Things I Love and More {June 2015}

photo credit: lissadee photography

cheers to my first ever ‘things i love’ post. so here’s how it’s going down. i am going to share things that bring a big, squinty-eyed smile to my face. like 3 things i personally love right now, 3 things i’m currently working on {accountability goals} and 3 things for the fit girl in you. i can think of so many more than just 3 things for each category, but my current favorite writer {already slipped in an extra favorite}, alexandra franzen, has taught me that brevity is sexy so i’m working on my brevity.

3 things i personally love right now

1. trail mix. it’s my first post and if you didn’t already know this about me it’s crucial to our relationship that you do. my favorite ‘treat’ always and forever.

2. nieces and nephews. again it’s my first post so you should know that the second man in my life {behind my handsome husband} is liam robert smith, my adorable nephew. liam and ella, my niece, pretty much stole the show at our wedding.

3. fit bit versa. ok i’m officially addicted to how many steps i get a day.

ella and liam
photo credit: sweet sisters photography

3 things i’m currently working on

1. scripture memorization. one verse per week is my goal. huge shout out to she reads truth for supplying me with verses and adorable phone lock screens to aid in memorization.

2. punctuality. no more ‘sorry i’m running late’ texts.

3. saying no. ‘you can do 12 things one inch or one thing 12 inches.’ i am choosing less to have more impact.

plantain chips

3 things for the fit girl in you

1. juicy wiggle. this awesome jam by redfoo should be added to your workout playlist asap.

2. plantain chips. a summer snacking sensation. pick them up at your local trader joe’s or buy plantains and make your own chips.

3. tabata pro app. download this app. interval training made easy for weekends at the lake.


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