Postpartum Workout Plan

By Lindsey Bomgren,  Pre-and-Postnatal  Certified CPT

5 Fitness Tips for  New Moms

Postpartum Workout Plan


Check for  Diastasis Recti  (ab separation) 

1 in 2 women experience DR after pregnancy. Learn how to check yourself at home! 

Postpartum Workout Plan


Rebuild Core +  Pelvic Floor

Rebuild your core after baby with these 8 diastasis recti exercises.

This postnatal ab workout is specifically designed to heal Diastasis Recti, strengthen your core and pelvic floor, and rebuild deep core muscles after pregnancy.

Postpartum Workout Plan


Start Strength  Training

Specifically strengthening the legs and glute muscles that support your core + pelvic floor.

And don't forget about building a STRONG BACK (the largest muscle in your upper body) that is also a HUGE part of your core strength for carrying around a baby all day! 

Postpartum Workout Plan


Then Add Low  Impact Cardio

Add these low impact cardio exercises to your strength training routine.

Postpartum Workout Plan


Don't Forget  To Stretch

Release tension in your neck, shoulders, back and chest (especially after holding a baby all day)!


By Lindsey Bomgren, CPT + Pre-and-Postnatal Certified


Postpartum Workout Plan