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10 Minute Butt + Abs Stability Ball Workout

Challenge your core with this 10 minute butt and abs stability ball workout — 5 advanced, stability ball exercises to tighten and tone your butt and abs in just 10 minutes. 

10 Minute Butt + Abs Stability Ball Workout

Let me start by saying this is an advanced stability ball butt and abs workout. It’s taken me a year postpartum to be able to do these 5 stability ball exercises at full capacity.

That said, this workout is the ultimate way to tighten and tone those trouble areas, butt and abs, we all want to work postpartum. 

So I’ve included modifications below, next to each exercise so you can start where you are and work up to completing the workout at full capacity.  

If you’re having trouble seeing the video above, try pausing or turning off your ad-blocker. If you prefer, you also can view this Stability Ball Core Workout on Youtube here.

I’m often asked, will I really see results if I only do a 10-minute workout? Yes, 10-Minutes is better than no minutes; especially with this challenging workout {trust you’ll feel it in just 10 minutes}.

This 10-minute butt + abs stability ball workout is specifically designed for those times when you want something quick and efficient — like the end of the day and you haven’t had a chance to move your body yet, or if you have littles at home that can only be distracted with toys and books for so long!

Whether 10 minutes is all you have, or you’re adding this to the end of another workout {like this At-Home Strength Training Workout that’s trending on the blog and Pinterest} give this 10-minute butt and abs stability ball workout a try.

10 Minute Butt + Abs Stability Ball Workout

The Workout: 10 Minute Butt + Abs Stability Ball Workout

A strong core is so much more than just striving for six-pack abs. It’s the foundation of our daily movement {picking up 30 lb littles, grocery bags, car seats…} and the best way to avoid and reduce injury and low back pain. 

All you need is your bodyweight and a stability ball {this one on Amazon is under $20!}. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds. Repeat x 2 sets for a 5-minute butt and abs workout, or repeat x 4 sets for a 10-minute butt and abs workout.

For each move, focus on bracing your core as you breathe through the movement {have you heard a group fitness instructor say ‘draw your belly button towards your spine’ before? That’s what this means!}.

  1. Balance Plank + Alternating Leg Lift
  2. Knee Tucks
  3. Wide/Narrow Glute Lifts
  4. Hamstring Curl + Glute Bridge
  5. Crunch + Squeeze

**Bonus Move: Single Leg Knee Pull

Option to give the bonus, single leg knee pull move a try; completing 30 seconds per leg for a 1 minute burnout at the end of this butt and abs stability ball workout.

Balance Plank + Alternating Leg Lift

Modification: Perform this exercise without the stability ball; toes on the ground, performing alternating leg lifts in standard high plank. Or hold plank on the stability ball without alternating leg lifts.

Stability Ball Alternating Leg Lift

Knee Tucks

Modification: Perform this exercise without the stability ball. Alternate pulling one knee in towards your chest or elbow with toes on the ground, in standard high plank.

Option to advance this by stepping or jumping both knees in towards the chest and stepping or jumping back to standard high plank.

Stability Ball Knee Tucks

Wide/Narrow Glute Lifts

Modification: Perform this exercise on a bench vs. a stability ball for more balance and stability.

Stability Ball Glute Lifts

Hamstring Curl + Glute Bridge

Modification: Break this exercise into two separate exercises. Exercise one, perform the hamstring curl on the stability ball, striving to keep hips elevated as high as possible the entire time. 

Exercise two, perform the glute bridge on the stability ball. Again, option to perform this exercise on a bench vs. a stability ball.

Stability Ball Hamstring Curl + Glute Bridge

Crunch + Squeeze

Modification: Omit the leg lift and squeeze, performing the upper body crunch with your legs long on the mat/floor. As you progress add a ball squeeze with the crunch as your legs are long on the mat/floor.

Stability Ball Crunch

Bonus Move: Single Leg Knee Pull

Modification: Perform this exercise without the stability ball. Start in a standard high plank, then float one leg off the ground. Perform a single leg knee to elbow pull without setting the floating leg down. Repeat, on the other side. 

Or hold a plank on the stability ball while floating one leg off the stability ball for a 3-point stability ball plank.

Stability Ball Single Leg Knee Pull

Wearing Crane & Lion High Rise Tights and Keyhole Sports Bra.

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10 Minute Butt + Abs Stability Ball Workout
Busy Mom 10 Minute Butt + Abs Workout

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  1. What size stability ball do u use here? I clicked on the link but there are several size options… I am 5’8’’ if that matters? Thanks!

    • Hi Danielle! Great question — 58-65 cm (typically the Large size ball) I find is best + most universal (and my 17 month old son LOVES to play with his ‘big ball’ too). Thanks for checking out the post! xo-Lindsey