30 Minute HIIT Workout: No Repeats

If you like variety in your workout routine, this boredom-busting, NO REPEATS 30 Minute HIIT Workout is for you. A full body strength training and HIIT workout with weights. Grab your dumbbells and get ready to sweat through 21 full body exercises completed in timed intervals.

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If you like variety, this workout is for you!

No repeater means you don’t repeat the moves like you typically do in circuit workouts. 

When it comes to HIIT workouts at home, normally I’m all about repeating exercises. Repetition pushes the muscles to fatigue, which ultimately builds muscle.

That said, I also believe it’s good to mix things up. Especially if you need extra motivation to workout at home.

Variety helps keep me engaged. So on the days I need a little extra motivation to workout (typically towards the end of the week), I do this no repeats HIIT workout. 

full body hiit workout with weights

What is a No Repeats Workout?

No repeats = you don’t repeat the exercises like you normally do in circuit workouts.

This HIIT workout consists of 21 DIFFERENT full body exercises. It looks like this: 

  • 3 circuits.
  • 7 moves per circuit.
  • Decreasing interval work time every circuit (for example: circuit one is 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds rest; circuit two is 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest; and circuit three is 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest).

There’s a combination of dumbbell strength training exercises and bodyweight HIIT exercises, but you only do each exercise once. That’s what makes this a NO REPEATS Workout!

So if there’s a move you love to hate (it’s push ups for me), you only have to do it one time in this 30 minute HIIT workout.

Your body (and your brain) stay busy for the entire HIIT workout.

Squat Jump HIIT Workout At Home

What does this HIIT Workout target?

  • Arms and upper body
  • Legs and lower body
  • Abs and core
  • Cardiovascular endurance

This is an intense, full body HIIT workout with weights.

Hitting every major muscle group in the body with large, multi-functional exercises in each circuit.

How many calories do you burn in 30 minutes of HIIT?

The calorie burn of this workout is high. I personally burned over 400 calories.

That said, calorie burn varies from person to person.

This workout combines strength training exercises and fat burning high intensity interval training (HIIT), so you can expect to burn 10-14 calories per minute. Giving you a total burn of 300-420 calories in this 30 minute HIIT workout. 

HIIT workouts are good for weight loss.

Bust through fitness plateaus with this boredom-busting HIIT workout. This fast-paced workout consists of 21 DIFFERENT full body exercises. 

The workouts starts with dumbbell strength training and progresses to HIIT cardio. It’s 30 minutes of fire!

As always, you can scale this workout to a more moderate intensity by taking low-impact modifications offered in the workout video.

30 Minute HIIT Workout No Repeats


A medium-to-heavy set of dumbbells and an optional chair or bench (for the first circuit). 


Follow along with the 30 minute HIIT workout video lead by certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Lindsey Bomgren.

The workout looks like this: 

  • 3 circuits.
  • 7 moves per circuit.
  • Decreasing interval work time every circuit. 

Circuit one has the longest work time and shortest rest time (45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest).

As the workout progresses the work time decreases and the recovery time increases (to match your energy levels).

Follow along with the video at the top of this post.

Alternatively, use the exercise outline below to work at your own pace.

21 Full Body Exercises: 

CIRCUIT ONE: Strength Focused (45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest)

  1. Bulgarian Lunge, Right 
  2. Step Up Curl Press + Reverse Lunge, Right 
  3. Bulgarian Lunge, Left
  4. Step Up Curl Press + Reverse Lunge, Left
  5. Max Rep Tricep Dips 
  6. Decline Plank + Knee Pulls
  7. 2 Lateral Shuffles + 1 Burpee 

(1 minute rest)

CIRCUIT TWO: Strength + Cardio (40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest) 

  1. Wide/Narrow Jack + Squat Jump
  2. Isometric Bicep Curl + 4 Bicep Curls Per Arm
  3. Fire Chair 
  4. Upright Row + Row Press 
  5. Frog Jumps
  6. 2 Slow Push Ups + 4 Fast Push Ups 
  7. 4 Plank and Renegade Row + 4 Squat Thrusters 

(1 minute rest)

CIRCUIT THREE: Strength + Cardio (30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest)

  1. Set Down Pick Up Squat Jumps
  2. Squat + Lunge Jumps
  3. Rapid Alternating Rows
  4. Walking Push Up 
  5. Lateral Lunge + Burpee 
  6. Big X Bicycle Crunch 
  7. 1 Minute My Call

dumbbell bulgarian lunge exercise

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  1. Love your workouts and have tried a bunch of them now – particularly liked the Pyramid one. It was tough. I have to alternate some of the moves as was only able to borrow 1 DB from my trainer (was attending an outdoor post natal class) – would be great if you could maybe show us some moves to do with 1 DB (unless that is too cheeky). Thanks for these workouts – they are awesome.