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15-Minute Partner Workout At Home (No Equipment + No Repeats)

Buddy up for these 15 partner exercises you can do with a friend; no equipment needed! A FUN, total body workout that includes partner planks, push ups, squats, lunges and more. Grab your best friend, workout buddy or significant other and knock out these partner exercises for a quick, 15-minute bodyweight workout.

We are SO stinking excited about today’s FUN new partner workout! And it’s a great excuse to get your partner, bestie or roommate hooked on NML workouts too! 😉 

On days I need some extra motivation to get moving, I grab Tim (my husband) or a friend to join me!

As a group fitness instructor, I see how motivating it is to work out with others. Plus, if you’re anything like me, you’re not going to let your partner out-squat you (I’m a little competitive!).

This total body workout requires NO EQUIPMENT! Just you, your buddy and 15 minutes of time.

These 15 partner exercises are the perfect way to get your friends and family moving over the holidays or on family vacation (when you don’t have access to a full gym).

partner workout | tricep dips and wall sit with a partner

What is a Partner Exercise?

See the photo above for a great example of a partner exercise.

Partner A (Rachel) is doing a wall sit. While Partner B (Lindsey) is performing tricep dips on Rachel’s bent legs. 

There are 15 partner exercises in this couple workout. See below for a tutorial on ‘how to do each partner exercise.’

What are the Benefits of Partner/Couple Workouts?

There are so many benefits to trying out a partner workout (or couple workout if you grab your significant other):

  1. Improves Accountability. It’s a lot easier to oversleep and miss your workout, or skip the final few reps of an exercise when you’re doing it alone. Adding a partner increases accountability (and if you’re like us, adds a little competition — making you both work harder). Reach your health and fitness goals together!
  2. Quality Time with Your Partner. Let’s be honest — we’re all busy, especially if you and your partner are also wrangling kids. A partner workout is a great way to spend quality time with your partner AND knock your workout out — two for one!
  3. Makes Workouts More Fun!  It’s important to remember that the reason we workout is because it makes us FEEL GOOD. Adding some fun back into your workouts is a great way to mix up your routine, especially if you’re starting to feel burnt out.

This couples workout is a good mix of challenging and fun exercises. We were laughing during it, but trust us, we still worked up a sweat.

side plank crunch | bodyweight workout at home

15-Minute Partner Workout At Home

Grab your workout buddy or significant other and KNOCK OUT this fun Partner Workout!

Upper body, lower body, cardio and core — this couple workout hits it all, in 15-minutes.

Work through 15 partner exercises using just your body weight. A great way to spend time with your partner while also burning calories, building muscle and reaching your fitness goals.

You can do this no equipment partner workout at home or take it outside and make it an outdoor partner workout. A great way to maintain a fitness program over the holidays and while traveling on vacation.

Workout Equipment:

No equipment, just your bodyweight.

How does this partner workout work? Follow these workout instructions:

Click here to follow along with this 15-Minute Partner Workout Video on YouTube.

I’ll coach you through all 10 partner exercises (15 total after doing each side of the body), providing form cues and modifications.

Alternatively, work through these partner exercises at home below at your own pace.

The Partner/Couple Workout Looks Like This:

  • 15 Bodyweight Partner Exercises — 10 partner exercises total, but really 15 moves when you switch left/right sides of the body.
  • Timed Intervals — 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest.
  • No Repeats! — You’ll perform each exercise once, switching roles and sides as needed. Of course, you can repeat this partner workout x2 sets for a 30-Minute Partner or Couple Workout.

15 Partner Exercises (Bodyweight, No Equipment) 

  1. Plank Walk Out + 2 Partner High Fives
  2. Push Up + Partner Hand Press 
  3. Squat + Partner Rotations 
  4. Pendulum Lunge, Right
  5. Lunge Hold + Chop, Right
  6. Pendulum Lunge, Left
  7. Lunge Hold + Chop, Left
  8. Low Plank Hold + Partner Hop Overs 
  9. Wall Sit + Partner Tricep Dip
  10. Low Plank Hold + Partner Hop Overs, Switch Roles
  11. Wall Sit + Partner Tricep Dips, Switch Roles
  12. Side Plank Crunch + Partner Foot Tap, Right
  13. Heels Together Glute Bridge
  14. Side Plank Crunch + Partner Foot Tap, Left
  15. Feet Together Bicycle Crunches

10 Partner Exercises At Home, Bodyweight ONLY

1. Plank Walk Out + 2 Partner High Fives

Targets: Legs, glutes, quads, hamstrings, hips, low back, shoulders, arms and core.

plank walk out two high fives

How to do a Plank Walk Out + 2 Partner High Fives:

  1. Start by standing directly across from your partner, facing each other with your feet hip-width apart; arms straight overhead.
  2. Hinge forward, bending your knees and reaching your hands towards the mat. Once your hands find the mat, walk out to a high plank position.
  3. Hold high plank about 6 inches apart from your partner; palms flat on the mat, shoulders stacked over wrists, core engaged, creating a straight line from your head to your heels.
  4. Lift your right hand off the mat to give your partner a high five. Place your right hand back on the mat, then raise your left hand from the mat to clap your partner’s hand again. All while holding a high plank position.
  5. With both hands planted back on the mat, walk your hands back to meet your feet and stand tall, reaching your arms straight overhead.
  6. Repeat for 40 seconds.

Modification: Option to drop to a kneeling plank position for the partner high fives.

2. Push Up + Partner Hand Press

Targets: Chest, shoulders, triceps, back, abs and core muscles.

push up and hand or wall press

How to do a Push Up + Partner Hand Press:

  1. Start in a high plank position facing your partner (about 1 foot apart) with your shoulders stacked over your wrists, weight evenly distributed amongst all 10 fingers. Pull your kneecaps up towards your belly, feet hip-width apart.
  2. Hold this push-up position, maintaining a straight line with your body, gaze slightly in front of you.
  3. Perform one push up by lowering your chest down towards the ground as your elbows fall back towards your hips.
  4. Exhale as you push back up into high plank position.
  5. Hold high plank and reach your right hand out directly in front of you to meet your partner’s left hand. Push into each other’s hands for a second, creating tension. The harder you press into your partners hand the harder this exercise will be.
  6. Re-plant your hands on the mat and perform another push up.
  7. Alternate performing one push up and then pressing into each other’s right and left hands for the duration of 40 seconds.

Modification: Option to drop to the knees for a kneeling push up and plank.

3. Squat + Partner Rotations

Targets: Legs, glutes, quads, hamstrings, hips, spine, back and core.

partner squat and rotation | partner exercises at home

How to do a Squat + Partner Rotations:

  1. Start by standing directly across from your partner (about 2 feet apart), feet shoulder-width distance apart, knees slightly bent.
  2. You and your partner should both reach your right arms out long and grab onto each other’s right hands/forearms. As you do so, rotate your torso to the left.
  3. While holding hands, lower down into a squat position, lowering your hips down parallel with your knees. Drive your knees out toward your outer three toes.
  4. Drive through your heels to stand tall and, returning to a standing position. Rotating your torso back to center.
  5. Drop your partner’s right hand and extend your left arm long to grab your partner’s left hand.
  6. Repeat this sequence for 40 seconds, alternating the arm that reaches out to grab your partner between each squat.

4. Pendulum Lunge

Targets: Legs, butt, quads, hamstrings, calves and core.

alternating lunges or pendulum lunges

How to do a Pendulum Lunge:

  1. Start by standing directly across from your partner (about 1-2 feet apart), feet hip-distance apart.
  2. Step your right leg forward into a front lunge, dropping your back left knee down towards the ground as you lower your hips until both knees reach a 90-degree angle, front thigh is parallel to the floor.
  3. As you do so, your partner will step their left leg back into a reverse lunge, dropping their left knee down towards the ground.
  4. Reverse these movements to return back to a standing position.
  5. Rather than stopping at the top, immediately step your right leg into a reverse lunge. As you do so, you’ll partner will step their left leg into a front lunge.
  6. Repeat this back and forth movement (pendulum lunge), one of you stepping into a front lunge while the other steps into a reverse lunge, for 40 seconds. You’ll switch legs on the next set.

5. Lunge Hold + Chop

Targets: Legs, quads, hamstrings, butt, calves, obliques and core.

split lunge and chop

How to do a Lunge Hold + Chop:

  1. Start by standing directly across from your partner (1-2 feet apart), feet hip-distance apart.
  2. You and your partner will each step your right leg back into a reverse lunge, dropping your right knee down towards the ground as you lower your hips until both knees reach a 90-degree angle, front thigh is parallel to the floor.
  3. As you hold this split lunge stance, fold your hands together and bring both hands to your left hip.
  4. Then squeeze your left glute, keeping the weight in your front (left) heel as you stand tall, returning to the top of your split lunge.
  5. As you stand tall, twist through your torso/core to chop your hands toward your midline; meeting your partner’s hands in the center.
  6. Lower back to the bottom of your split lunge; clasped hands return to left hip.
  7. Continue this lower, lift and chop movement for 40 seconds.
  8. Then switch sides (left leg back, chopping to the right) for the second set.

6. Low Plank Hold + Partner Hop Overs

Targets: Full body — arms, abs, legs and core as you hold the low forearm plank. And legs, hips, hip flexors, calves and core on the partner hop overs.

plank hop overs

How to do Low Plank Hold + Partner Hop Overs:

  1. One partner will start in a low plank position, forearms on the mat with shoulders stacked over elbows, arms shoulder-width apart, straight line through the spine.
  2. The other partner will stand directly over the partner; straddling their partner as they hold a low plank.
  3. The standing partner should begin in an athletic stance, knees bent, ready to move side-to-side.
  4. Next, the standing partner will perform a double hop on the right leg, driving the left knee up in line with the left hip.
  5. Then, the standing partner will shift their weight to double hop on the left leg, driving the right knee up in line with the right hip.
  6. The standing partner will continue to alternate this side-to-side high knee hopping pattern for 40 seconds. While on the ground continues to hold a low plank position for 40 seconds.
  7. Switch roles on the next set.

Modification: Option to just perform standing knee drives instead of hop overs.

7. Wall Sit + Partner Tricep Dips

Targets: Legs, glutes, quads, hamstrings and core as you hold the wall sit. And triceps (back of your arm), chest, traps, shoulders and core on the tricep dips.

wall sit and tricep dips | partner exercises no equipment

How to do a Wall Sit + Partner Tricep Dips:

  1. One partner will start holding a wall sit; back flat against the wall, knees bent at a 90-degree angle, thighs parallel to the floor.
  2. While the other partner will perform tricep dips on their partners bent legs. To perform tricep dips grip the knees of the partner performing a wall sit, fingertips pointed toward your butt or toes, elbows bent.
  3. With each tricep dip think about keeping your back close to their partners legs, bending just at the elbows until elbows reach a 90-degree angle.
  4. Then press through the palms, using the triceps (back of the arm) to push back up to starting position. Repeat tricep dips for 40 seconds.
  5. The partner performing a wall sit will maintain the wall sit for 40 seconds.
  6. Switch roles on the next set.

8. Side Plank Crunch + Partner Foot Tap

Targets: Internal and external oblique muscles (the muscles that run along the side of your core), outer glutes, abductors, hips and hip flexors.

side plank kick out | bodyweight workout at home

How to do a Side Plank Crunch + Partner Foot Tap:

  1. Each partner starts in a modified side plank position, or knee down side plank position. With one knee bent at 90 degrees on the mat and other leg extended long. And one forearm on the mat, shoulder stacked over elbow.
  2. Perform a side plank crunch by pulling the floating leg towards your elbow. Think knee to elbow; arm and leg meet as you squeeze your obliques (side abs).
  3. Then as you kick your floating leg long back into a modified side plank reach the sole of your foot out to tap or touch the sole of your partner’s foot.
  4. Repeat this side oblique crunch and partner heel tap for 40 seconds. Then switch sides, for the second set.

9. Heels Together Glute Bridges

Targets: Legs, glutes, hamstrings, hips, low back and core.

glute bridges | couples workout

How to do Partner Glute Bridges:

  1. Each partner will lie flat on the floor on their back, knees bent at a 90-degree angle and heels together (butts about 2 feet apart), arms extended at their sides.
  2. From this position both partners will push their feet into their partner’s feet.
  3. As you press into each other’s heels, lift your hips off the ground until your knees, hips and shoulders form a fairly straight line (performing a glute bridg). Squeeze those glutes hard and keep your abs drawn in so you don’t overextend your back during the exercise.
  4. Hold the bridged position for a couple of seconds before easing back down with control.
  5. Repeat for 40 seconds.

10. Feet Together Bicycle Crunches

Targets: Abs and core, with an emphasis on the lower abs, obliques and hips.

bicycle crunches with a partner

How to do Bicycle Crunches with a Partner:

  1. Each partner will lie on their back, knees bent at a 90-degree angle, soles of the feet pressing together (butts about 3 feet apart).
  2. Press the low back into the mat to ensure the deep core is engaged and place the hands behind the head.
  3. Engage the upper abs to lift the neck and shoulders off the ground. Focus on pressing the head into the hands rather than pulling on the neck.
  4. From here, alternate kicking out each foot, extending one leg out while the other knee bends towards the chest; mimicking a ‘bicycle’ pattern.
  5. Repeat these bicycle crunches with your partner for 40 seconds.

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