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It’s a Vicious Cycle {God raised up a deliverer— the book of judges}


this post is long overdue, i’m about a month behind on writing my books of the bible summaries. i’m still reading a couple pages everyday {or striving to}, but i’ve fallen a bit behind on my writing with the launch of my new online training programs…so i’ll just jump right into it.

completed reading judges on september 25th.

“Then the Lord raised up judges, who saved them out of the hands of these raiders. Yet they would not listen to their judges but prostituted themselves to other gods and worshiped them.” {Judges 2:16-17}

my judges summary: 

the book of judges has a repetitive pattern, it goes something like — the people abandon God with disbelief and worshiping false gods —> God gets angry and punishes the people —> the people cry for God’s help —> God raises up a deliverer, or judge —> the people repent and turn back to God —> the people fall back into sin and the cycle repeats.

ultimately the people and the nation are undergoing political and religious turmoil but through it God is teaching Israel that He is faithful God; even as their faith waivers. And waiver it did as there were 14 judges mentioned and the nation’s obedience only lasted as long as the life of each judge.

which brings me to my favorite stories from the more famous judges that stand out amongst the 14 — Deborah and Gideon…


my favorite judges story: 

i have two — Deborah {Judges 4-5} and Gideon {Judges 6-7}

naturally, i was drawn to Deborah not only because she was the only female judge, but she also led a military victory against the Canaanites {#womanpower}.

“so may all your enemies perish, Lord! But may all who love you be like the sun when it rises in its strength.” {Judges 5:31}

then there is Gideon, perceived as weak in his family and clan but trusted in God {after testing him with a fleece} and defeated the midianites.

“the Lord is with you, mighty warrior.” {Judges 6:12}

biggest take-a-way: 

break the vicious cycle. it’s easy to read this story and think, ‘why would the Israelites keep turning away from God?!’ yet, i’m in the very same cycle today — life gets crazy and i’m too busy for quite time, prayer, reading my bible —> i abandon God —> something bad happens, i turn to God, help me  —> God is waiting for me with open arms —> i make more time for prayer, reading my bible —> then life gets busy and the cycle repeats.

Break the cycle. Remember Him. Return to Him. He is waiting with open arms for you.


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