videos for only $10 for your first year. 

vital proteins collagen peptides. if you haven’t jumped on the collagen bandwagon yet you should. dietitian stacie from the real food dietitians introduced me to vital proteins and now i’m obsessed, especially after meeting the vital proteins team at blogfest. since stacie is way more qualified than i am to talk about food, i’ll let her explain the 5 ways collagen can improve your health!

vital proteins beauty greens

workout jams currently rocking my playlist. because it wouldn’t be a ‘favorite things’ post without my current favorite workout jams, here’s what’s rocking my playlist:

but i’m always looking for new tunes so i’d love to hear what jams are on your workout playlist?!

  1. Thank you Lindsey for the recommendation, I just checked out Breaking the Twitch and am hooked! I’ve been planning on de-cluttering my life (or at least make the effort of getting rid of things not needed anymore) and his posts are incredibly inspirational and thought-provoking, thank you! 🙂

    I’ve been hearing about the benefits of collagen, however the thought that it comes from cows doesn’t make it appetizing to me. Have you heard of a vegan option that would have the same or similar benefits?

    ps. You look lovely! Love this golden peach tan you have! 🙂

    • Stella, seriously Breaking the Twitch is my new current obsession as well! I love Anthony’s content and perspective on minimalism. Since we’ve moved into a new home it’s something I’m striving for! And to be honest, I’m not sure I know of a comparable vegan product for collagen, but that’s a great question and something I’ll have to ask the dietitian I work with (Stacie at! And I’m blushing over here thanks for the compliment, have to say I love that summer glow! xo-Lindsey

    • Seriously, soaking up all that summer has to offer this next month and savoring every moment! xo-Lindsey