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Devotional: I Pray for This Child {1 Samuel 1:27}

‘I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him.’ {1 Samuel 1:27}

Mother's Prayer for Her Child

God has a funny way of working sometimes. I had this verse and the below content written for an Instagram post; only to wake up at 5am to my baby crying with red, hot, swollen, painful feet {apparently his bodies reaction to a virus}.

It was ‘one of those mornings’ where this verse, 1 Samuel 1:27, really hit home. Sending love to any of my fellow mamas in the midst of ‘one of those days’ where you need extra prayers, grace, and coffee.

Mother's Prayer for her Child

Praying over Brody B is the only way I’ve maintained sanity as a mother {and that’s a questionable statement as I’d defiantly say I’ve lost my sanity at least a couple of times in the past 15 months}.

A couple weeks ago I found myself in a cold, sterile hospital lab praying over my baby boy as warm tears streamed down my face into his soft blondish, red hair. Repeated low hemoglobin labs called for a full panel screening {Praise Jesus, it’s just low iron}!

Seeing your child in pain has to be one of the deepest pits a mother feels in her stomach. I mean science proves that mothers have a physical response to hearing their child cry. Pair that physical response with the mental load and endless ‘what if?’ scenarios and you have a recipe for crazy.

You see I’ve always thought of this verse, 1 Samuel 1:27, was a mother’s prayer to God for a child. But now I see that this verse has a lot more legs…it’s a lifelong prayer that withstands the time of motherhood. 

Knowing that I cannot control Brody’s every move, bump, bruise, health, relationship with God, and this list goes on…leads me to prayer.

I cannot control these variables but I can pray, hard, about them. Resting assured that our faithful God hears every prayer. 

Mother's Prayer for Her Child

Devotional Prayer

Dear God,
Make firm Brody’s steps;
may he stumble, but not fall;
endure hardships, but not too hard;
and always find his hope + strength in you! 

{I pray this prayer over Brody daily, inspiration drawn from Psalm 37:23-24 + his Life Verse we selected for him at his Baby Dedication Isaiah 40:31}

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Devotional 1 Samual 1:27

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