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7 Clean Eating Cooking Oils

Clean Eating Cooking Oils

There are so many oils to choose from when shopping the grocery store isles; it can be quite confusing.

Clean Eating Cooking Oils

Here’s a list of my favorite, ‘clean eating’ oils for cooking and dressings:

  • Extra virgin olive oil {EVOO} – note EVOO does have a lower smoke point so I tend to use this more as a salad dressing.
  • Coconut oil – quality, organic, virgin coconut oil it’s good stuff and has a higher smoke point {AKA you can cook with it at higher temps}. Coconut oil also has many uses outside the kitchen; I typically keep a jar in the bathroom as well as it’s great for hair, skin and teeth {oil pulling or swishing coconut oil in your mouth while you shower to keep those pearly whites healthy}.
  • Grapeseed oil – one of my favorite oils to good with, especially Asian dishes, as it has a very high smoke point.
  • Avocado oil {not pictured} – this is my ‘special treat oil’. I am absolutely in love with avocados and love the flavor this oil adds to salads, but it can be a little on the expensive side so I tend to use sparingly. Note avocado oil does have a high smoke point so it’s great for cooking with if you can spare the extra cash.
  • Almond oil – is right up there with avocado oil, yet, even a little more rare and pricey due to the declining almond harvests. Just as raw almonds are expensive you can bet your bottom dollar that pressed into oil format is even more expensive. But this delicacy is quite tasty on cold salads and also great to cook with.
  • Sesame oil – another great high smoke point oil great for cooking Asian dishes. 
  • Liquid aminos or coconut aminos – my go-to soy sauce replacement for asian dishes. So good. I highly recommend Bragg’s liquid aminos.  

Note this is not a comprehensive list, there are other clean eating cooking oils out there {like unrefined walnut oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil and more} but these are simply my personal favorites.

I typically like to focus more on the positives and rarely set restrictions to any meal plan, but in this case I have restrictions due to three letters GMO {genetically modified and highly processed}.

That said, here’s my list of oils to avoid:

  • Soybean oil
  • Canola oil
  • Corn oil
  • Vegetable oil {but is sounds so healthy right, it says vegetable in the name…those tricky food marketers}
  • Palm or palm kernel oil
  • Hydrogenated oil
*The more refined the oil, the worse it is for you. When purchasing oils, ‘cold pressed,’ ‘expeller pressed,’ ‘organic’ and ‘non-GMO’ are all great words to look for!
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