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6 Glute Toning Barre Moves {At-Home Barre Butt Workout}

Strengthen and tone the entire lower body with these 6 Glute Toning Barre Moves. This low-impact, high-intensity, at-home barre workout uses bodyweight to specifically target the glutes — aka a booty burning butt lift. 

6 Glute Toning Barre Moves

If you follow my Instagram stories, you know I love a good barre workout!

Not only does barre target tough-to-hit muscle groups {hello butt, abs, inner thighs, triceps…}, but I love that you can ‘scale up’ the intensity to fit your personal workout needs for the day.

On days I want a more intense barre workout I increase range of motion, weights, and add cardio intervals, like this 20-minute Barre Cardio Home Workout. Whereas some days I scale back, and keep it low impact with this Beginner Barre Workout {which also makes a great prenatal workout}.

This glute toning barre workout lands somewhere in the middle as it’s all low impact, but the large lower body movements increase intensity and heart rate. 

I love my squat jacks and jumping lunges {enter this higher impact 20-minute Booty Building Workout for Women I shared earlier this year!}. But low impact workouts, like these six glute toning barre moves, can be just as effective and a lot kinder on the joints too.

If you’re having trouble viewing this Barre workout, try turning off or pausing your ad-blocker. If you prefer, you can also view this Glute-Toning Barre Workout on Youtube here

I personally love to take this workout outdoors, adding it to my stroller runs {1 mile run, 1 set of this workout x 2-3 sets}. Use a jogging stroller or park bench like you would the chair in the above video to complete the below 6 Glute Toning Barre Moves. 

The Workout: 6 Glute Toning Barre Moves + At-Home Barre Butt Workout

This low impact, high intensity, at-home barre workout uses bodyweight to specifically target the glutes for a booty burning butt lift.

Use a chair for balance support while you perform 12 repetitions per exercise, standing on your right leg. Then repeat all 6 exercises standing on your left leg. Complete 4 sets total {2 on the right leg, and 2 on the left leg}.

  1. Passè Lunge
  2. Single Leg Squat + Donkey Kick
  3. Attitude Derrière Bend + Extend
  4. Flat Back Half Rainbows
  5. 2-Pulse Curtsy Hover + Kick
  6. Arabesque Side Leg Magic Circles
  7. Bonus: Single Leg Glute Bridge on Chair

Adding this workout to your weekly routine may result in increased butt aesthetics, but strengthening the glutes and surrounding hip flexors is really about supporting healthy joint motion which transcends to knee and back health as well.

See video above for complete workout and proper exercise form. 

Passé Lunge

Passé Lunge

Single Leg Squat + Donkey Kick

Single Leg Squat + Donkey Kick

Attitude Derriére Bend + Extend

Attitude Derriére

Flat Back Half Rainbows

Flat Back Half Rainbows

2-Pulse Curtsy Hover + Kick

2-Pulse Curtsy Hover + Kick

Arabesque Side Leg Magic Circles

Arabesque Side Leg Magic Circles

Bonus Move: Single Leg Glute Bridge on Chair

Single Leg Glute Bridge on Chair

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6 Glute Toning Barre Moves
6 Glute Toning Barre Moves
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