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The Best Shorts For Under Dresses and Skirts

Comfort, coverage and chafing – these are just a few of the reasons one might choose to wear shorts under dresses or skirts. Whether you’re looking for a seamless and breathable short, or one that provides more compression, these are the best under dress shorts for women.

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We’ve already written about our favorite workout shorts from lululemon, but today’s post is an even more focused review: the best shorts for wearing under dresses!

I love throwing on a dress for date night or before heading to church, but always struggled to feel like I had enough coverage while bending over to tie shoelaces or if a strong breeze goes by.

Wearing shorts under dresses was a game-changer for me: more freedom to move, no more chafing, and no more worries about having an unplanned “Marilyn Monroe” moment.

Whether you’re looking for an ultra-soft and breathable boy-short or a more compressive spandex short, these are the best under shorts to wear under dresses!

A few reasons why we love shopping lululemon include:

  • Free shipping and returns on every order (no minimum purchase)
  • High quality products (everything I’ve purchased from lululemon has lasted me years)
  • Complimentary hemming (for the perfect fit)

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Image showing woman demonstrating best shorts to wear under dresses and skirts

Under Dress Shorts FAQs

Why Wear Shorts Under Dresses?

Wearing shorts under dresses is one of best ways to reduce the risk of accidentally showing more skin than you’re comfortable with while bending over or from a strong gust of wind. Shorts under dresses also can reduce chafing (that uncomfortable irritation that comes from the thighs rubbing together).

What Are Shorts Worn Under Dresses Called?

Bike shorts, boxer shorts, slip shorts, spandex shorts – there are multiple different types of shorts you can wear under dresses depending on what type of fabric and compression level you’re looking for. The Align Biker Shorts are some of the most popular shorts to wear under dresses.

What Do You Call A Dress with Shorts Underneath?

“Skort” is the term used to describe skirts or dresses with shorts underneath. Most athletic skirts will come with built-in shorts, as they are designed for movement. Exercise dresses (such as the Align Dress) are currently extremely popular, and come with built-in shorts as well.

What Length Shorts Should I Wear Under Dresses?

That depends on your height, as well as the length of the dress or skirt you’re wearing. In general, if you don’t want your shorts to show while walking or moving, you want the length of your shorts to be 2-3 inches shorter than your dress length. We recommend the UnderEase 5″ Shortie, Align 6″ Biker Shorts, and Wunder Train 6″ Shorts.

Best Shorts for Under Dresses

Shorts under Dresses lululemon biker shorts

Best lululemon Shorts for Under Dresses

  1. UnderEase Shortie. So soft and lightweight – the best option for coverage without compression.
  2. Align Biker Short. Most versatile short – buttery soft and has a very light amount of “hug” in terms of support.
  3. Wunder Train Short. Sweat-wicking and supportive – offers the most amount of compression.

1) UnderEase Super High-Rise Shortie

Best For: breathable coverage without compression.

The ultimate short when it comes to comfort. These boxer-inspired shorts are silky soft and feature a flat, wide waistband that doesn’t dig or pinch.

Anti-chafe flat seams along the waist and legs make these perfect for wearing under dresses. The fabric is also sweat-wicking and naturally breathable, keeping you cool and comfortable no matter the temperature.

These are the best choice if you want a short that offers coverage without compression. They’re also great for sleeping in and lounging!

Sizing Notes: these fit true to size, with plenty of stretch. Rach typically wears a Size 6 in bottoms at lululemon and is pictured wearing a Size S.

Woman wearing underease shortie as example of under dress shorts

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UnderEase Shortie

Silky soft and naturally breathable. Lightweight and super comfortable.
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Image of under ease shortie from lululemon example of shorts to wear under dresses

2) Align Biker Short

Woman wearing Align shorts as example of shorts to wear under dresses

Best For: a versatile short with a light amount of hug.

The Align Shorts are one of our repeated top picks from lululemon. They’re our go-to shorts for everything from work-from-home uniforms to yoga to pregnancy/postpartum.

The buttery soft fabric is slightly thicker than that of the UnderEase shortie, and provides just a little more ‘hug’ and coverage. The wide waistband lays flat, and minimal seams reduce chances of seeing any lines while wearing under thinner dresses.

The Align Shorts come in 2″, 4″, 6″ and 8″ lengths. We recommend the 6″ Align Short for wearing under dresses.

Sizing Notes: these run true to size, but have a good amount of stretch. If you’re between sizes, we recommend sizing down.

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Align Bikers

The most versatile short. Buttery soft and light support.
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Align biker shorts - example of shorts under dresses

3) Wunder Train Shorts

Best For: compression and support.

Fast-drying, sweat-wicking, and supportive – these are the best option if you like more compression in your under dress shorts.

This fabric has the most “hug” or compression to stay in place throughout the day. These were also designed with extra shape retention, which is great if you wear your shorts more than once before washing.

The Wunder Trains come in a 4″, 6″ and 8″ lengths as well as in a Contour Fit line, with extra room through the hips and thighs for athletic and curvy builds. We recommend the 6″ Wunder Train Shorts for wearing under dresses.

Sizing Notes: these shorts run true to size, but are definitely the most compressive short we tried on. If you’re between sizes, we recommend sizing up.

Woman posing in mirror wearing lululemon wunder train biker shorts as example of shorts to wear under dresses

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Wunder Train

The best for compression and support. An adjustable waistband drawcord allows you to customize for your perfect fit.
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Wunder Train short - under dress shorts

Woman wearing lululemon align dress with shorts underneath

Bonus! Align Dress

If you’re looking for shorts to wear under dresses, you are going to LOVE the new Align Dress. It has built-in shorts that are only connected at the front – so you don’t have to take the entire dress off when going to the bathroom.
Align Dress

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