3 Must Do Pilates Core Exercises

3 Must Do Pilates Core Exercises

If you’re looking for a quick and efficient core sequence to round out your workout, {which i think you are because that’s my number one request right now} this is just what you need.

I love incorporating pilates inspired exercises into my core routine because it focuses on the entire core as a whole. From strengthening your lower back to improving your running form and relieving tension in your shoulders, Pilates has a variety of benefits that have nothing to do with getting a six-pack {although that may be an awesome side effect}.

Add these 3 bodyweight, pilates-inspired core exercises onto any workout to strengthen and define your core.

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Throughout the entire core workout engage your abs by drawing your navel back towards your spine. think of it as if someone is punching you in the stomach, draw your navel in and scoop it up.

Complete each exercise for 20 reps or 30 seconds: 

  1. single straight leg pulse, right
  2. single straight leg pulse, left
  3. straight leg kicks
  4. roll with single leg split teaser

Repeat x 4 sets.

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