move second edition workout videos

move second edition workout video series {5 videos}

this is your resource page to download {and/or stream} the 5 workout videos from the move second edition workout video series. i’ve also included access to my move training guide and weekly scripture memorization cards. to download, simply click on the images and links below.

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move total body two

20 minutes of a pyramid style, total body interval workout. there are just 5 moves and you do each move for 30 seconds adding on as we work our way up the pyramid. targeting your shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest, back, core, glutes, quads and hamstrings for a high energy, total body blast.

Equipment: dumbbells {heavier 5-20 lbs.}, mat, water bottle, towel

move total body two downloadable link 

move strength + tone upper body two

20 minutes of combining 40 second intervals of strength exercises superset with 20 second intervals of toning exercises to strengthen your chest, shoulders, arms, back and abs.

Equipment: dumbbells {heavier 5-20 lbs.}, mat, water bottle, towel

move strength + tone upper body two downloadable link 

move bodyweight burnout two

20 minutes of the most challenging workout using just your bodyweight. 4 rounds of total body training with plyometric, strength, power, resistance and core training – 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off – repeat.

Equipment: mat, water bottle, towel

move bodyweight burnout two downloadable link

move barre legs

Strengthen and lengthen your legs in this 20 minute lower body workout. These pulsing pliès, passès, and relevès will be sure to leave you with that shaky leg feeling.

Equipment: dumbbells {lighter 2-5 lbs.}, chair, mat, water bottle, towel

move barre legs downloadable link

move core

This mid-section tightening workout is more than just crunches. Push your limits in plank by pairing 30 second intervals of isometric holds with 30 second intervals of big core sculpting movements. This 20 minute workout can stand alone or be added onto any workout for extra core work to build a solid foundation.

Equipment: mat, water bottle, towel

move core downloadable link