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3 Bodyweight Exercises Every Woman Should Do

3 Bodyweight Exercises on Fox 9

Three major metabolic moves – squat, push up, reverse lung with row. Perform these three effective, bodyweight exercise at different tempos for a complete body burning workout.

Major metabolic muscles are large muscle groups in your body that are going to get your heart rate up while also firing up your metabolism. So you continue to burn calories long after your workout {and in this case into your holiday meal – burn while you eat}.

3 Bodyweight Exercises Every Woman Should Do

Three bodyweight exercises broken down into a three course workout – appetizer, main course, dessert.

*View complete Fox 9 segment and workout video here. 


Complete a dynamic warm up prior to workout {jumping jacks, high knees, butt kicks}

  • 20 body weight squats {form focus: spread the floor apart underneath you, weight in your heels}
  • 15 push ups {form focus: on toes or modification on knees; shoulders stacked over wrists, neck in line with spine, lead with chest}
  • 10 reverse lung & row – 10 per leg/arm – {form focus: weight in standing leg heel, drive knee up, elbow graces rib cage, squeeze back}

Standard single count tempo, really focusing on form/technique.

Main Course:

  • 20 rapid body weight squats or jump squats
  • 15 walking push ups
  • 10 rapid tempo reverse lung & row – 10 per leg/arm

Turning up the tempo and raising your heart rate. option to go back for seconds and repeat main course x 2.


  • 20 body weight squats onto toes with arms {cool down focus on breathe}
  • 15 modified push up, up dog/abdomen stretch and childs pose sequence
  • 10 reverse lung {crescent lung} into mountain pose with baby back bend

Slowing down the temp and adding yoga flow movements.

Complete this entire workout and your muscles and metabolism will be fired up and ready to burn the treats you are going to enjoy with your family and friends over the holiday’s.

**Workout featured on Fox 9 Morning Show {December 24, 2014}

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